Is 2400MHz RAM Good Enough for PCs?

Are you confused is 2400MHz RAM good enough for Desktop PCs? Are you a gamer and want to upgrade your desktop or PC but have a tight budget? Then 2400MHz RAM can be a smart …

Are you confused is 2400MHz RAM good enough for Desktop PCs? Are you a gamer and want to upgrade your desktop or PC but have a tight budget? Then 2400MHz RAM can be a smart alternative if you are planning to stick to Intel core.

You will learn about what a 2400mhz RAM is and how it is suitable for gamers’ PCs, and why. In addition, you will be familiar with the benefits of it from different users’ perspectives. Though the performance of 2400 MHz RAM varied based on the motherboard system.

It works excellent with Intel core while slowing down the performance of the Ryzen CPU. Let’s dive into the following parts for further details.

Why And How Is 2400MHz RAM Good?

Is 2400MHz RAM good for PCs? It is the common question that arises in your mind just like other gamers or PC builders? More or less they are thinking about is 2400MHz ram good enough for gaming.

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That actually may be determined by your PC’s processor. In addition, the performance can vary according to the processor installed on your desktop or laptop.

However, a 2400 MHz ram performs well with an Intel processor and doesn’t decrease the speed. So, if you are an Intel user, pick 2400MHz RAM for your PC.

On the contrary, it can noticeably run low performance in GPU/ Ryzen processors. The Ryzen processors of AMD offer high speed and fast performance for your CPU.

In addition, the Infinity Fabric of AMD PCs featured a faster memory speed that ensures faster RAM performance for your PC. That’s why your CPU will provide the highest performance for gaming, while slower RAM will limit the performance.

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Eventually, we can say that 2400MHz RAM is good enough for Intel processor-installed PCs. So, if you were tangling with the question, is 2400 MHz RAM good for Intel, the answer is yes.

But if you ask is 2400 MHz Ram good for Ryzen, then a question mark can be at the end.

Benefits of 2400MHz RAM Based on Different Users Perspectives

A 2400 MHz RAM is quite beneficial to contribute to your PC’s output in gaming or multitasking performances. Let’s have a look at the advantages of this RAM in different CPU systems.

The AMD PC features a faster memory speed that ensures faster RAM performance for your PC.

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If your PC is installed with an AMD processor in your CPU, it will run 2.4 billion cycles per second at 2400MHz RAM. So, the performance will depend on your CPU processor types.

The APU ((Accelerated Processing Unit) comes with integrated graphics in your CPU processor. It uses your PC’s RAM.

So, the more your RAM frequency is, the faster your PC’s performance will be. A 2400MHz RAM can be an intelligent choice for your desktop or PC for general gaming or multitasking.

Intel CPUs are designed to have the advantage to provide excellent gaming performance. The high-end structure of the Intel model series gets advantages from 5 GHz+ clock speeds.

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However, along with it, the monolithic die architecture ensures Intel’s gaming or multitasking advantage.

In addition, Intel’s die grasps the cache, cores, memory controller, and I/O at the same time in this platform. That offers latency to benefit Intel CPU users.

Intel CPUs do not employ the same Infinity Fabric system. That’s why the CPU’s performance is directly linked to the speed of the RAM module.

Slower RAM may result in a modest performance lag that will make a significant difference in your AMD PC’s performance.

Ryzen’s CPU processor has come with outstanding multi-threaded characteristics since its debut. When a CPU uses virtual cores to double its cores, this is known as multi-threading.

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However, your CPU will have ten threads if it has five cores. As a result, each thread will attempt to access your RAM, making faster RAM more ideal for accommodating a multi-threaded CPU than slower RAM.

From the above discussion, it’s clear that your PC’s performance depends on the kinds of CPU processors installed in your PC.

For example, if your PC’S motherboard builds with a 2400 MHz capacity, then 2400 MHz, 3200 MHz, or above RAM doesn’t have any difference in the performance unless you do extreme overclocking every now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the 2400MHz RAM work for Ryzen’s CPU?

A 2400 MHz RAM doesn’t work great with Ryzen’s CPU processor. Though it slightly differs, it may not go well with its rated speed in all motherboards, even without overclocking the CPU. So, you should choose a higher frequency RAM for your Ryzen CPU.

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Can I use 2400MHz RAM for gaming?

The performance of your PC depends on its CPU processor. For example, 2400 MHz RAM runs tremendous and provides a significant speed in the Intel processor. On the other hand, you will see a significant speed drop using an AMD processor.

Can I use both of the 2400MHz & 3200MHz RAMs at the same time on the same PC?

Every Ram has its timing and sometimes has a personal overclock. That’s why different RAM from the same series or other series won’t work together. If they work in rare cases, they will unstable your PC’s output performance: speed and size.

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Is 2400mhz RAM slower than 3200 MHz RAM?

A higher RAM frequency will certainly give faster output performance for PCs. This is because a 3200 MHz RAM is relatively faster than 2400 MHz RAM. However, the additional speed doesn’t provide the speedier speed performance if you have a lower-gen processor.


Is 2400MHz RAM good for desktop PCs? We hope now you have your answer to the above discussion.

The processor type can determine the speed of your PC’S working balance with the RAM.

A 2400 MHz RAM provides maximum output for an Intel CPU processor. The performance will slightly vary for different CPU processors and according to its use as well.

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