How To Unmute iPhone Headphones: Don’t Forget These 2 Things!

Can’t find out how to unmute iPhone headphones? Oh, holding the volume down button for around 2 seconds magically works on the latest iOS devices. However, for the older versions, there is another way too. …

Can’t find out how to unmute iPhone headphones? Oh, holding the volume down button for around 2 seconds magically works on the latest iOS devices. However, for the older versions, there is another way too.

iPhones are always unique with their operating systems, and so are their accessories like the iPhone headphones. Other than any regular headset, it has some additional options besides the common ones. These options will help you handle your audio setting without taking out your phone off you.

This article will discuss how you can unmute your iPhone headphones after it is muted. So without wasting more words, let’s get into the process.

How To Unmute iPhone Headphones

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In this part, we will discuss the 2 simple techniques we mentioned above. Get through the entire article thoroughly so that you do not miss a part, or you may leave with a misconception of these simple techniques.

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Technique 1: 1.5 Second Formula

In this technique, you will have to press the button of volume down for at least 1.5 seconds, and it will triple beep and get muted. Once the headphones are muted, you will get a triple beep every 15 seconds as an alert tone. Then to unmute the headphones, you’ll need to do the same procedure.

Step 1: Again, hold the volume down button.

Step 2: Wait 1.5 seconds.

Step 3: You will hear a triple beep, and this will unmute your headphones.

Technique 2: From iPhone Settings

Now, this technique will mute and unmute your iPhone headphone from the built-in system setting options. To do so, follow the steps below,

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Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Tap accessibility.

Step 3: Select “Touch” from available options there.

Step 4: Go to “Assistive Touch”.

Step 5: Turn on the “Assistive Touch” option.

Step 6: Now press the home button.

Step 7: The assistive touch option is now seen on the screen. Touch this to open up.

Step 8: Select the device icon from the options in the pop-up.

Step 9: Tap the bell icon to mute and unmute your headphones.

Following this technique, you will get a mute unmute option added to your home tools just on the corner of the screen.

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A Bonus Tip

This one is the bonus tip for you if you have already gone through the previous techniques and face difficult issues. This one is the simplest one you can try.

1 of 1 Step: Keep hitting the down volume button of your iPhone head that is tagged with a negative sign or minus sign (-) to the lowest limit. The down volume button is not always marked with a minus sign. When the down volume key is not mentioned, simply press the downward key of the AirPods control switch.

Which One Should You Choose

The two methods shown above are totally safe to use. But you are not going to follow all of them. So which one will be the best suite for your iPhone headphone?

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Over the internet, the first technique, called the 1.5-second formula, is the most suggested technique by the iPhone headphone users, and also, it is the simplest of the two techniques.

The second method might be preferable for users who are trying to avoid rapid setup changes and prefer to add the mute and unmute option to their home screen.

Also, those who can’t find the first technique working on their device can try the second one.

Few Lines About iPhone Headphones

Before you get into the techniques, you should know a few things about the iPhone headphones and why they are different. An iPhone headphone is one of the best-featured accessories of the Apple company.

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The company has launched several versions of their headphones like the classic round earbuds, iPhone stereo headset, ear pods, Apple earphones with remote and mic, iPhone in-ear headphones, iPhone Bluetooth headset, Apple in-ear headphones, AirPods, AirPod pro, and lately AirPod max.

All these versions possess quite similar operating and handling procedures; just a few may differ. So before you get started with the unmuting techniques, first confirm which version you are using, and we will also discuss which method will best suit your iPhone headphone.

Final Words

Now the Apple devices and accessories are most of our dream gadgets, and we all want to use them like a pro user. Knowing some simple tactics and hacks will allow you to operate your iPhone accessories trouble-free. If you have already gone through the article, you have just got the two simplest techniques of how to unmute iPhone headphones.

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So, don’t panic with your iPhone headset while struggling with the mute and unmute issue. Simply try these techniques and get the best experience with your dream device.

Our article is aimed to provide you with the easiest solutions to your tiniest tech struggle and make you operate your gadget smooth and stress-free like a pro user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are any of these techniques going to do any harm to my iPhone headphones?

None of these two techniques is going to cause any damage to your iPhone headsets. All of them are associated with the iPhone setup and system software. So, it will not make you lose any internal information or cause any security issues.

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Are all the techniques authentic?

The Apple company does not phrase the techniques as the headline of this article. But they built in the procedures with their device hardware and software setup. So, in other words, we can call these techniques authentic anyway.

Why am I not hearing anything on my iPhone headphones?

Well, this may not mean that the headphones are damaged. Simply check the cables, connectors, control switches, and earpods. There can be debris on the meshes. Just clean gently with a brush regularly.

Are these techniques applicable to any version of the iPhone headset?

The answer is yes. All two techniques mentioned in this article are quite applicable for any type of cabled headset of iPhone. But if you have got wireless AirPods, then the second technique will help you out.

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