[Fixed] Lenovo Laptop Not Turning on- Easy Fixing For All Lenovo Laptops!

You need to complete an urgent task but found out your Lenovo laptop not turning on? The reason can be a power issue, battery issue, or any software problem that you can fix yourself at …

You need to complete an urgent task but found out your Lenovo laptop not turning on? The reason can be a power issue, battery issue, or any software problem that you can fix yourself at home.

Yes, we have come across many such cases, and so we know what can be the possible reasons and fixes to try when Lenovo laptop does not turn on.

However, today, our showcase is filled with the symptoms and reasons for not turning on the Lenovo laptop and the effective and practical steps to overcome the situation.

Let’s step into the deep.

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Why Lenovo Laptop Not Turning on- All Possible Reasons!

Did you know you can fix this troublesome yourself when you see your Lenovo laptop is not turning on? Yes, you just need to find out the main culprit for not letting it turn on and then try the exact fix for that.

So, if your head is buzzing with the question that why is my Lenovo laptop not turning on, join us in this laptop fixing journey.

However, this can make you feel kind of techie, also!

At first, have a glance at the possible problems that might cause your Lenovo laptop not turn on.

Possible Reasons for Not Turning onEffective Resolutions
Problem with the power sourceEnsure the Power from Wall Outlet, Check Battery Cables, Check AC Adapter Ports
Battery problemForce Reboot, Drain out Power Residue or Hard Reset, Replace battery
Display IssueChange brightness settings, Reactivate Display settings, Test display
Driver ProblemUpdate driver, Restart Windows Explorer system, Uninstall recent updates, Turn off quick startup
Internal hardware issueRemove recently installed hardware, Clean dust from the hardware
Overheating IssueLeave to let it cool
Memory ProblemReseat the memories
BIOS problemReset CMOS battery or Reset BIOS, Use NOVO button
Motherboard problemReplace motherboard

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On

Now what? Get set ready to start looking for the exact reason for making your Lenovo laptop not turn on. If you have already found out the cause, then jump on the exact fixes.

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Let’s start with the easiest basic troubleshoot when your brain keeps triggering you with the question what to do when Lenovo laptop is not turning on!

Fixes for Power Source

When I find my Lenovo laptop is not turning on at all, the first and foremost thing I check is the power. Is it getting the proper power source? Is the laptop fully charged or not? 

Have you checked it? No? Then, check and ensure first maybe your laptop is having trouble with getting the proper power.

Ensure the Power from the Wall Outlet

When you find your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on no lights beside the adapter cable ports, it means the laptop is not getting power. 

At this point, the first thing that comes to check is the power source.

Have a check on the wall outlet. Are you forgetting that the cable is loosened from the wall outlet like one of our team members faced the same once? 

The wall outlet socket was a little loose for the adapter power port, and he just cursed the adapter as faulty with no light on. How silly a mistake sometimes the experts can make!

So, make sure you are also not doing the same. 

Then, check there is not any voltage down at your place. To be sure of this, perform a lamp test, the most straightforward way to check the voltage issue of the primary circuit.

Don’t you know what the lamp test is and how to perform this to check the main power?

  • Just take a lamp and connect it to the wall outlet. 
  • Now, check if the lamp lights up with its full brightness or not.

If yes, then there is no issue with the main power source. 

But if no, then quickly call in your electrician and tell him to fix this.

Check all the Battery Cables and AC Adapter Ports

Power source from your wall outlet okay? Then, gradually go with checking the cables and adapter.

Make sure there are not any bents in the cables or any tangle. You know a tangle or invisible defect in the cable can sometimes cause trouble in the power flow.

So, better to check the cables and cords very well. Also, check if the AC adapter is well and working well. Look, there should be a power status light beside the adapter ports on the laptop. 

Lenovo Laptop Not Turning on and Not Charging?

No status light indicator? That means your Lenovo laptop is not charging or turning on. Then, the power adapter might be faulty.

Can’t you be sure about the laptop charger adapter? Then, test it. What can be better than pushing yourself if you have a digital multimeter.

Do you have one? Trust me; it’s super easy and interesting to test if you are a Physics student or interested in electronics. 

But this can turn into a boring test if you are hazy with checking your laptop AC adapter and do not want to put yourself with the steps to turn on your laptop without spending bucks.

Try it, and maybe you can save your bucks or the one you will be getting for taking the laptop to the repair center.

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How to Check a Laptop Adapter with a Multimeter?

What you need here is a digital multimeter and the battery adapter cables that you use to charge your Lenovo laptop.

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Figure 1-Multimeter

If you need, try this cheaper AstroAi Digital Multimeter perfect for the newbie troubleshooter.

  • Connect the adapter cables with the socket.
  • Check there are 2 cable probs in the multimeter-black and red. Connect the black one to the COM that means the common port on the multimeter, and the red one with the Volt- meaning Voltage, as we’re checking the Voltage power here.
  • Now, turn on the multimeter if there is any switch or just rotate the switch towards DC voltage. It is a V with an equal sign which means the DC Volt.
Notes: If you're not sure, check the manual. But don't short out the cables with zero knowledge.
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Figure 2-multimeter reference guide
  • Connect the red probe end( the positive cable) inside the adapter port that goes into the laptop and keep the black probe end (the ground) on the outer metal edge of the port.
Notes: If the pin inside the port is not accessible, insert a small pin and make the probe in contact with that pin.
  • Now, check the reading on the multimeter while holding the probes.
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What is reading? Is it giving a reading of 20V or near to that? 

Then, no issue with the AC adapter. Check for other fixes.

The rule of thumb says, generally, this reading should be 18.24 to 19.76 Voltage. 

So, if the reading shows less than 18V, you need to replace the battery adapter with a new one.

If you already have done this, then have a quick check on the AC adapter cable also. We mean the cable that connects the adapter from the main socket.

  • Take off the cable from the adapter
  • Turn the multimeter switch to the AC Voltage that is a V sign with a curved line.
  • Connect the red or live wire inside one end of the AC cable and the black or the ground wire inside the other end.
Notes: Keep in mind here the pin in the middle is the neutral pin that you don't need to bother with.
  • Now, check the reading. It should be reading between 220.8 to 239.2 Volt. However, if you are lucky, then there can be a chance of getting a reading of 237, which is a sign of a healthy AC adapter cable, Wooah!

But if the reading is less than the standard, then replace the adapter cables.

Then again, if the Lenovo laptop is not turning the power light on, be sure it is getting the proper power. And so the problem is something else.

Fixes for the Battery Problem

Are adapter cables okay? Still, your laptop is not turning on Lenovo

Also, when you see the Lenovo laptop not turning on and not charging the problem can be with the battery. 

Let’s be sure the battery is ok!

Try Force Reboot

If there is no major issue, force rebooting should turn on your laptop. You might know about the method as it’s the most common fix to try when any laptop is not turning on.

So, let’s see how to do a force reboot.

  • Disconnect the adapter. 
  • Press and hold on pressing the power button. No change?
  • Reconnect the power adapter cable.
  • And repeat the same process again.

Is it on? 

Not turning on? Don’t waste time. Move on to the next diagnosis.

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Drain out Power Residue/Try Hard Reset

Before proceeding with checking the battery, at first try hard reset to drain out the residue power.

Maybe your Lenovo laptop is not turning on because of the static power clog inside the internal battery. The power clog is a residue of power stored in the capacitor. 

Modern computers sometimes don’t drain out all power even after switching off. Some power residue still remains that might create an electricity clog in the capacitor leading to the laptop not turning on.

So, draining out that power can sometimes resolve this. Especially if you find your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop not turning on, this method is a must-try first.

  • Remove all the cable connectors, and the battery is removable. ( for non-removable battery, we are discussing later on)
  • Press the power button 10 to 11 times. Yes, you read it right. As an inherent feature of IBM product-Lenovo Thinkpad, this seems to be quite effective in draining out the static power jam.
  • Now, press and hold on to pressing the power button for at least 15 to 30 seconds. This will drain all the power that is clogged in the capacitor.
  • Now, connect the AC adapter and the battery and try to turn on the laptop.
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Is it turning on? Bingo!

But if it is not turning on then, 

Remove the battery. Try to turn on the laptop using the adapter only. And see if your Lenovo laptop turns on or not. 

If it turns on using the AC adapter only, no battery inside then, you need to replace the battery. But you can be very sure about the battery if you insert another battery and try to turn it on. 

Again, the battery might have no charge at all, so the laptop does not turn on. Connect the battery and leave for a couple of hours to let it charge. Then, check if your laptop Lenovo is turning on or not.

How to Remove External Lenovo Laptop Battery?

However, if you have never removed your laptop battery before, then 

  • Turn over the laptop
  • Check on the top or the bottom (based on different models); there is the battery.
  • Slide the latch that is holding the battery. Check there might be 2 latches on both ends of the battery
  • When it releases the battery, take it out. So simple!

If you are a newbie with your laptop, check this Lenovo Thinkpad external battery removal guide.

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Not Turning on Built-In Battery

Try power drain using the emergency reset button if the battery is non-removable or the internal battery.

So, check there is an emergency reset button on the back of the laptop.

  • Turn over your laptop 
  • Take a close look and find there is a tiny pinhole
  • If you can’t find it, check the user manual and find your Lenovo laptop emergency reset button.
  • When you find it, take a straight pin or paper clip inside the reset hole.
  • Now, try turning on the laptop.

How to Remove Internal Battery in Lenovo Laptop?

Do you want to check your non-removable laptop battery? You can remove it to check or replace the battery but the thing is you have to be a little techie expert. 

Not that much, just a little knowledge with the screws and nuts.

  • Turn your laptop back
  • Loosen and take out all the screws on the back. Don’t miss the screws under the CD driver side also. (the screw numbers may differ based on different models).
  • Open the laptop front-meaning the keyboard screws, and take out the keyboard also.
  • Finally, when you are done with removing all the screws, take off the casing on the back.
  • Now, locate the battery. Here, the battery can be either on the case’s top panel and the cable is attached to the motherboard. In this case, carefully take out the casing.
  • Then, again, the battery can be attached to the motherboard chips on some other models like flex or yoga. In this case, you might need to remove some more screws to lift up the battery.
  • Carefully pull out the battery connecting cable from the motherboard chip and remove the battery.

Finally, if possible, remove the battery and try turning on inserting another battery that you are sure is in good condition. 

Now, try turning on your laptop. If it turns on then, you just got your culprit- the battery. It needs replacement.

Things to be noted, if the battery is the only problem, your laptop will turn on using the AC adapter without inserting the battery.

That means if you find your Lenovo laptop turning on without battery that also gives the signal to a dead battery.

By the way, if you are unaware of your Lenovo battery specs, check this Lenovo laptop battery reference for different models.

What if you find the battery is fine and your Lenovo laptop not turning on but charging? The battery is not at fault. It seems something a deeper issue like the display or internal system.

Let’s find out!

Fixes for the BIOS Issue

Your Lenovo laptop has no power issue. The battery is also fine; you just checked. And still, you are with the thought in your mind why does my Lenovo laptop not turn on!

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Then, if you want to fix it yourself, have some deep dive into the internal parts. 

So, it’s highly possible that your laptop BIOS settings might have been corrupted somehow. So, it is causing the issue in booting. 

Don’t worry. We’ll be guiding you till the end with every detail and discussion. 

Remember, resetting BIOS will erase all the data inside your laptop. So, make sure you have a backup.

Reset BIOS Settings/CMOS Battery

You checked all the things to ensure the power and battery. And you got nothing in your hand. Then, the fault can be a bit intensive.

What you have to do is reset the BIOS settings and get back to your factory setup. 

Oh, have you recently changed the BIOS or updated BIOS settings? Then, it might be causing trouble for your laptop no turning on Lenovo.

To reset the BIOS settings, you have to reset your Lenovo laptop CMOS battery. 

If you are not familiar with CMOS battery, it is a small battery chip inside the laptop motherboard. Generally, CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) deals with the computer or laptop BIOS (Basic Input / Output Settings).

So, whenever you try to update or change the preset factory BIOS in your laptop or computer, and it turns out that your computer is not compatible with it or the settings was not installed correctly, you may face such a problem.

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Figure 3-CMOS battery

The CMOS battery looks like a coin-shaped battery used in watches. And so, the Lenovo Thinkpad T series users mostly know this as coin cell battery.

This method works most when the Lenovo yoga laptop will not turn on. Let’s reset the BIOS locating this CMOS battery.

  • Take out all the screws from the back of the laptop
  • And carefully remove the casing 
  • Now locate the CMOS battery that looks like a tiny coin-shaped battery
  • The battery can be either blank or wrapped based on various Lenovo series.
  • Now, unplug the battery cable from the motherboard. We’re not talking about the CMOS, rather the main battery.
  • Now, locate the CMOS battery and disconnect the plastic plug connected to the motherboard (in case of wrapped one), or give a gentle push to take out the entire CMOS battery from the shell.
Notes: Some Lenovo model's CMOS battery might not be located so easily. For that, you have to remove all other parts in the motherboard and then flip the entire board to find the coin cell battery.
  • Leave it unplugged for about 10 to 15 minutes. And it will just restore all the BIOS settings to its factory mode.
  • Now, reconnect the battery and all other parts on a reverse.

Now, try to turn on your Lenovo laptop. It should turn on if the problem was with the BIOS settings. 

Is the logo showing up? Bravo! You just hit this. 

Now, some configuration settings menu will come up. You have to change them and enjoy your laptop use.

Does this seem too complex? Do you own the latest Lenovo model laptop? 

There might be a one key recovery button known as Lenovo NOVO button. You can reset the BIOS using that button easily. And you don’t need to put up such hassle.

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Access the One Key Recovery Mode Using NOVO Button

Lenovo introduced its NOVO button from Lenovo Thinkpad 100 series. After that, almost all Thinkpad and Ideapad series Lenovo laptops come with the NOVO reset button.

When you feel that my Lenovo laptop is not turning on at all, what should I do- have a cross-check with the NOVO button.

NOVO button switch is beneficial for a system recovery with just one button. It contains a set of commands to perform a system recovery on your laptop when you can’t access it inside the system.

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Also, you can perform a BIOS setup from this NOVO key. How wonderful upgrades Lenovo has come with!

However, the NOVO button can be in different places based on various models of Lenovo laptops. 

It can be near the power button on the top panel, on the left, or on the right side with other ports.

9BLVlQFTVow3QwLmSS DMsvMZGnTP BCYXoYa8rrJwSWk6Qf2nGQlnCW1ua8H5c9m0Q j9PFd35NV1vSjS4lL2L7
Figure 4-NOVO Button

But the question might remain how to recognize the NOVO button? Oh, the free tip for you is an upside-down ‘U’ as a curved arrow shape will be beside the NOVO button hole. That will be tinier, though.

  • Use a straight and sharp paperclip or pin and gently press the NOVO key.Lenovo Novo button
  • If there are no other software issues, a set of commands will come up after pressing the NOVO key. You can select what you want to perform on your laptop.
  • You can select the normal startup. If that does not turn on your laptop, try again and select the BIOS setup to restore BIOS settings.
  • If it still does not turn on Lenovo laptop, try selecting the recovery mode to recover what it is going through inside its tummy. 

When the recovery mode menu comes up, you can choose either select-

  • ‘Restore from initial backup’ for factory version or
  • ‘Restore from user’s backup’ for setting from an external backup drive.

But we suggest selecting the factory settings to get back your Lenovo laptop to work.

After this method, your laptop will be like it was right out of the box!

Why is my Lenovo laptop beeping and not turning on? It’s undoubtedly the BIOS needs an update.

Resetting the BIOS magically works out, mainly when your Lenovo Yoga won’t turn on.

Fixes for Display Problem

Can you hear the fan spinning sound coming out from your laptop? Maybe the problem is Lenovo laptop monitor not turning on

Before proceeding, make sure to disconnect all the external peripherals from your laptop.

Change the Screen Brightness

In this case, the first thing to check is the brightness settings.

Sometimes users claim that the excessive brightness causes harm to their view, so they love the set the display brightness settings to the maximum lowest level.

You may face a Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen when you are in a brightly highlighted room or directly under the sunlight. Issue.

Oh! How to change display settings if your Lenovo laptop is not turning on at all? You can change it using the keyboard key.

Try increasing the brightness by pressing-

Fn + Home key or 

Fn + F6

Figure 5- Change screen brightness

If you need, check the entire reference guide for the Lenovo laptop screen brightness settings when the Lenovo Thinkpad laptop not turning on.

Reset Display Menu

Sometimes due to viruses, system issues, or OS glitches, it might happen that the Lenovo laptop screen not turning on

In this situation, you can try the straightforward fix -reactivate the laptop screen mode.

Press- Windows key+ Ctrl key+ Shift key+ B at the same time and quickly release all of them simultaneously.

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Figure 6- Reset display menu

It will reactivate the Lenovo laptop screen mode and help it boot up.

Still no result? Don’t lose hope. Try the next fix.

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Connect an External Monitor

Let’s check there is no major internal issue with your Lenovo laptop screen. To diagnose the laptop screen, let’s connect the laptop to an external monitor.

We find in most cases when the Lenovo yoga laptop not turning on display black; the problem is the display.

  • Connect your Lenovo laptop that is not turning on to an external monitor. Here, you will need an HDMI cable or a VGA cable to connect the external display.
  • After connecting the ports, wait and see if it boots up or not.
  • If it does not boot up auto, press the Fn + CRT/LCD written key. It might be the F5 key or F8 key, or F4, with a rectangular box sign, varying models.
  • Now, the display should show up.
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If there is no other issue, only the display connecting the external monitor resolves half of the job of diagnosing. So, you just found out the reason why your Lenovo laptop screen not turning on.

Then, take the laptop to the nearest repair center or contact the Lenovo support center to replace the display screen if it has the warranty.

However, if the issue is not only display but no sound from inside, it can be software issue also. 

So, before deciding on display replacement, why not take a chance to resolve the software problems.?

Listen, as you have already been able to connect the external monitor, you can go for some driver resolution. 

You see, sometimes a faulty device driver or the system clash can cause the Lenovo laptop display not turning on black screen.

So, let’s take the chance and try the fixes for the device driver issue.

Notes: Suppose after connecting an external display, the Lenovo laptop monitor not turning on and no internal hardware response, be sure the problem is not with the display. Rather something an internal issue that is not letting your Lenovo laptop turn on.

You should try the fixes for internal hardware problems or memory issues that we showcase here further. 

Fixes for Corrupted Driver

A faulty driver installed on your system or any viruses in the system driver files can lead you to sit with your hand on your head and think-why, does my Lenovo laptop not turn on!

So, stop thinking and go for something practical. Sitting idle can only make your mind play with the thought of why will my Lenovo laptop not turn on, what to do, how to fix it etc., and all.

Solutions don’t come like this. Start working for.

Then again, after you update to Windows 10, you might not adjust the display settings using the keyboard keys. In that case, driver fixing steps are effective.

However, it especially works for the Lenovo laptop not booting up black screen issue in these models-

  • Ideapad
  • Ideacentre
  • ThinkPad
  • ThinkCentre

Lets start.

Oh!, in this fix, all of the steps we will do under ‘Safe Mode’.

Update the Graphics Card Driver 

We are showing these fixed when your laptop does not turn on the black screen but can detect the external monitor and show the screen.

Notes: Before updating the graphics driver, it would be best to download the latest driver in a pen drive or memory that is compatible with your Lenovo laptop configurations. And then, insert it in your laptop.

Don’t you have one? Or can’t you manage to download the updated driver? No issue. Keep on reading; we have the alternative solution also.

Steps to fix Lenovo laptop not booting up black screen

Step-1: Run the System in Safe Mode

The first step is to enable safe mode on your computer.

  • Start the laptop with safe mode. If it does not go in safe mode, press shift + F8 until the display shows- ‘please wait’. Then, wait for the recovery screen to come.
Notes: If the recovery screen does not show up, try the step again.
  • When it shows up, go to Advanced Repair >Troubleshoot> Startup Repair> Restart.
  • After rebooting with the startup repair settings option, elect the ‘Enable Safe Mode’ option to access the laptop safe mode.

Step-2: Open Device Manager

For Windows 8 and 10-

  • Open windows start menu and type ‘Device Manager’.
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Figure 7- Open & select device manager

For Windows 7-

  • Type Run in the search box. (Shortcut type Windows + R).
  • Type’ devmgmt.msc’ and enter OK to open the device manager.

Step-3: Select & Update the Driver

  • Open the device manager. And under this option, find and select ‘Display Adapter’.
pGpURPvm Ka71IenyrVbSs740tQY9dTf5KjxxPgq8m
Figure 8- display adapter
  • Now, expand by clicking on the display adapter and expand the drivers that you have in your system. ( for Windows 7- Right-click on the Display Adapter  and select ‘Properties )
  • Right-click on your driver, and there will be some options like- Update driver, uninstall device, disable device, properties, etc. Select ‘Update Driver.’
Figure 9- Update driver
  • Now, you have 2 options to choose from- update driver search automatically and update browsing your computer. 
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Figure 10- Update driver options

You can go for auto-updating. Or, choose the second one and select your drive that contains the updated driver files.

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Alternative Step When You Don’t Have the Updated Graphics File Downloaded-

  • When you don’t have any updated files downloaded, you can resolve it by selecting the ‘Uninstall Device’ option after expanding the ‘Display Adapter’. 
lk05w6euPK4XKY2pkXEUNL0D6x1a2JffzOT2yfsyQIIFllHsMOef9JH0KkPJ1naXNSf3zZtvmty uRyfzip8UrmtKWto1ptuN302iLWArfqGmrSZv2UXeMmfM0BwBaPb9waXpX4=s0
Figure 11- uninstall device
  • Allow it after a dialogue box comes up.
  • And let it finish the uninstallation.
  • After it has finished uninstallation, turn on the laptop on safe mode again, and your computer will auto-install the driver.
  • Now, turn off and disconnect the external monitor and see if your Lenovo laptop does not turn on issue is resolved or not.

Lenovo laptop black screen of death problem still remains? Don’t get disheartened! The famous tech gurus even try to fix their systems by diagnosing them one by one, steps from basic to advanced.

And you have already come so far a long way; why going back leaving the fixing DIY incomplete? 

Put your gut and try the next fix.

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Restart the Explorer.exe System

Restarting the Explorer.exe file means resetting the Windows Explorer function that helps to maintain the system’s of your tasks.

Sometimes any corrupted file or too much multi-tasking and not turning off the laptop properly can cause the laptop not to turn on black screen issue.

To resolve this-

Open the system in safe mode following step-1 mentioned for updating the driver above. Kindly go a bit above and check out. Or, maybe you have already known the steps.

  • Open the startup and type ‘Task manager’. (keyboard shortcut- Ctrl + Shift + Escape)
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Figure 12- open task manager
  • Open it. When the task manager screen shows up, scroll and find the ‘Windows Explorer’.
Figure 13- select windows explorer
  • Right-click on it and select ‘Restart’ on the bottom right corner.

On Windows 7-

  • Click on ‘File’, which is on the top left corner of that screen.
  • Select ‘Run New Task’, and another dialogue box pops up where you have to write- ‘Explorer.exe’. And then select ‘OK’.
  • It will restart the explorer file, which comes with a 90% chance of resolving the black screen issue.
Notes: You can also find and select the Explorer.exe file after entering into the Task Manager. And select 'End Task' to end the explorer file and restart. Well, that is also quite a short technique.

Disable the First Startup Option (for Window 10 Only)

Another fix for the driver issue you can try is -disable the first startup mode that comes enabled for your ease of use. Unluckily, it has become the issue.

However, if you are using other Windows, then skip this fix.

  • Run the system in safe mode.
  • Press Windows + R, and type run. Then, type powercfg.cpl in the box and enter.

Or, you can just type control panel in Windows startup menu search box.

09vM8B2cX43dQHyFvypxqjBQUYivkqQzXWnDQc5YK8svrwBy0R0VMqV6o5BqqLc5D3BUp1OOAix7b8hqo92w11glQlXC36TKtMEqBG lQDuvFC96Qwv8nzI0ov5Q6jrjHE
Figure 14- select control panel
  • Go to Power Option.
zaqzsmxUUDPxbLhVgVDA5Lreglb3Wmd5U5CMA9O64r4x xpmpGO129wpYv9A FFO2x8dMq35tR26xv9cUCoU 6TDlY 0sc4nq3nVg L93ymy1lI3qpGHFMkcVzbiuuA52fVwjWQ=s0
Figure 15- select power option
  • Now, select ‘Choose what the power buttons do’ from the left side options.
w 7zqWKyF GrBEdYw9pA3Pd89xLL tR2b7TNX6DUI3R4BqoSCSStPW8hcJpVP4L4589ZQiang5Q
Figure 16- choose what power button do
  • When another screen pops up select the ‘Change settings that are currently available’ with a troubleshooting sign.
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Figure 17- change settings
  • After that, you can see some options called- the first startup, sleep, hibernate, and lock options below.
  • Uncheck the tick box for ‘Turn on first startup’, though it’s a recommended option.
Figure 18- uncheck fast start up
  • Now, restart the laptop and see the black screen issue not turning on a laptop is resolved!
[Fixed] Power Supply Making Noise- 5 Possible Reasons and Their Solutions

One of the Lenovo ideapad 310 users got his Lenovo Ideapad not turning on issue solved with this fix.

Still, the laptop not booting up black screen and internal hardware are running, you are sure?

Recall, you may have installed an update to your system, causing your screen not to turn on. What now? Uninstall them.

Uninstall Recently Installed Updates

To uninstall the recently installed updates that might be the root cause of your Lenovo screen not turning on-

  • Type in the start menu button- control panel and enter.
  • Select Programs 
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Figure 19- select programs
  • Then, select ‘View installed updates’ under Programs & features.
zczTD1CQQDrFYCHjbvdW12YT7LlER6IeHolIeyqdRgmKwsLEXvem UGJ8UE
Figure 20- select view uninstall updates
  • Now, a window with some list of the recently installed updates comes up on the screen.
  • Carefully check and find out the update that has been installed recently but right before the time of your Lenovo laptop not turning on.
PeRMczXS4NE0eneEz7tzAdXXpXuJ0DL5fPU2fIgfI95 HG5jw0M5aKGhiEtVCs3oMCBypDZTPR 3SIUQLlVy9 rbuY68Q27v6Zub7qoFGYM7jt5INIMMb0MSoRtnGYleHK6I5hQ=s0
Figure 21-select & uninstall
  • Can you find it? Select it, and then uninstall option comes on the top. Simply uninstall it.

Have a sigh! And check Lenovo laptop screen not turning on, the black screen of death issue might have now been resolved after uninstalling the recent updates.

Still your Lenovo laptop not turning on? You can try your last lifeline- restoring the system.

Restore the Factory System

So, switching back to the factory system is the last fix if nothing of the above fixes works. But make sure your internal hardware is okay and running.

To restore the system to its factory version–

  • The same old method first- enable the safe mode.
  • Press Windows key on keyboard and type system restore.
  • When the results show on your screen, select ‘create a restore point’.
  • Now, the system properties window comes up. From there, select ‘system restore’ and click ‘OK’.
  •  When the system restore starts up, and shows you the option of what it can do to your system, select ‘next’.
  • Select by checking the box beside ‘show more restore points’. And you will see the recent installations. From there, you can select the one that you want to restore to its previous version.
  • Select ‘next’ to start the restoration.

Now, give it time to complete. Just wait until it finishes. 

Notes: Don't worry! The system restore does not delete any personal data or files from your laptop. It just uninstalls the recent updates and installations and switches back the laptop to your previous system.

After that, restart your laptop and see the magic! Whereas you were saying till now-why is my Lenovo laptop screen not turning on, now you will sigh- Wow! My laptop is turning on.

Is it not fixed? The Lenovo laptop is not turning on and not running also. Then go for a deeper dive inside your laptop’s internal hardware fixes.

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Fixes for Internal Hardware Issues 

You tried all the fixes for software bugs, but no result. You are still dealing with the situation- why is my Lenovo laptop not turning on. Maybe the main culprit is hiding inside your hardware system.

Yes, find this out and wash out your laptop not turn on issue today!

Remove Recently Installed Hardware

Oh no! Have you installed any hardware inside your Lenovo laptop? Then, what are you waiting for? That part is either not installed in a proper way or not compatible with your system.

Take it out and see if this fixes the problem or not.

Clean the Dust Build up Inside!

You have not used your laptop for a long time! And so, dirt has permanently made its place inside your laptop.

What now? Clean, clean, and clean only!

How to clean the internal hardware in your laptop? Let us guide you with some homely DIY tips.

  • Loosen and take out all the screws from the back of your laptop.
  • Carefully but slowly, take out the back part of your laptop.
  • Now, clean using any cotton bird or small brush with soft, gentle brittle.
  • Pack all the things back into their place correctly and see whether the laptop turns on or not.
Notes: Make sure you're not rubbing hard or using any liquid or water to clean. Well, it sounds silly, though to err is human, you know!

Not turning on? Try the following technique. It may work.

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Fixes for Memory Issues 

Sometimes the memory as well as RAM inside your laptop can be the main reason for not turning on the Lenovo laptop. So, Reseating the RAM in their place can resolve the issue of the laptop not turn in.

Reseat the RAM

Oh no! You are again opening your laptop! But it’s better for yourself that you can very well diagnose your laptop if you are trying all the ways out mentioned above.

  • Loosen all the screws from the backplate and remove the casing carefully. Beware! Don’t break the hitches when pulling it off.
  • Oh! Remove the battery first (if it is an external battery). For internal one, no need.
  • Now, locate the RAM slot inside your Lenovo laptop.
Notes: If you have more than one RAM in your laptop, chances can be 2 RAMs are placed one above the other or separately side by side.
  • Check there are 2 arm latches on two ends of the RAM slot. Pull both arm latches and it will release the RAM from the spring tension.
  • Take out the RAM/RAMs. 
Notes: It would be best to use a paperclip to take out the RAM without directly touching your hands.
  • Clean the RAM on both sides using any clean paper cloth or tissue paper.
  • Now, reseat the RAM in the memory slot the similar way it was before.
  • Place the RAM and give a little push until the 2 arm latches capture it.
  • Tighten all the screws and check whether your laptop turns on or not.

Is it turning on? Bingo! 

What if it does not? A few more methods can work in this case to try yourself. Let’s take the chance.

Fixes for Overheating Issue 

Do you always do multitasking on your laptop that too on the bed? Then, the chances are it is overheated.

When you use your laptop keeping it on the bed, it gets blocked to vent out air. So, the overheating issue might be causing the laptop not to turn on.

And so just leave the laptop without any power connection. And after some hours, try turning it on.

Kudos! It must work now. 

Fixes for Motherboard Problem 

So, nothing works out in your case after trying all the above fixes. Then the motherboard needs to replace.

Sadly, but yes, there might be any significant issue in your motherboard that needs an expert hand on it.

Well, are you professionally related to any computer repairing work? Then, great you can replace the motherboard with a new one.

But if you are not, then trying to replace yourself might cause any other damage that you might never know.

It would be better to contact an expert in laptop repairing or check Lenovo support if your laptop is under warranty period.

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Not Turning on Power Light Blinking

Sometimes you might find your Lenovo laptop is not turning on but the power light is on. It means no problem with power source. So, the problem can be with the battery.

However, sometimes your Lenovo laptop power button blinking but not turning on because it is in sleep mode. 

Oh! You may forget that you put your laptop in sleep mode, and now it’s not turning on.
In that case, you have to press any key on the keyboard, and it will wake up or turn on.

Mostly, we see the Lenovo Yoga 720 series and some other series having this issue. Many Yoga 720 users seem to be breaking their heads with the Lenovo laptop not turning on after sleep.

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So, try resetting the power or a hard reset if pressing any key does not turn it on.

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Loading But Not Turning on

You can fix this type of Lenovo laptop booting problem by simply reset the power or disconnect and reconnect the battery. 

Disconnect all the USB devices that worked with one of the Lenovo flex3-1130 users when he found out his Lenovo Flex not turning on.

If the problem is same, press F8/F12 for several times and press enter.

These are the basic troubleshooting that fixes the not booting up issue. But if this doesn’t work, try all the fixes one by one shown in this guide. You see, it worked for most of the Lenovo laptops 

How to Fix Lenovo Ideapad Not Turning on

Try the basic troubleshooting steps for the power source and battery. If that does not work out, try resolving the Driver updating options that primarily work for the Ideapad series laptops.

However, in most cases, the Lenovo Ideapad laptop not turning on for battery issues only. And so, trying the fixes for the battery issue shown here must work. 

You see, after only troubleshooting the power and battery worked for an Ideapad S100, and many other Ideapad users shared in ifixit when their Lenovo laptop not charging or turning on. 

How to Fix Lenovo Yoga Not Turning on

Hold down the power button for only 15 to 20 seconds, and it should work as one of the Lenovo Yoga 3 users got his laptop not turning on problem resolved by applying this fix.

We have seen most Lenovo Yoga users complaining about their laptops turning on only for the BIOS updating.

So, after trying the basic troubleshooting like the power resetting, draining static charge, try the fixes shown here for the Driver problem and the BIOS problem. So, try these fixes when your Lenovo yoga laptop will not turn on.

However, some Yoga users got their laptop’s black screen issue solved with only the BIOS update, even for Yoga 2 Pro.

How to Fix Lenovo Flex Not Turning on

When you find your Lenovo Flex laptop will not turn on, the first thing is to try the power drain or the power reset.

And this has proven 100% effective for one of the Lenovo Flex 4 users shared in the Lenovo forum and some other series also.

So, start with this at first when your Lenovo ideapad Flex 4 laptop will not turn on after ensuring the power. If it does not resolve the issue, try other fixes shown above.

How to Fix Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop Not Turning on

When you find your Lenovo ThinkPad not turning on, the first thing that comes to check is the battery, and it should turn on now.

You see, a Lenovo E330 ThinkPad Edge user got his laptop working back again by just battery troubleshooting. 

Again, most Lenovo ThinkPad not turning on problem resolves by reseating the memory or replacing the motherboard. As you see, some of the Thinkpad series laptops are prone to get motherboard problems after some years of usage.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I force start a Lenovo?

Unplug the cables and remove the battery if removable. Then, tap and hold on pressing the Lenovo power button for at least 20 to 30 seconds and release. After that, insert the battery and connect the cables. Now, try to power on your Lenovo laptop.

Why is my Lenovo laptop on but the screen is black?

This can be happening because your laptop got some system issue or the display needs replacement. Try updating the BIOS or update the drivers in safe mode. Or test the display by connecting an external display.

Is there a reset button on a Lenovo laptop?

Yes, some of the older series of Lenovo laptops have a tiny reset hole on the back of the laptop. Again, the other series Lenovo comes with a one-key recovery NOVO button to reset.

Summing It Up

It’s not unusual when you find your Lenovo laptop not turning on after a long time of usage. It can be a simple power issue or the battery as after some years it’s become crucial to replace the battery, you know.

However, the fixes can be a bit hassling if it turns out any system issue. But we have shown every possible solution here with the screenshots to try yourself before going for extra cost.

Being tech geeks, we know how it feels when our regular working device disturbs, putting a disturbing sign on your work!

Follow our complete fixing guide and quickly get rid of the laptop not on concern from your head!

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