How To Use DDU- 4 Easy Steps with Important Tips

Don’t you know how to use DDU? It’s that simple if you can know some crucial tactics before installing it. Sometimes computer shops take too much money for simply removing old GPU drivers and registries. …

Don’t you know how to use DDU? It’s that simple if you can know some crucial tactics before installing it.

Sometimes computer shops take too much money for simply removing old GPU drivers and registries.

Undoubtedly, you can master how to use DDU. It’s not a difficult task, even if you are not familiar with it.

DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) is software to remove old drivers, temporary files, and registry from a computer. We have researched and gathered all the important information in the best way for your convenience.

Make sure to give it a read on a whole, before using DDU on your computer or laptop.

How To Use DDU- We Explained That You Are Looking For!

We described all the steps of using DDU in the easiest way possible. The following steps will help you in knowing how to clean uninstall GPU drivers.

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Ready Audio Drivers/GPU

Firstly before using a DDU, it’s important to protect the data that you want. By going into GPU manufacture, you should install the right one for OS and GPU.

It’s good to install a new version of the driver. However, old drivers are usable too.

DDU Install & Disconnect internet

After getting ready, the audio or GPU driver installs the DDU. There are several reliable websites available on the internet for DDU download.

If you already have a DDU on your computer, make sure it is updated. An upgraded version of DDU should be used for better performance. Disconnecting the internet is only important for Windows 10 users.

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Windows 10 has an auto function to download GPUs. As that happens automatically, that’s why the internet connection needs disconnecting from the pc.

However, you can choose a setting to stop GPU driver download from the installed DDU. Don’t worry; this setting will not stop your total window update.

Extract & Run DDU driver uninstaller

First, click twice on the exe to extract DDU. Save it on a local disk or a folder for easier access. Open the extracted DDU folder and find the “readme” file. Click on the launch option to start the DDU. You should get a warning message to use the DDU in safe mode.

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Using safe mode is a better option to stop any unwanted mistake. Select it from the left-hand “options” settings to open the safe mode. After clicking the “enable safe mode,” reopen the DDU.

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However, click on the “ok” option for normal mode and then move towards the next step. After running the DDU, move towards the “Option” button and select “C:\AMD & C:\NVIDIA” from the AMD & NVIDIA drivers specific option. These folders are absolutely safe to delete.

Remove GPU Drivers

On the right side, you will find a box of GPU drivers. This box helps you to choose a GPU driver that needs removal.

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Choose an alternative GPU driver that is not selected in the default option of your windows. The left side of the interface contains four important buttons.

After selecting a GPU driver, click on one of the interface buttons. According to your system’s speed, it would take time to remove the old GPU driver.

After cleaning the program just exit the DDU. DDU will reboot your computer. At last, reconnect the pc with the internet again.

4 Important Buttons to Use In DDU

Make sure to understand each option because you have to select only one. We have described four of them for your convenience.

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Clean & Restart (Highly Recommend)

This option helps in cleaning selected GPU drivers and will restart automatically. This is recommended by the DDU itself. It’s good if there is only one GPU installed on the computer.

Clean & Don’t Restart (May Cause Issue Like Black Screen)

This option is best for cleaning numerous GPUs. Furthermore, it gives a total cleaning to the GPU and starts as a new one.

Clean & Shutdown (For Installing New Graphic Cards)

This option is used for swapping out the GPU. It will just remove the selected GPU and shut down the system. There will be no reboot.

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Remove “GeForce Experience” (Drivers Won’t Be Removed)

This option can be found in the old version of DDU. DDU remove PhysX, which are temporary files or cache for better performance.

5 Tips To Use DDU

These are important notes that are mandatory to avoid mistakes. It will help you to use DDU more smoothly. Such as:

  • Don’t extract the DDU on a network drive. It makes it difficult to find DDU in need of time.
  • Don’t open any music or any games in the background while not using safe mode.
  • Firstly, make sure to remove the Anti/AMD DDU driver before using any other alternative driver to avoid extra issues.
  • Don’t switch off the pc if the screen goes black. Just wait for a bit because it doesn’t last long.
  • When DDU restarts the PC, you can select a new GPU driver.
  • Uninstall NVIDIA drivers from the control panel of DDU laptop or computer.
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This Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use DDU safely?

You can use DDU safely by using the Safe Mode. This option helps in avoiding mistakes. However, It’s not a mandatory option.

What is the use of DDU?

DDU is an application that helps in removing GPU drives. Old GPU drivers make computers slow, so it needs cleaning. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave a trace of the registry on the hard disk. DDU is free software that can be easily installed from google.

How safe is DDU?

Undoubtedly, DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) is a safe application. It helps in removing old GPU drivers and traces of the registry. People use it for installing or replacing GPU drivers. For installing from a trustable site visit DDU guru3d.

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Last but not least, don’t panic, even if it’s your first time using a DDU. Always try to use the safe mode while running a DDU.

Hopefully, you have learned how to use DDU to remove the old GPU driver on your own.

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