Learn How to Speed up PowerPoint Audio and Win the Hearts of Audience

To get the best out of PowerPoint presentations, all should know how to speed up PowerPoint audio. A pre-recorded description runs along with a PowerPoint presentation. So you have no control to adjust the speed …

To get the best out of PowerPoint presentations, all should know how to speed up PowerPoint audio.

A pre-recorded description runs along with a PowerPoint presentation. So you have no control to adjust the speed as per the viewers’ reaction. And it can make the audience bored and lose concentration. You can set it before starting,

If you don’t like this to happen in your next PowerPoint presentation and learn how to control the audio speed to your advantage, please carry on reading.

How to Speed Up PowerPoint Audio

To align the voiceover recording seamlessly with the PowerPoint presentation is tricky, but they can be done. And most of the voice records are pre-recorded here to use on the PowerPoint. And sadly, you can’t change it from Powerpoint.

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Wait, there is a software called Audacity. Using it, you can edit the recorded sound you need for the PowerPoint slide and then paste the PPT file to use for the slides.

The software is free to download and easy to use. You can edit the tracks, speed up or down the PowerPoint audio that you want to use.

However, there is another way you can try that is to use any programming header file and make the script speed up or lower the audio. Here, you require a bit of knowledge of coding, though.

How to Speed Up PowerPoint Animation

Below we have provided two methods to speed up playback in Windows:

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Method: 1

One way of adjusting PowerPoint playback speed is calibrating the seconds of ‘Wait’ time for each slide.

Below is the process about how to speed up audio playback in PowerPoint:

  • First, get PowerPoint running and select the Normal view. You will find the tab on your left.
  • Select the specific Slide, the speed of which you need to be changed
  • Find the Transition tab and select it.
  • Find the Advance slide section on your right and at the top.
  • There you will find small arrows right next to the after button.
  • You have to decide how many seconds the slide will be slowed down by clicking small arrows.
  • That is one slide sorted.
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Apply the above process to all the slides that you want to slow down.

Method: 2

You can also control the PowerPoint playback speed by the following steps:

  • Choose Animations from the PowerPoint menu bar
  • From there, go to Animation Pan. There will be a list of every animation stored.
  • Select the first clip of narration from the list.
  • You will get a dropdown menu bar from the ribbon’s timing options when you click the Start option.
  • There is a button called ‘On Click’ and press it.
  • In the advanced animation group of the ribbon, press Add animation.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then choose Stop. This is the step when you actually make the narration play faster. So, before clicking stop, be sure about how much you want the audio of your presentation faster. 
  • Select Move Later option in the ribbon’s timing task bar.
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Do the above for every slide, if you want.

How to Speed Up PowerPoint Audio Mac

We have bad news for the Mac users out there.

At this moment, there is no way to speed up PowerPoint audio Mac in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac OS.

That’s why you need to ensure that you prepare the slides in the exact same way you want them running during your presentation. Or use the free third-party software to speed up the audio file. It is fully secured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a way to speed up PowerPoint audio?

Sadly, there is no direct option to speed up audio in PowerPoint. But using any third-party software, you can do it that other users are doing.

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How can you change playback speed in PowerPoint?

You can change the playback speed in PowerPoint in two ways. The first method requires cutting short the ‘Wait’ time from the Transition tab from the Advance option of the PowerPoint app. In the second method, you need to remove a few seconds from the timing ribbon of the animation pan.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, PowerPoint is an excellent tool to communicate. But if the presentation runs at the default speed all the time, we also run the risk of making the audiences bored and losing them on getting our messages across. So, it will be really handy for us if we know any trick on how to speed up PowerPoint audio as there are no default settings for that.

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We sincerely hope you can use the software that we mention here and deliver your presentation with absolute perfection.

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