Hp Monitor Power Button Lockout? Just Try This & Resolve!

Hp monitor power button lockout is a security feature in case the monitor button is forced pressed and switched off. And you can fix it in just a few seconds by long-pressing the power button. …

Hp monitor power button lockout is a security feature in case the monitor button is forced pressed and switched off. And you can fix it in just a few seconds by long-pressing the power button. But there can be some other issue also.  

It is an important feature; however, sometimes it is a big problem as some of the high-definition monitors can face errors. You see, older monitors did not need these features because kids rarely got near to computers.

However, times have changed, and kids are the ones who use computers daily for their learning and entertainment. But sometimes, they press buttons for fun, and that is when an error pops up power button lockout.

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Let’s figure these problems out today. 

Why Does the Hp Monitor Power Button Lockout?

Here is a table that has the possible reasons what causes the monitor power button lockout, and for your ease, we will bring references: 

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Reasons that may cause button lockoutSolutions
Button pressed for longLong press on the button again
The button may be stuck insidepull the button outside
Something is pressing the button from the other sideRemove or move the object that is pressing the button
Internal Hardware problemChange the hardware or repair it
Broken power buttonRepair the power button or replace it
Capacitive touch not workingChange the capacitive touch panel
Internal software errorFix the error using software or buttons
Pressed for a longer timeGo to settings and change the option using the buttons available on the monitor

These are not undoable problems, and they all have solutions that we will discuss further in this article. However, if you find a problem not relatable, you can try these resolve one by one to make it work.

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Power Button Lockout Hp Monitor Fix Step By Step

If you are facing any of this issue we mentioned, then here are the solutions for you:

Pressed for a longer time

Whenever the Hp monitor power button gets pressed for 10 seconds, the monitor will get into locked mode to keep it secure.

If you don’t know the process to unlock the power button, here are the steps:

Hold on pressing the power button for at least 10 seconds or until you see the popup message on the screen of unlocked.

And done!

You can also follow these steps to change the power button lock settings-

  • First, enter the menu of the monitor settings,
  • Then, according to your monitor’s documentation, you can find the place where you have to change the lock settings.
  • Now remove or undo the or close the feature and exit from the menu.
  • The massage on display will disappear.
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The Button may be stuck inside

If your monitor is from the current generation, they may find capacitive touch buttons. However, before these types, there were monitors that had physical buttons.

Well, older ones had big buttons, and those did not break easily. However, the ones that came after those monitors had few problems.

Those monitors came up with smaller buttons for easy access, but the buttons got easily stuck inside. You see, the design of the buttons was not very smart, and the small plastic portion used to get stuck with the exterior of the base.

It caused a problem of continuous press and led to power button lockout.

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Here, what you can do is take a pin or a thin item and pull the stuck plastic out. It will release the button, and the rest will automatically get fixed.

Something is pressing the button from the other side

This is the same as the first one, but there is a difference as something else may be pressing the button this time. Try to relocate the monitor to fix the button problem or remove the items behind the monitor.

The lockout problem with HP monitor power buttons will be fixed. Busy households often encounter this issue.

Internal Hardware problem

There is a high chance that your monitor’s internal hardware will get tangled (broken or failed) and cause commotion.  You see, there are a lot of monitors that have manufacturer errors and can easily face these situations.

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Whenever you find this situation, try to claim the warranty or take the monitor to the professionals. It is best to try to fix the hardware as not everyone like them is an expert on these items.

However, if you are confident enough to see through the problems and open the monitor unit, you can find situations like:

  • Broken sensor,
  • Unattached wire,
  • Loose wire,
  • Lose circuit,

Well, then use solder and try to repair them by replacing the broken sensor. If the wires are unattached, then attach them. If you find a loose wire, connect it, and if you see a circuit or particular item lose, then solder it back to the board again.

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Broken power button

A broken power button is a universal problem, and it can happen with anything. To solve this problem, all you need to do is change the power button, and the unit will be all ok.

Capacitive touch not working

Capacitive touch is a revolutionary change in the world of technology. It has made everything easier and simpler. However, there is a unique technology behind it, and that is it’s the sensor.

Whenever the sensor faces problems, it can cause the hp monitor power button to lock. Moreover, the fundamental sensor is fixed, and you cannot repair that. But there is a fix, and that is changing the sensor or the particular unit that is not working, or that acts as capacitive touch.

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Remember, soldering is the only way to remove or add items on the board of the monitor.

Internal software error

If you monitor showing hp l1750 monitor power button lockout without any physical problems, the internal software needs to be fixed.

Most of the time, this issue can not get fixed without the processing unit getting changed. So, the best way to fix it is to hire a professional or send it to the technicians. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I unlock the power button on my HP monitor?

Just press and hold the monitor power button for around 10 seconds, and it will be unlocked. You can also go to the settings of your monitor and find the option called security or as the documentation of your monitor describes. Try to undo the option and disable it.

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How do I fix the Power button Lockout on my HP monitor?

Depending on the situation, you have to fix the power button lockout on your HP monitor. Don’t worry, as we have already described all the necessary steps and reasons, and solutions. Visit the above discussion, and you will find the direction.


Hp monitor power button lockout is a problem that can happen in both hardware cases and software cases.

Well, most of the time, the hardware is the sole reason for this problem.

Moreover, if you find your monitor showing this massage, go to the monitor settings and follow the instructions described. It will essentially help you to help you without visiting a technician. You can also save a few bucks that you may need to upgrade your precious computer.

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