Is 3ms Response Time Good For 144hz? Compatible Or Compromise?

Many people ask, is 3ms response time good for 144hz or not. And Yes, it is good, no doubt. There is a but with terms too! 144hz displays have been increasingly becoming the benchmark for …

Many people ask, is 3ms response time good for 144hz or not. And Yes, it is good, no doubt. There is a but with terms too!

144hz displays have been increasingly becoming the benchmark for performance. However, with the advancements in technology, manufacturers have also started to incorporate 3ms response time panels in their gaming monitors.

The performance of a monitor is determined by how fast it can draw the image on your screen. IN modern displays, the higher the IPS, the quicker you see the screen refresh rate.

Let’s, go deep about this.

Is 3ms Response Time Good For 144hz? A Complete Guide

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As we said, 3ms response time is good enough for 144hz. And it gives the best performance with a 3ms response time when it’s a curved FHD display. The curve of around 1800R and the resolution of 1920 x 1080 gives you an optimum performance view whether you are playing or editing some videos.

But What Is 3ms Response Time?

3ms response time is the average amount of time it takes for a computer to respond to the input and change its pixel according to that.

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In general, 3ms is too slow for gaming and other applications that require quick response times. In some cases, even 20ms can be considered a bit too slow for most applications.

But in general cases, A 3ms response time monitor is an accurate, responsive, and high-performance monitor. 

What Is 3ms Response Time Monitor?

A 3ms response time monitor is a monitor that takes 3 milliseconds to change the pixel color according to the command.

It’s an accurate, responsive, and high-performance monitor. It displays the time in real-time and has no lag between the movement of your hand and the movement on the screen.

If you want a monitor that can deliver an optimum performance result, 3ms monitors might be what you are looking for.

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Although a monitor with a 1ms response time is still generally considered decent.

Is 3ms Response Time Good For 165Hz?

3ms is the best option for 165Hz monitors. 165Hz monitors are designed to refresh at a rate of 165 times per second. A 3ms response time is ideal for 165Hz monitors, as it will provide a smooth, fluid gaming experience.

However, for a standard monitor, the response time should be less than or equal to 4ms. However, if you have a high refresh rate monitor, it would be good to go for a slower response time.

The best way to know if 3ms response time is good for your monitor is by testing it out on your PC.

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Is 3ms Response Time Good For Gaming?

The 3ms response time is a good number for gaming or not. It can be good for you sometimes or not. 3ms means that the graphics card can display visuals with minimal delay.

However, it should be noted that this number is not representative of how well the graphics card will perform in other applications like watching movies or playing music.

The average response time for a monitor is 8ms. A 3ms response time is considered acceptable in terms of gaming monitors. So sometimes it would be a good option.

Is 3ms Response Time Good For 240Hz?

However, 240Hz monitors are meant for high-speed gamers who need to react quickly on the screen. In this case, 3ms response time may not be fast enough for these gamers because they will want to see their actions happening in real-time.

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A 3ms response time is generally considered a good standard for PC gaming. This means you will have a fluid and smooth experience when playing your favorite games as long as the monitor refresh rate is compatible.

Therefore, if you are a professional gamer who needs an extra edge over the competition, then it is recommended that you buy a monitor with at least 4ms response time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 144Hz 3ms good?

Not a definite yes or no. This depends on what you are using the monitor for. For gaming, it is better to have a refresh rate of 144Hz. Because it will help reduce input lag and make the game smoother than having a refresh rate of 60Hz.For editing purposes, 3ms may be too slow. But if you don’t need high-speed responsiveness, then it might be just fine.

  1. Is 3ms response time noticeable?
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Yes, it is noticeable. The human eye can perceive movement as fast as 20 frames per second. A 3ms response time is about four times faster than the minimum required by a TV refresh rate of 60Hz. So it would be noticeable to anyone watching video on a TV or computer monitor.

  1. What is 3ms display?

The 3ms display technology is a new standard for refresh rates in computer monitors. It was created by Nvidia to be more efficient and save power. It means that the time taken for each frame to refresh from 0-100% is three milliseconds or 300 milliseconds per second.


So now we think you have your answer about is 3ms response time good for 144hz or not. 3ms is a fairly standard response time for most monitors, and it’s a pretty good one for 144Hz gaming. However, it’s not that noticeable unless you compare the previous experience with other response times.

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A few other companies have tried to lower their response times. But the vast majority of manufacturers haven’t followed suit. So, if you’re looking for an optimal gaming experience, stick with 3ms or higher.

The faster the refresh rate, the more smooth and fluid images appear on your screen. As long as you stick to a 144Hz monitor and don’t plan at 240Hz or above, 3ms should be fine.

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