[Fixed] Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor USB Ports Not Working

The Thinkvision series of Lenovo offers some pretty decent laptops in an affordable price range. One of their unique features is that they come with USB ports on the monitor.

This is an amazing feature to have if you’re a streamer and you need multiple displays. But what if you find the Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor USB ports not working?

Among several possible reasons, an outdated or non-configured USB driver or a faulty unit could be one. In such cases, you’ve got to update the driver or troubleshoot the potential reasons.

Since you bought a device with USB ports on the monitor, it must feel like an inconvenience if the ports don’t work. But fret not; we’re here to help!

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Keep on reading to find out why the USB ports might not be working and how you can fix that.

Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor USB Ports Not Working: How to Fix

Connecting USB devices behind your monitor, if they let you do so, can be a great way for you to manage those cluttered cables all over your floor. It’ll save you from the hassle of reaching the back of your CPU all the time.

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You’ll also be able to connect multiple displays for the mighty gamer desk setup.

In some cases, this is a problem for the USB drives in your system to be outdated, so they need to be updated to a newer and latest version you can find. The problem might also occur if your monitor is new and doesn’t have an upstream USB connected.

We’ll talk more in detail about these problems as you keep on reading down the article, but here’s a quick overview.

Reasons For Your Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor USB Ports Not WorkingPossible Fixes to Try
USB drivers being outdatedInstall the latest drivers for your USB connections
Upstream USB not being connectedConnect the Upstream cable
USB drivers not configured properlyConfigure the USB drivers

How to Activate the Non-Functional USB Port on Your Monitor

The USB ports that are featured on many of these monitors tend to be non-functional. This is because your monitor is most likely not connected to your computer with a Male Type A to a Male Type B USB upstream cable.

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If you don’t know what a USB upstream cable is, then you should go through the packaging of your monitor and look for a square-shaped Type B USB upstream cable. Monitors that feature USB ports on them usually come with a USB upstream cable in the box.

Now, get your USB upstream cable ready and follow the steps below for a fully functional set of USB ports on your monitor.

Step: 1

The first step is to shut down your computer completely and then look for a square-shaped USB port for the Type B cable on your monitor.

You can almost always find the cable around the location where you’ve all your HDMI, VGA, DVI, and power cables.

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Step: 2

Now, connect the Type B USB to the USB port of your monitor. You need to then connect the other end of the cable, the Type A end, into a USB port on your computer that’s empty.

You can find these USB ports either on the front or back of the computer and which part of the computer you go with is completely up to you and your sense of aesthetics.

Step: 3

The last step is to go ahead and turn your computer on and check if the USB ports on your monitor are now online.

You can do this by connecting a USB device to your monitor and checking if the computer can detect the device you plugged into your monitor.

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If your PC detects the USB device, then everything is good to go, and you’ve some functioning USB ports on your monitor that you can use.

Note: Some Lenovo Thinkvision monitors might actually come with a USB Type C to USB Type-A cable that goes from your monitor to your computer. Follow the steps above just as they’re, even if it’s a USB Type C instead of a Type B.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Well, what if you followed all the three steps above carefully and made sure you did everything right, but it still didn’t work for you? What next?

Make sure that your USB Type B upstream cable isn’t faulty or damaged in any sort of way. If it is, then you’ve to go out and invest in another one. And don’t worry about the cost; they’re pretty cheap.

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In case you find that your cable is solid but still doesn’t work, you should ensure that the Type B USB port on your monitor is working and doesn’t have dust in it or any sort of damage during the installation.

You’d need to update your USB drivers on your computer if you’ve checked all of these but still have no luck.

How to Update the USB Drivers on Your Computer

Depending on your manufacturer, updating the drivers for your USB ports on your computer can be fairly easy. In this case, Lenovo provides you with all the necessary items you need for your monitor in the box.

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This often includes the drivers for the USB ports on your monitor, which actually comes in a disc that you can just pop in your computer and install.

However, if you don’t have it, you can easily visit the manufacturer’s website for the drivers and download them directly.

Once you’re done, you’ll most likely have a set of fully functioning USB ports on your monitor that you can use for whatever purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my Thinkvision monitor as a secondary display to another laptop?

Yes, you can. Connect the device through the USB port, configure the software, and you’ll find it working if there’s no hardware or any other issue.

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Can I convert the USB port to HDMI?

Yes, get an HDMI converter and connect it with the USB port. Your USB port will now work as an HDMI port.

Are Lenovo Thinkvision laptops worth buying?

It depends on your requirement. We’d say the Thinkvision series is worth buying for overall decent performance in the price range that it comes in.

What to do if the USB ports are working but the monitor is still showing “No Signal Detected”?

In such cases, the issue is with the device you’re trying to connect. It might occur due to an outdated graphics card driver, or a faulty graphics card itself. Try connecting the device with a different monitor to confirm.

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Final Words

Fixing the non-functional USB ports on your computer can be quite easy, depending on your manufacturer. The Lenovo Thinkvision and most other monitors’ USB ports can also be fixed with the same steps.

Most of the time, you’ll find the issue of your Lenovo Thinkvision Monitor USB Ports Not Working related to an outdated USB driver, disconnected upstream USB, or improper USB driver configuration.

We hope this article helped you, and now you have a completely working monitor with some extra connections, so you don’t need those dongles hanging from your computer.

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