How To Update Graphics Card BIOS- Steps Explained for All

The steps of how to update graphics card BIOS are easy to apply. Updating the BIOS follows the same principles for different graphics cards from different manufactures. What you need is the latest version from …

The steps of how to update graphics card BIOS are easy to apply.

Updating the BIOS follows the same principles for different graphics cards from different manufactures. What you need is the latest version from the respective manufacturer’s website. Or you can get them from third-party websites as well.

The Nvidia and AMD GPUs need specific tools for updating their BIOS. Likewise, EVGA graphics cards can be updated using a formatted USB drive. Compared to them, ASUS has streamlined the updating process to a simple and easily applicable one.

Allow us to describe how you can successfully update the BIOS of the GPU cards.

How To Update Graphics Card BIOS

The process of updating graphics card BIOS starts with identifying the manufacturer. Then you can move on to other steps to complete the task of finding out the manufacturer if you are unsure. Please implement the following steps carefully:

  • Identify the make and model of the GPU. The information should be clearly displayed on the package. If you don’t have the package anymore, you have to do it manually.
  • Get the operating system shut off. Then turn the power off, unplug the power, and monitor the cable from the CPU.
  • Open the CPU casing and, from the slot, take out the graphics card carefully. Mostly, you can remove it with your hand. In some cases, you may have to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove it from the slot.
  • There should be a 17-character long code stenciled or printed somewhere on the GPU card.  You are going to need it later, so write it down somewhere. Note that you will also find the FCC REG, but that won’t be 17-characters long.
  • Now, put the GPU card back in, close the CPU casing, and reconnect the cables of the monitor and computer.
  • Get the power back on and start the computer.
  • Using FCC ID, you should be able to pinpoint the make and model of your GPU.
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The above steps are common for every make and model of the graphics card. The basics of the updating process of GPUs from different manufacturers are pretty much the same. The only difference is using different tools – even though these different tools do petty much the same thing in a similar way.

Let’s talk about how do I update my graphics card BIOS from different manufacturers.

How To Update GPU BIOS NVidia

  • From the manufacturer’s website, download the appropriate BIOS upgrade of the specific model you are using. You can also do it from a number of third-party websites.
  • Download a flashing utility, in other words, the software that will actually do the updating process. You may find it has the name nvflash.exe or NVFlash.
  • After downloading, you should extract the zip files in the same folder it has been before.
  • Copy the downloaded BIO file into that same folder. This part is worth repeating – so we are going to say this again. You have to keep the BIOS and the nvflash.exe with their related files in the same folder.
  • You need to do another download – this time a storage tool in the USB format. Follow the simple instructions to install it. Now you have the bootable drive in the USB format ready.
  • Get all the BIOS and utility files copied to the bootable USB drive and remove the drive from the CPU.
  • Now you need to go to your system’s BIOS system.  Go to the Boot Order menu and get the list of drives from where you can boot the system.
  • Find your way to the USB and by using ‘+’, move the USB drive to the top.
  • You need to put the USB drive in the port, save the changes you’ve made and get out from the BIOS. To make that happen, keep pressing the F10 key.
  • The system will restart automatically and will be rebooted using the USB drive.
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The Nvidia GPU BIOS is updated now.

How To Update GPU BIOS AMD

The process of updating the BIOS of AMD GPU is exactly the same except you have to use the ATiWinflash.exe flashing tool.


There are 2 ways you can follow to update the BIOS of the EVGA GPU.

First Method

  • Download the updated BIOS.
  • After that, extract the files and run.exe file as Administrator. When the command prompts keep asking permissions, just keep pressing Yes or Apply.
  • The process is automatic and when it is completed, restart the system.

Second Method

In this method, you need to follow the exact steps mentioned for Nvidia or AMD GPU until you get to the step of formating the bootable USB drive.

  • While formating the drive, make sure the drive is formatted as FAT 32.
  • Copy the updated GPU BIOS version to the drive.
  • Reboot the system using the USB driver formatted as FAT 32.
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EVGA GPU BIOS is updated now.


Asus has streamlined the process of updating the BIOS of the GPU.

  • Go to the Asus support site.
  • Download the latest BIOS from there.
  • Run the file as administrator.

Job done. The BIOS of your ASUS graphics card is updated now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check my GPU BIOS?

Using the Windows Key, you can go to the Display Settings and Advanced Display Settings. There will be a window at the bottom. The details of the BIOS version will be in the middle of that window.

Do I need to update my graphics card BIOS?

The answer is, it depends. Like the saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The same goes here. If you don’t feel the need to change anything and are happy with the performance you are getting from the system, You don’t really need to update your graphics card BIOS.

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Can BIOS affect graphics cards?

No, BIOS won’t always affect graphics cards. The only issue may be the untreated bugs in the system that can hamper the performance of the GPU cards.

Can you update BIOS without display?

The simple answer is you can’t update the BIOS without the display. You can do it, but it will be extremely difficult and absolutely isn’t worth the hassle.

Is it safe to update BIOS?

Yes, it is indeed safe to update the BIOS, as long as you follow the right procedure and apply them carefully.

Final Words

As you have seen, the steps for how to update graphics card BIOS should be implemented carefully to carry out the task successfully. But do we really need to update GPUs’ BIOS?

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Updates are necessary for supporting new hardware and fixing known bugs. Now consider this info in the context of graphic-intensive programs of modern computers. So, it is obvious that keeping the GPU updated will optimize the performance of our computers.

It is important to remember that updating graphic card BIOS runs the risk of blocking the card itself. So, it is wise if you don’t do it unless you are having issues with the graphics card. Then again, if you follow the procedure carefully, you can be sure of enhanced performance.

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