Is 4ms Response Time Good For Gaming Monitors?

Is 4ms response time good? Indeed, it can work.But it is not the only option as the lowest response time is always preferable. Before purchasing a gaming monitor, one can consider response time, as it …

Is 4ms response time good? Indeed, it can work.But it is not the only option as the lowest response time is always preferable.

Before purchasing a gaming monitor, one can consider response time, as it heavily influences the overall gaming experience.

The lowest response time is 1ms, which TN panels can only achieve. If you are wondering whether 4ms response time is good or not, we got you covered.

This article provides all the information that you need to know about the 4ms response time.

Is 4ms Response Time Good?

4ms response time means that your monitor will take 4 milliseconds to change its pixels from one color to another.

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The transition needs to be as short as possible to provide the clearest image possible. The lower the response time, the higher the price of the monitor.

Generally, the response time is not noticeable by general people—however, every millisecond matters for a hardcore gamer.

While playing fast-paced games, you would want to keep up with what is going on the screen as fast as possible. Fast-paced gaming is when the response time matters.

4ms response time is more common and cheaper to manufacture in monitors. General people would not notice the difference between different response times. For gamers, it depends on the types of games they play.

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What Is 4ms Response Time In Hz?

If the response time accurately measures the 0%-100% pixel change time, 4ms potentially equates to 250Hz.

Besides, the response times are not generally comparable between different companies. Different brands use different standards of measurement.

Is 4ms Response Time Good For Gaming?

It depends on you and the types of games you play. 4ms is not too bad if you play games that do not require a quick response time. 1ms is ideal for people who prefer competitive gaming.

Response time on the monitor is important for gamers. Certain games do not require a 1ms response time and can be smoothly played with a 4ms response time.

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On the other hand, fast-paced games require 1ms as you would need to interact with the game quickly.

As mentioned earlier, only TN panels can achieve a 1ms response time in monitor. IPS panels offer 4ms but have good features such as better visuals and angles.

Both TN and IPS panels have advantages and drawbacks. 4ms would not cause you trouble while gaming unless you are a competitive gamer.

Is 4ms Response Time Good For 240Hz?

Monitors would draw to a new frame about every 4.2ms at 240Hz. You would only catch a tiny glimpse of a finished image before the monitor moves to the next image. It means that you would experience ghosting.

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However, the ghosting would not be as visible as there will be small differences between each subsequent frame.

With this ratio, ghosting would be a lot more obvious at a lower refresh rate. 4ms response time is not the most ideal for 240Hz, but it is still usable.

Is 4ms Response Time Good For 144Hz?

4ms or lower is suitable for 144Hz. It gives competitive players good values and a better gaming experience. Higher response times take away the benefits of higher refresh rates.

You would need a 2ms or lower response time to see the benefits of a 240Hz panel. Similarly, for a 144Hz panel, 5ms or a lower response time would be the best.

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Is 4ms Response Time Good For PS5?

The response time is not as noticeable on ps5 if you are not playing competitive games. While 1ms is ideal for gaming, 4ms is still doable for ps5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 4ms response time slow?

You are not likely to experience any ghosting or lag with a 4ms response time on the monitor. Most gaming monitors are designed to sit at 5ms or lower. So, 4ms response time is not slow.

Is 4ms to 1ms noticeable?

Everyday gamers hardly notice the difference between 4ms to 1ms. Some prefer 1ms more than 4ms for competitive gaming, but the difference is barely noticeable if you are a casual gamer.

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Is 4ms response time better than 1ms?

IPS panels provide better colors and angles. If the types of games you play do not require a quick response time, 4ms would be a better option for you. Professional gamers need a 1ms response rate to have a smooth gaming experience.


It is tough to distinguish between 1ms and 4ms for normal eyes. Unless you are a competitive gamer and pursue gaming as a profession, you would not be able to tell the difference.

4ms is not necessarily a bad response time. It is better for casual gamers as the IPS panels are better than TN panels in terms of visuals and angles.

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Monitor response times are more important for professional gamers. So, if gaming is just a fun leisure activity for you, 4ms response time should not be a matter of concern.

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