Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor Setup

You just bought a Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor? That’s, without a doubt, a good choice.  A high-resolution screen and ergonomic features at such an affordable price are a steal.

Most monitors of this series come with 4 different ports to connect with the computer. Not only are ports like VGA, DP, and HDMI available, but you can also just connect the monitor with any of the USB-2 and 3 slots of your desktop. To enhance productivity, an audio port has been provided.

However, are you having trouble with Lenovo Think Vision Monitor Setup? If yes, then follow my lead.

How To Setup Your Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor?            

Although setting up a Lenovo Thinkvision can be a bit different from the traditional way, it’ll take you no time to catch it.

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You might get confused when you open the package of the monitor and find out so much equipment and accessories. Well, calm down!

There’s nothing to be worried about. You’re not going to need all the accessories that have been provided. Lenovo has provided them to give you multiple options to setup your monitor.

You’re only going to need 2-3 of the accessories amongst 8. So without further ado, let’s find out how you can set up a LenovoThinkvision Monitor:

Attaching the Flat Panel Monitor (Using a Stand)

Just after you open the box, you’re going to find out the stands of the monitor. One is the base stand, and another is the one you attach to the display. The first step is to mount the base stand to the other one.

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The display mounting stand is going to have a table attached, which you should remove before setting up the monitor.

Mounting the stands together is really easy. All you’ve to do is place the base stamp in a safe place and mount the other one, and you’re done.

Just after that, you can pull out the flat display panel. Now that you’ve mounted the stands together, now it’s time to attach the stand to the monitor. In the middle backside of the monitor, the input is provided where you’ll have to mount the stand.

Attaching the Flat Panel Monitor (To the Wall)

For this one, you’re not going to need the base stand. All you’ll need is the mounting stand and a safe wall.

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The screw to attach the mounter to the wall is available too. All you’ll need to do is drill and create the holes in the wall to attach.

 After you’re done attaching the stand to the wall, you’ll just have to mount the flat display panel, and you’re done. The best part about the mounter is its ergonomic flexibility, which makes Lenovo Thinkvision so good.

Connecting to the Computer

This is probably the easiest step of the guide. The package will provide you with 4 different choices. You’re supposed to go for the most suitable one for you. Plug the cable from the slots provided behind the monitor and connect it to the PC.

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For the USB input, you can use any USB slot of the PC, but it’s suggested not to go for an external hub when connecting a monitor.

On the other hand, it’s my advice to use the slots behind the CPU when creating the connection to prevent harmful accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Connection Slot Would be the Best?

It totally depends on you. In terms of quality, the HDMI slot, without a doubt, is going to do the best job. However, when you’ve multiple monitors connected to your CPU, you should go for the USB slots, as there’re always a few USB slots.

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What to Do with the Audio Port?

As you know, the monitor comes with built-in speakers, so if you want to connect headphones or speakers to the monitor, you can do that easily. From the settings, you can also turn off the speakers provided within the monitor.

Can I Connect it With a Mac?

Obviously, you can. This is why USB cables are available. In Macs, you usually don’t get a VGA port; at max, you get an HDMI port. So, with the help of USB assistance, you can do it.

Does the Monitor Include a Built Mic too?

Yes, all Lenovo Thinkvisions have a built-in mic. You will be able to attend calls and record without any problem at all.

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Are the Monitors Health Cautious?

Obviously, it is. After all, you are getting the ergonomic flexibility for the right posture. On the other hand, with the amazing eye-care technology, the products have been low-blue-light certified.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how easy it’s to set up a Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor, the job must be really easy for you. You must keep in mind that you have multiple options to create the connection, and you can use it on any operating system.

Be careful when you’re attaching the parts of the flat display panel. So why wait? Go for the correct process of Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor Setup.

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Wish You All the Best!

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