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When Hyperlink not working in word, it is frustrating. Isn’t it? Yes, it is possible to get hyperlinks not to work in different Microsoft Office versions. After inserting a hyperlink, it may not get the …

When Hyperlink not working in word, it is frustrating. Isn’t it? Yes, it is possible to get hyperlinks not to work in different Microsoft Office versions. After inserting a hyperlink, it may not get the original style or look of Hyperlink. There can be any typing mistakes with the link address, or the option has been customized. You can fix it, no issue.

How Do You Correct Them?

At first, you have to know the reasons behind these issues. You have to learn how to edit and customize the hyperlinks.

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Here, you will learn the reasons for the problems with hyperlinks and steps to correct those problems. Let’s go through these causes and solutions in detail.

Reasons for Hyperlink Not Working in Word

Have a look at the possible causes that are mostly found to be the reasons whenever hyperlinks are not working.

Customizing the HyperlinkChanging the required setting
A misspelling or link typing mistakesChecking and confirming the URL address
Microsft Word is not updatedInstall the updates
Lost clickability on MACEdit the setting

Several problems resist hyperlinks to work in office word. Generally, hyperlinks are underlined and blue-colored. If the structure of the Hyperlink in word does not have this blue color and underlining, there can be several reasons for it.

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The Hyperlink may not follow the required style, or the style may be changed, or the type is in some effects. Moreover, Hyperlinks can be non-active. If the hyperlinks are TOC(Terms on Conditions) entries or have cross-references, this problem also can occur.

Another common problem with hyperlinks in Office Word is that the hyperlinks lose their click-ability. This link can be simply a hyperlink style applied to text, not an actual hyperlink.

When you press ALT+F9, you will see that there is no HYPERLINK field code. The setting of the field result can be misplaced with the field result.

How To Fix Hyperlinks in Word

As there are various issues with a hyperlink, it can cause hyperlinks not to work in words. According to the reasons, you have to fix problems.

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Check the URL Link Address Properly

When you see that Hyperlink is not working, you must check if you have set it right. It must be complete and without any spelling mistakes. Then check the original website page. If the page is not existing, then it will show an error after clicking on the link.

The domain structure in the link and the URL address must be proper. There can be problems in the settings of the Hyperlink. To check it, right-click on the Hyperlink option and then edit it. A common fixing possibility is to clear or add the option “Show Field Codes Instead of their Values.”

Hyperlink Not Working in Word 2007

In-Office Word 2007, you may not be able to enter the webpage by ‘Ctrl + Click to follow the link.’ Vanishing the blue color and underline is also a common problem in this Word version.

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  • Get to the “Word Option” from the ‘Office’ button.
  • Then enter the ‘Proofing’ where you will see the ‘Autocorrect’ option. Here you will find the ‘AutoFormat’ option.
  • Now check the dialog box- “replace as you type,” here you type “tab” and see ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.’
  • Now press Enter or the space bar after a path that is existing  in the document. It will turn the path into an active hyperlink.

Hyperlinks Not Working in Word 2013

If you use Office Word 2013 and fail to get directed to the links, the problem can be misspellings. You must check if it is correct or complete.


  • You have to edit or remove the Hyperlink to reinsert it. So, you have to right-click on the Hyperlink and open the dialog box of “Hyperlink.”
  • You will get options to edit, remove, open, or copy the link. Here, you do your required job.
  • At first, check if the spelling is OK or the link is complete.
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Another thing you can do is check the Ctrl+click option is enabled from the hyperlink options. For this,

  • Click on Insert from the tool bar on he top of the word file.
  • Right click on Hyperlink option and then select the customize the ribbon.
  • Go to the advanced option from the left bar and check the box beside the CTRL+Click option is checked or not.

If not tick the box by clicking on it.

Another issue with Word 2013 is PDF hyperlinks not working. When you see links not working in PDF, use the Export option of the PS Word 2013 to have all the links clickable after exporting.

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Hyperlink Not Working in Word 2016

After creating hyperlinks by the “Insert Hyperlink Tool,” hyperlinks may not open. Even the procedure as tested for excel and hyperlinks worked well in excel files. This might happen

It is normal to get the command- “Ctrl + click to follow the link” when we bring the cursor to the link. When the problem occurs, this command also does not appear. Even no other instruction or error box.


  • To fix this problem, you have to open the “Options” box from the ‘File’ of the Word document from the list presented on the left side and select the “Advanced” option.
  • Scroll down, and you will find ‘Show Document Content.’
  • Here you have to clear or select the “Show Field Codes Instead of Their Values” box.
  • Now press the OK button.
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Hyperlinks Not Working in Word 2020

Though Office Word 2020 is a more updated version, you also can have issues with enable hyperlinks in Word. The solution is quite similar to the Word 2016 version.

If it is unclicked or unchecked, you must click on the “Show Field Codes Instead of their Values.” You also should check if the browser is OK to open the linked page.

However, apart from these, still, you find the Hyperlink is not working in Microsoft Word document, check there might be any updates for the M/S office waiting to be installed in your PC.

Check from the notification bar on the bottom right side and install it.

Hyperlink Not Working in Word MAC

There are many functions unavailable in Office Word for MAC. In fact, Microsoft designed Office Word like this to keep it safer. They stay simple HTML functions in Word for MAC.

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They disable HTTPS secure pages, Cookie Support, Active Server Pages, VBA, VBA executions, JavaScript, etc. This system and design make the Word for Mac safer.

The problem arises with the hyperlinks within Word documents. Most of the pages cannot be worked as hyperlinks anymore for the lacking of support.

You can use the virtual machine on MacBook Pro to open hyperlinks Word that is not opening on your Mac.

How Do I Make A Link Clickable On MAC

  • To make the link clickable on a MAC, you must type the desired text on the “Text to display” box.
  • Then provide the link in the URL or Address or Link to Field option.
  • To do it, click on the field and then ⌘ cmd +v. It will paste the link to the typed text.

Now it will be a clickable link.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will you do when a hyperlink doesn’t work?

When you find the Hyperlink not to work, you have to find the reason and correct it. To search the reasons, troubleshoot the problem, and then check original website status, URL address, domain structure, and program settings. By entering the ‘edit hyperlink’ option, you can change settings.

Why are my hyperlinks not working?

When the default internet browser registration in the operating system is incorrect, hyperlinks can be problematic in Outlook. This problem arises after uninstalling Google Chrome or turning the default browser from internet explorer to other browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

What do hyperlinks look like?

In general, Text hyperlinks are blue with underlining. But it is not apparent. It can be without the blue color or underlining for some facts. A small hand pointing to the link appears when you bring the cursor on the hyperlinked image or text.

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Final Words

Office programs are essential tools for our regular works. Most of us do lots of our writing job in MS Words. Setting hyperlinks is one of the significant parts of creating a writing piece in Word.

But Hyperlink not working in Word can be a common problem. We face this annoying issue, and it becomes a barrier to the completion of the task.

The exact reasons and the solutions can be the ultimate freedom from this obstacle. Here on this page, you have seen all the detailed answers to the reasons for different Word versions. Checking this page will be a great help for your work on Word.

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