Get the Best Answer- Is It Safe to Disable Asus Anti Surge?

You may want to stop controlling a minimum flow during extreme computer conditions by using anti-surge, right? If you are optimistic about our anticipation and want to disable the anti-surge, there is a possible confusion, is it safe to disable Asus anti surge. Yes, it is totally safe. But you must miss some advantages after disabling it.

Here, you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of disabling the anti-surge as well.

Moreover, to know who should disable it and who should not read the whole context. Hopefully, you will be confident to take the decision. 

What the Asus Anti Surge Is?

Before going to the main point, it will be helpful for you to get a clear idea if you know what the Asus anti-surge is.

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When you connect your PC with different unstable supply units, there remains a matter of security for the systems you have. In this situation, Asus anti-surge keeps triggering to protect your computer’s system from these unstable supply units. So basically, people use Asus anti-surge for this phenomenon.

However, now get into the question; is it safe to turn off Asus anti surge. Please read the following context to get your desired answer.

Is It Safe To Disable Asus Anti Surge

To meet your confusion, yes, it is safe to disable the Asus anti-surge. But there is a condition.

When anti-surge on your motherboard is faulty, you need anti-surge on your PC. But, when your PC has no power stability issue, you can disable the anti-surge at any time.

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However, when you do not want ASUS surge protection and disable the anti-surge of your motherboard, you have to make sure about some issues.

Should You Disable The Asus Anti-Surge

If you experience any hassle while playing any game, and your computer notifies you of the exact reason you can disable it. Many users face the problem after installing some specific games and disabled Asus anti surge when playing games. That means there is no risk of turning off the anti-surge.

Generally, having an anti-surge on the computer is smooth protection for your system. But, unlike some issues, you should not turn it off. Though we are not prescribing as it is not safe to disable the anti-surge, it has more advantages to have anti-surge.

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What Will Happen After Disabling Anti-surge

However, if you trigger your Asus motherboard to disable power surge your computer can run continuously. Moreover, it may instantly enable the PC to run any system. But in some cases, if the PC’s power is defective, it may start to reboot. Not a single time, you will face it at random.

So it will be destructing for you. Not only that, you will experience random shutting down of your computer, and the most dangerous one is a crash sometimes without informing. 

After all the discussion, if you want to get a piece of advice from us, we will say not to disable anti-surge.  To get more smooth services from the computer you have, enable anti-surge and fix any problem if there arrives.

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However, it is not about the risky or safety we are talking about; it is about comfortability. You will feel comfortable in some situations after disabling the anti-surge. On the other hand, you will have to face hassle after turning off the service.

So think, what you are going to choose.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I really need surge protection?

It is necessary to keep a surge protector on your computer. Because there is a possibility of shortening the life of your PC or crushing all the data and system of the computer by a power surge, it is a good idea to have a surge protector.

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Can I disable the motherboard anti-surge protection by myself?

According to Tom’s hardware forum, you cannot disable Motherboard anti surge protection because it is manufactured into the PCB. So you cannot do it by yourself.

Can I disable Asus motherboard overvoltage protection, and how?

Yes, sure you can. Your CPU has an individual stability voltage. So, if you want to disable overvoltage protection, you have to go to the hardware monitoring option. In other words, BIOS. Then disable monitoring the vCore.

Final Verdict

To wrap up the whole story, you may understand now when you can Asus Anti Surge reset, and it would not do any harm to your computer system.

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However, in a sentence, when you have a defective anti-surge on your motherboard, you can disable it. But to get an advance warning about the faulty power system of your PC, anti-surge is the best way.

However, we hope we can clarify is it safe to disable Asus anti surge and when it is risky.

But the matter is you have to find out the exact reason, what, and why you are going to disable the anti-surge protection of your PC.

So, get your answer and make your decision. Go smooth with the healthy power system of your PC.

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