Is iBuyPower a Good Brand?

Is iBuyPower a good brand? iBuyPower is definitely a good brand to purchase both post-built and pre-built PCs. They are famous for their long-lasting products and safe deliveries of electronics quickly. However, there are some …

Is iBuyPower a good brand? iBuyPower is definitely a good brand to purchase both post-built and pre-built PCs. They are famous for their long-lasting products and safe deliveries of electronics quickly. However, there are some cons of iBuyPower to be presented.

Most PC enthusiasts give much importance to the configuration of a PC for smooth service. As a gamer or graphics designer, you need to give equal importance to the graphics card along with other essentials. And if the PC comes with a pre-built configuration, then it is time to relax.

This article will inform you about both advantages and disadvantages of buying electronics from iBuyPower.

Is iBuyPower a Good Brand?

iBuyPower is a California-based PC manufacturer that provides the best gaming services to its customers. But who makes iBuyPower computers?

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The owner of iBuyPower is Alex Hou. Most of the PCs are configured for smooth gaming from different brands. You will get an assembly of different brands on a PC from iBuyPower.

iBuyPower has many branches throughout Asia and Europe to provide their customers with better services. As an international brand, it should be a good brand. But there remain some flaws in each manufacturing brand.

Now, we will see both pros and cons of iBuyPower in detail. After this, you will easily decide whether iBuyPower is a good brand or not.

What Makes iBuyPower Reliable?

So, undoubtedly iBuyPower is a good brand, probably one of the best brands to buy custom-built PCs at a reasonable price. But what is the reason behind this?

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Let’s see its pros so that you can understand why it is one of the best manufacturers worldwide.

Reasonable price

Suppose you are thinking about buying a PC at a reasonable price with a long warranty. In that case,iBuyPower is there for you. We will recommend you to buy pre-built PCs so that you can save your money. But if you want PC parts then there is still an option to buy them at a reasonable price.

Quality products

iBuyPower is mainly famous for providing the best quality products of different brands without any failure from 1999.

For decades, their trustworthiness has won the heart of the customers. So, you would not lose buying electronics from iBuyPower in case of quality.

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Quick and safe delivery

If you want to order your desired PCs online along with home delivery, then iBuyPower is worth it. You will get quick home delivery with the safety of your products. And don’t think about the originality of the products. They are trusted worldwide.

Pre-built and post-built PCs

Many manufacturers don’t sell pre-built PCs for technical issues. Sometimes the pre-built PCs don’t provide the desired service for which the customers get disappointed. But the PCs of iBuyPower are good whether pre-built or not.

Gamer’s choice

iBuyPower is determined to provide the best gaming PCs for gaming enthusiasts. So, the setup of the PCs in iBuyPoweris best for gaming. So, it is a plus point for gamers to buy desired PCs from iBuyPower.

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Any Cons about iBuyPower

Though we have not found any issues with our PC that we bought from iBuyPower recently, some customers’ reviews have a few cons about iBuyPower.

Some customers reported that they haven’t got their desired product from iBuyPower. Some pre-built PCs were not providing good services. Again, some people claim that the prices are much higher.

Still, against all odds, iBuypower is gaining popularity and users’ recommendations for some of the cooling facilities and custom build qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of iBuyPower now?

Now, Alex Hou is the owner of iBuyPower.

Can I buy custom-built PCs from iBuyPower?

Yes. You can easily buy both custom-built PCs and other PC parts from iBuyPower. You can buy them from their showroom or online.

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Final Word

From our point of view, iBuyPower is providing quality products at very reasonable prices. As a reputable manufacturer globally, you should have your trust in iBuyPower.

Lastly, the ball is now in your court to answer is iBuyPower a good brand or not. In case of issues with the PCs, you can easily change them from their customer care service center. Their products have warranties, so there is no need to be worried.

Thank you for reading.

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