How to Resolve HP Laptop Stuck On Black Screen with Hp Logo Issue

Is your HP laptop stuck on black screen with HP logo? The problem can be with the BIOS or any driver failure that you can fix by updating it. But there are some other fixes you can try, too.

Well, this is a common issue most HP users face sooner or later. So, don’t panic if it’s your turn, like any other problem, this too has a perfect solution that is not too knotty even if you are not tech-savvy.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to fix the problem in the easiest possible way.

Recently many people are dealing with the same situation of black screens on HP laptops. Generally, a windows update can lead your laptop to go through this unwanted trouble.

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Besides, there are a lot of other reasons behind the HP laptop being stuck on black screen after the HP logo. The list includes-

Overheating Issue

Due to overheating your HP laptop screen can be black while you try to open it. Usually, overheating Windows issues occur due to defective power sources.

Incorrect Windows Installation

Another reason for HP laptop black screen is defective Windows installation. The Windows 8 and 10 users are facing the issue. So, the Windows update or installation error can cause this type of black screen issue.


Virus invasion to your computer is one of the major reasons to let the installed software not work properly. Therefore, there’s a high chance your HP laptop screen is black once you try turning the device on.

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Defective Display Driver Software

Due to the display driver software defect, HP black screen is ecumenic anxiety for the HP users.

Failed Backlight

A failing backlight that occurs due to software problems causes the HP black screen of death and makes it difficult to get back to the regular screen.

Apart from all these technical errors, a faulty operation of the device can also bring the situation when the hp laptop turns on but the screen is black. For example, you might do something with the brightness or hibernation adjustments unknowingly. In that case, the solution is fast and easy.

But the other problems are rather challenging to fix. No matter what the reason is, you will get a feasible solution here in this guide.

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Ways to Fix HP Laptop Stuck On Black Screen

Imagine yourself working on an important project with your favorite HP laptop, and suddenly the screen goes blank, displaying just the logo. Wouldn’t you be shocked thinking- how do I fix a black screen on my hp laptop?

Don’t worry! We got our back. We have included all the troubleshooting steps below for each type of technical inconvenience!

Fix For Connection Problem: Restart the Laptop

The most common troubleshooting tip when someone says- my HP laptop turns on but the screen is black is to restart the device. First, turn it off by pressing power button hard. Then disconnect it from every power supply and remove the battery.

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Now, holding the start button down for 1 or 2 minutes is a must. Finally, restart the laptop by reinstalling the battery.

Please remember that you need to complete the whole process within 3 minutes.

Fix for Software Glitches: Restart the “explorer.exe” Process

Some users complain that- my HP laptop screen is black when I turn it on. This might happen due to the deactivation mode of the explorer.exe process which leads to software glitches.

In order to quick-fix this issue, you need to

  • Press the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys at a time. This will launch the Task Manager.
  • Thereafter, find out the explorer.exe menu,
  • Hit on the Details tab option.
  • Now, select the explorer.exe option and click on End task to finish the troubleshooting. Rebooting your PC is the final task to get rid of the black screen laptop HP.
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Fix for Driver Issue: Graphics Driver Update

As outdated graphics card drivers in the software system are a big reason for your black screen HP laptop with the HP logo, updating it would solve the entire issue.

To resolve this hindrance,

  • Press Windows + X simultaneously from the keyboard.
  • Then, hit on the Update Driver button, which you can find from the Graphics Driver option.

However, searching for an automatic update for driver software would do the rest.

Fix For BIOS Issue: Emergency BIOS Recovery

Once you update your PC with the latest BIOS version, the laptop screen may go blank, displaying just the HP logo. In this situation, the HP emergency BIOS recovery feature can come to your rescue.

  • To make the best use of this feature, turn off your device and connect a power adapter to it.
  • Now, click on the Windows key and B button together.
  • You should press the power button as well while holding Win+B keys.
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At this point, releasing the keys will solve your issue when you say my HP laptop screen is black.

Fix For Motherboard Problem

To fix the HP laptop motherboard failure, which plays a vital role in black screen, blue screen, or freezing screen error, you need to reinstall all the memory modules and reseat the RAM properly. 

Sometimes, you need to replace the motherboard if it doesn’t work at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix the HP black screen of death?

The easiest and quickest way of fixing the HP black screen of death is to disconnect all the hardware from the device and give it a hard reset of 3 minutes.

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Is there a reset button on the HP laptop?

Not exactly. But the F11 key helps recover the system when an HP laptop screen is not working but the external monitor does. You need to press it immediately once the PC is turned on.


Here comes our guideline to fix an HP laptop stuck on black screen with HP logo to an end.

Hopefully, you got your answer on how do I fix a black screen on my HP laptop with the exact troubleshooting tips. Not all the steps are required to resolve a single issue. But to fix the error quickly, first, you need to figure out what is causing the issues.

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And most importantly, don’t do anything hastily. Instead, carefully follow our guides above and you will be successfully fixing HP black screen error without any expert help.

All the best!

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