Jrgb Vs Jrainbow Battle for Precise LED

What is the difference between JRGB and Jrainbow? The short answer is that they are spelled differently, but do almost the same thing. They both have pin and voltage differences. There are also many other …

What is the difference between JRGB and Jrainbow? The short answer is that they are spelled differently, but do almost the same thing. They both have pin and voltage differences. There are also many other differences as well.

JRGB and Jrainbow are used to attach LED strips and other lighted additions to your computer. That is where their resemblance finishes.

This article will elaborately discuss the difference between jrgb vs jrainbow. There are many differences between these two headers. These are pins, voltage, syncing, and more. Check the whole article to know the details about these differences.

JRGB Vs Jrainbow

Pins4-pin connector3-pin connector
Voltage12 Volt5 Volt
SyncingNot as good as Jrainbow for syncingBetter than JRGB for syncing
FlexibilityOffers less flexibilityOffers better flexibility
Computer CaseComputer cases with JRGB fans are not that goodComputer cases with Jrainbow fans are better

Follow the below guideline where we will discuss these essential aspects to understand the differentiation of the jrainbow vs jrgb quickly.

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JRGB and Jrainbow Pin Connector Differences

When purchasing RGB elements, you are sure to run into both jrgb and jrainbow ultimately. They are functionally dissimilar, but they are visually pretty distinct as well. But plugging the incorrect portion into the wrong header can damage it.

You must understand the visible differences between these two headers. To realize that, first, you need to know about their pin difference. A JRGB is generally a 4-pin connector. In contrast, a Jrainbow typically has a 3-pin connector.

So, if you are looking for a JRGB to Jrainbow cable, then you will need to look for a 4-pin connector on one end and a 3-pin connector on the other.

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Both JRGB and Jrainbow Have Voltage Contrast

Jrainbow is for 5 volts connections such as ARGB fans and other ARGB products. On the other hand, the JRGB is for RGB lighting, not ARGB lighting. It’s generally for 12 volts connections.

Syncing Differences

Sometimes, you may like your computer fans, ram, and more incredible to be synced with your Razer peripherals, which is doable with game syncing. In this case, you may be wondering if you require a mobo with the addressable Jrainbow header for this to function.

The Jrainbow header is much more responsive and less likely to get out of sync.

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That is an option for those willing to go for a less expensive motherboard with a non-addressable JRGB header to get everything working with the Tier 2 and tier and synchronized with the impacts.

The fact is that the Jrainbow header works better for syncing compared to the JRGB header.

Flexibility Dissimilarities

A JRGB header can regulate colors on a LED strip in a limited number of methods. For instance, several colors on different parts of a single LED strip are not feasible. As a result, a JRGB header harshly limits the lighting preferences in your armory.

That is where a Jrainbow header comes into the picture. A Jrainbow, or addressable RGB, header supports devices armed with an Integrated Circuit or a microchip to offer more lighting options.

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It can also support a wider range of colors and is more durable than the standard RGB header. The RGB header allows you to connect the lighting devices to your motherboard, and it will sync with the motherboard’s software.

This lets you relish an abundance of lighting effects. Although it is not constrained, it includes numerous colors on a particular panel, countless color-altering schemes on the same patch, or synchronization with some other bits tied to Jrainbow headers, among other features.

Comparing JRGB &Jrainbow Based On Computer Cases

If you want to make a splendid gaming computer, an attractive case is one of the most crucial parts you will require to choose, particularly when it comes to appearances.

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Although computer cases with JRGB fans may be abundant, it is at all times better to have more regulation over your lighting with pre-installed Jrainbow fans or hubs.

It makes sure that you can plug in every Jrainbow part without relying just on the motherboard headers. In addition, it also indicates that you can make a much cleaner computer with better cable management. For instance, computer cases with Jrainbow Hubs let you attach several devices to a single hub.

Front intake Jrainbow fans are a great pick if your computer’s lighting aesthetic is a crucial feature of your making.

Purchasing Jrainbow parts individually may increase your costs, so it is always suggested to go with cases that already come combined with Jrainbow fans and even Jrainbow hubs.

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For example, MSI’s MPG Gungnir 110 R provides three front Jrainbow fans and one back Jrainbow fan. Once more, you can verify this info on the product’s specification page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Jrainbow on a motherboard?

Using a Jrainbow, you can connect reconfigurable RGB 3 pin devices to a 5 volt power supply. A Jrainbow label will be seen on an MSI motherboard’s ARGB header, for Advanced RGB. Jrainbow has a big impact on the way motherboards hook up to each other. Using the metallic ends of the wire, electricity and transmission inputs can be brought into touch with processors on the periphery of the fuse box.

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Is RGB the same as JRGB?

Yes, RGB is the same as JRGB. The JRGB pin header delivers till 12 volts power supply for a non-addressable 5050 RGB LED solution displaying a single color. However, you are required to remember that all the Addressable RGB devices are required to attach with MSI JRAINBOW headers. Otherwise, the part will function as RGB.

What does JRGB mean on a motherboard?

A JRGB is a 12 volts header used for non-addressable RGB 4 pin devices. On an MSI motherboard, an RGB header will be labeled as JRGB or JLED. The abbreviation JRGB stands for JRed Green Blue. It naturally implies that your motherboard has pins for inputting these chroma sequences. JR and GRN may be different on enterprise displays, but on ASUS boards, you can choose your palettes based on JRGB.

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Is Jrainbow addressable?

Yes, Jrainbow is addressable. An MSI motherboard has two versions of the 5 volts addressable RGB. They both bear the label of Jrainbow. The Jrainbow pin header delivers till 5 volts power supply for an addressable WS2812 RGB LED ARGB solution displaying a rainbow color. In order to display a spectrum of colors, the WS2812 RGB LED (ARGB) dedicated male header uses it as a JRAINBOW pin configuration.

Final Verdict

Whether you choose jrgb or jrainbow, both are essential headers to attach LED strips and other lighted additions to your computer. These headers are called Mystic Light Extension, an attribute of Mystic Light software. It enables customers to control the colors and effects of third-party goods such as RGB LED Strips, RGB PC Fans, and RGB PC Cases through an on-board JRGB, JRainbow, or JCorsair pin header.

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While in most of the cases, Jrainbow has the upper hand over JRGB, JRGB has more voltage than Jrainbow. We are hopeful that after knowing about jrgb vs rainbow in this article, you will now be able to easily choose between one of them.

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