HP Laptop Power Supply Wiring Diagram

We cannot deny how much easier portable computers, that is, laptops, have made our lives. And just like all other electronic devices, it needs the power to run well. The charging facilities for an HP laptop seem straightforward.

But there’s a lot to unravel, and you can easily grasp that through an HP Laptop Power Supply Wiring Diagram.

A power supply wiring diagram will tell you everything you need to know about power sources and the various connections. There’re general wiring diagrams and electrical schematics for your HP laptop adapter and charger. You’ll also be able to point out if there are any power supply issues following the diagram.

However, reading and taking help from a wiring diagram isn’t easy. To get the best out of a wiring diagram, you need to be informed about a lot of factors. 

Let’s get started!

What Is A Wiring Diagram?

A Wiring Diagram provides an easy-to-understand visual presentation of all the physical and electrical components of an electric circuit. It’s like a map but for the electronic world. Circuit systems can be very complicated, but a simplified diagram can make reading it easier.

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The layout of the wires, their connections, other outlets, and links – all of it’s presented precisely in the diagram. These diagrams are mostly used while manufacturing and to repair or troubleshoot issues.

There’re three types of wiring diagrams, they are:

Typical Wiring Diagram

This is the most helpful diagram when it comes to getting an overall idea of all the connections. The exact location of the different electronic components can be easily found out from here.

Schematic Diagram

The flow of the circuit system can be known through this diagram. This is mostly used to check and repair motherboards, and is a bit more critical to read through.

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But you’d most probably need to have a basic idea of it if you intend to learn about wiring diagrams.

Pictorial Diagram

This diagram uses pictures to show the different electric elements. However, they’re not very detailed, and you’d get a vague idea from it.

The general wiring diagram we mentioned first integrates the photos from this diagram and makes it better by introducing detailed symbols.

Our laptops, just like any other electronic device, can have various kinds of wiring diagrams. The power supply wiring diagram is one of them.

To read a wiring diagram, you need to know about all the basic symbols, abbreviations, and meanings. Learning charts can be found online to get a better grasp of these diagrams.

Keep in mind that we’re going to include both electric schematics and other typical wiring diagram components in this article.

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We now know what a wiring diagram is. Let’s explore how the diagram plays a role in the laptop power supply system!

HP Laptop Power Supply Wiring Diagram

In general, the power supply of a laptop is part of the external power system. Laptops mostly rely on this external system to run all their operations smoothly.

To understand the power supply wiring diagram well, you must have a clear concept of the power system itself.

Let’s explore the devices relating to it and the things you should consider when reading their wiring diagram!

Guidelines For a Wiring Diagram

We’ll first have a basic overview of the things you should be informed of to grasp a wiring diagram or an electric schematic. Let’s get started!

Elements of the Wiring Diagram

You’d find a lot of online tutorials on learning about the symbols of the diagram.

Here are some of the basic components you’d find in the diagram-

Firstly, you should know about Resistors (R) and Capacitors (C). Resistors are represented by zig-zag lines. And the capacitor stores electricity and shows the terminals of how it’s connected.

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The curved or coiled lines you’ll see denote Inductors (L).  

And the most important part of looking into is the Power Source. They’re mainly two kinds, namely the AC and DC sources.

This symbol with a curved line inside a circle denotes the AC source. And the one (+/-) signs at two terminals denote a DC source.

You’ll also find different kinds of Switches (S) and Digital Logic Gates.

Secondly, the connections among all these components need to be understood. These lines how they’re connected called Nets. Junction shows where a spliced wire is passing by. And the Nodes show where the junction-crossing wires are connected.

Each electrical device has various versions of wiring diagrams depending on what their function is. Your HP laptop will have a unique one for power supply as well.

Your Laptop’s Unique Diagram

First and foremost, search for your laptops Maintenance and Service guides.

You can do so on a trusted website called s-manuals.com. Here’s one example of how it’ll look like.

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PDFs of Wiring diagrams based on your laptop’s model can also be downloaded from Diagramland.

If you want to dive deeper, a schematic diagram can give you more intricate information. The power supply diagram or a laptop schematic diagram will differ for each laptop.

To get a diagram for your laptop, you can search your HP model version and download a diagram PDF. For example: here’s a schematic diagram for HP Elitebook 8460.  You can similarly get one for yourself too.

However, sometimes the motherboard differs even for laptops of the same model. In that case, you’d have to note down the specific number on your motherboard. You can search by your unique number on some websites to get the desired diagram.

Now that you have your diagram, let’s have a clear-cut idea of the external power supply devices!

The External Power Supply Devices

The power supply device, AC adapter, and charger all are interdependent for this power system. In other cases, these devices might work on their own.

But when we’re referring to the power supply of a laptop, we’ll need to take the three of them as a unit device working altogether.

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These three devices together denote the “Power Brick” of a laptop. Here’s a short overview of the three external power supply devices-

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

You’d hear about power supply units mostly for desktop computers. Laptops don’t have an internal power supply device. In this case, the adapter is commonly referred to as the laptop’s power supply unit.

The PSU helps convert the AC or Alternating Current electricity into a DC or Direct current, which it can easily use.

It also ensures that an excess amount of electricity isn’t received by your device. Otherwise, the system might fail.

As mentioned before, the power supply unit for a laptop is defined by both the adapter and charger.

Let’s see the type of diagrams you’ll find for them!

Power Adapter and Power Cord

As mentioned earlier, most laptop users typically call the AC adapter the power supply. And they’re right since it fits the criteria of it all well.

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Any outer power supply used by electronic devices is mostly termed an AC adapter. Adapters can provide power to both laptop chargers and the battery.

The adapter is the perfect device when you need a constant supply of power.

And the power cord along with it is what makes it possible.

You can search for your HP power adapter wiring diagram here.

From the diagram, you can make sure the connector tip of the power cord is in the correct position. In that way, you can ensure your laptop is getting the proper amount of voltage.

For internal electronics, the amount should be 19 Volts. You’ll find this information in the diagram too.


For laptops, the devices – charger and adapter – are used most of the time interchangeably. That’s because they both play a role in keeping the battery charged.

But the adapter can do much more.

In that sense, you can say– all laptop adapters can work as a charger, but all

Laptop chargers can’t be like an adapter.

These chargers have two parts, namely- transformer and power cord. The transformer converts current from AC to DC, and the cord connects with the outlet.

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Here’s what a wiring diagram looks like for universal chargers. Your HP laptop would be compatible with such universal chargers.

The model-specific HP charger wiring diagram will also have a similar structure to this one.  For more clarification, do look into your charger cases and the information it holds.

All of it might seem a little confusing. You just have to keep in mind that they’re all working for the same cause. What matters is if they’re working properly. We now have a basic idea of the external power devices.

HP Laptop Charger Wire Color Code

The charger or adapter outlet includes different pins and wires. The wires are color-coded based on their functions.

The charger your HP laptop uses is most probably the one that’s best for your model. Find out which one suits the best for your HP laptop here. Most HP chargers have three wires. But some might be different. Let’s find out!

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the Charger Wire Color Coding

DC Power

This is what you’ll most probably find in a laptop adapter or charger. These direct current devices help with battery systems. The US-manufactured ones will be color-coded in the following way-

Red- Positive (Non-ground)

Black- Negative (Non-ground)

White or grey- Ground 

AC Power

A typical charger for your HP laptop might have an input voltage of about 120 volts. For such cables-

White denotes a Neutral wire. And for black, red, and blue, you get phases 1,2, and 3, respectively. The green or green/yellow one denotes the ground wire.

And that’s mostly it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I create my wiring diagram?

Yes, you can! There’s a renowned website called EdrawMax just for this purpose. You’ll just have to be aware of all the components specific to your electric device.

Are voltage converters needed for laptops?

Laptop adapters don’t require any sort of power conversion. Some people go for it, but it can harm the adapter. HP laptop adapters are manufactured, keeping their specs and voltage ratio the same worldwide. So you don’t have to thank about conversion.

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Is troubleshooting using a wiring diagram safe?

Wiring diagrams might give you a simple presentation of all the electric components and connections. But following through and repairing it is a whole other chapter.
As a beginner, it’s not suggested to work on it on your own. You can, however, inspect the issue following the diagram. Let a tech expert handle the repairing part.


A wiring diagram can be extremely helpful when it comes to understanding complicated electric circuits. With a good understanding of it, you’d be able to troubleshoot a lot of issues yourself.

Similarly, by being informed of the HP laptop power supply wiring diagram, you’ll be able to take more care of your laptop.

We hope this discussion will help you with studying wiring diagrams. Good luck!

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