How To Transfer Photos From Samsung Cloud To SD Card Quickly

Have you reset your phone? Or deleted all pictures on your phone? Now you want to bring pictures from the Samsung cloud to the SD card? But how to transfer photos from Samsung cloud to …

Have you reset your phone? Or deleted all pictures on your phone? Now you want to bring pictures from the Samsung cloud to the SD card?

But how to transfer photos from Samsung cloud to SD card? Yes, you can quickly transfer photos from the Samsung cloud to your phone memory by downloading them from the Samsung Cloud storage, and today we will show you that vividly in this article.

Many of us reset the phone to free storage. In that case, all the information, pictures are deleted from the phone. If you’re a Samsung member, then the only hope is the Samsung cloud. It is possible to bring back the photos or information stored in the Samsung cloud to your phone’s SD card. But if you don’t know how to do it, go through this entire context and restore your photos quickly.

How To Transfer Photos From Samsung Cloud To SD Card

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We can transfer photos from the Samsung cloud to an SD card in specific ways. As this cloud storage service is only for Samsung galaxy users, make sure you have your phone in your hand before transferring photos. So, let’s see the steps.

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Step-1: Insert the external SD card into your phone

First, make sure you inserted the removable SD card into your mobile phone. If not, all your following steps will go in vain.

Step-2: Sign in to Samsung cloud

Whenever you need to transfer your photos, videos, or music, you must sign in to your Samsung cloud account.

Step-3: Select photos or videos from the Samsung cloud

Whatever you use your mobile phone or laptop, signing in to your Samsung account, you have to select the photos or other required videos from the cloud.

Step-4: Copy the specific photos

Then copy the photos you want to transfer to your SD card.

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Or, download the photos.

If you are not interested in copying them, you also can download your required photos.

Step-5: Selection of  ‘My Files’

In this stage, you must select “my files” to copy or download the photos.


Here, you should be aware not to tap the “move” button. Because this “move” option will move all the photos from the Samsung cloud storage. If you do so, when you lose your phone or delete the photos from your SD card, you will also lose your photos forever. You will neither find the photos on your SD card nor in your Samsung cloud storage.

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What Is Samsung Cloud Storage?

The person who uses the Samsung devices is primarily familiar with the Samsung cloud storage. The Samsung cloud is such cloud storage where you can store your photos, files, videos, music, and other essential documents. Mainly, the Samsung device users get this facility for storing their essential files in the Samsung cloud.

Using this storage, you can access your files and folders from any location in the world. It means this cloud storage allows you to access your files, photos, videos, documents remotely. With the highly protective privacy policy, the Samsung cloud prevents fraud or hackers from accessing your files or folders. For this purpose, Samsung cloud storage needs security passwords or other security guard pins.

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Only then you can access your files or folders if you know the password or code. The vast storage capacity always allows you to store your important files safely. Though you usually get 8 to 64 GB of storage nowadays. If you want, you can extend the storage by fusing Samsung Cloud. Signing in to your cloud storage and keeping it syncing, you can easily manage your saved data.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is it possible to see my photos in the Samsung cloud online?

It is possible to view photos online in the Samsung cloud. But you are not able to add more photos than its limit. You can sync in on the Samsung cloud timely via your phone that uses the Android operating system.

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Is the Samsung cloud working discontinued?

Samsung cloud is an online storage facility for Samsung galaxy phones or tablet users. In the case of Samsung cloud, it no longer permits you to sync your photos from your phone gallery or files or documents to your drive.

Do the Samsung cloud and google photos work the same?

Samsung cloud is available for the Samsung galaxy users only. But the google photos service is an everyday user facility for all android, iOS, or web versions. If you want to get your stored photos, you need to keep a backup/ sync your Google account.

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Final Words

How to transfer photos from Samsung cloud to SD card?  this is a pretty common question from the Samsung device users. But now, deleted pictures or lost pictures are no longer challenging to recover SD cards. Samsung cloud has the great advantage of maintaining your privacy and the security of your image.

Samsung cloud is secure. You can rely on, no doubt. It also allows you to instantly watch the picture from the Samsung cloud or bring it back to the removable SD card.

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