[Fixed] Lenovo Yoga Touch Screen Not Working: A Detailed Guide

The Yogas, from Lenovo, act as high-functioning 2-in-1 hybrid computers – opening up the conception of transformable laptops. But like every other technical device, Lenovo Yoga models are not free from glitches. In this case, the Lenovo Yoga touch screen not working is the issue.

Since 2012, Lenovo has furnished 26 models of Yoga – versatile, user-friendly, and affordable. When you detach the screen from the keyboard, the yoga models become a notepad. So, if the touch screen stops working or starts causing problems – the whole idea of detachment seems worthless.

But you can fix the problem by yourself – unless it’s physically damaged or a faulty product. And the steps are useful for every other model of Yoga.

Lenovo Yoga Touch Screen Not Working: Problems and Solutions

Below is a summary of the reasons that may cause problems and what you can do about them:

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Resasons For Lenovo Yoga Touch Screen Not WorkingPossible Fixes to Try
Touch screen not synced with rest of the OSEnabling Safe Mode
HID Touch Screen Driver not optimizedDisable then Re-enabling, or Update then Reinstalling, or Uninstall then Reinstalling a new version
Corrupted Registry KeysRun Diagnostic by Microsoft’s System File Checker
Corrupted Touch Screen Driver fileRun SFC scan
Obsolete driver softwareLatest Update of Windows
Viruses, Malware, Conflicting Software, Screen FreezeWindows built-in Troubleshooter.

The possible reasons discussed above are a few of the basic problems you’re going to face in the Lenovo Yoga Touch Screen. Read on to find detailed solutions.

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Solutions to Fix Lenovo Yoga Touch Screen

Enable Safe Mode

Please follow the below steps in the exact same order as they’re written:

  • Press “Windows Key + R” to bring up the “Run” command box.
  • In the box, type “msconfig” and press “Ok”. “System configuration” – a new window will be opened.
  • In the “System configuration” panel, go to the “boot” tab and select “Safe boot”.  
  • In the “Safe boot” option, you need to select “Network” to enable ‘Safe Mode’.

When you get your Yoga device in this mode, the touch screen will hopefully start working smoothly again.

Fixing Touch Screen Driver

Sometimes disabling and then re-enabling your Yoga device’s HID touch screen driver is enough to fix the problem. Please follow the following instructions:

  • Open the “Run” box (described in the previous process) and write “devmgmt.msc” and press enter.
  • When you select “Human Interface Devices”, you’ll get a drop-down category menu.
  • There you will find the “HID-Compliant Touch Screen” option and right-click that button.
  • After right-clicking, you’ve to choose “Disable” and confirm your choice by pressing “Yes”.
  • Wait for about a minute and then right-click “HID-Compliant Touch Screen” again. This time you need to “Enable”.
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That’s it. It should get the issue sorted.

If the touch screen still doesn’t respond how it should, then you can update and reinstall the driver itself. Please follow the steps carefully:

  • Go to an HID-compliant touch screen (as described earlier).
  • Right click the button and opt for the Update Driver.
  • This prompts a quick succession of boxes asking “Yes” or “No” and selecting “Yes” until the process is finished.

You need to restart your device and check if the problem is solved.

If not, then go through the following steps:

  • From the HID-compliant touch screen button, select “Uninstall device”.
  • You will get an “Uninstall Device” and choose “Uninstall”.
  • You may see two HID-compliant touch screen drivers. You have to uninstall both of them one by one.
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Now your Yoga device has no HID-compliant touch screen driver. To get one, either you can go to support.lenovo.com, or you can use a third-party web tool to install the appropriate driver for your device. After reinstalling, restart the device and check if the problem is solved.

If that’s not the case, then follow the below steps for the final task with the touch screen driver:

  • Go to the HID-compliant touch screen and choose the “Driver” tab.
  • Opt for “Roll Back Driver” and as before, finish the prompts.
  • Restart your Yoga.

This complete overhauling of the touch screen driver should erase the problem.

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Repairing The Registry Keys

In simple English, the database comprises information regarding settings, options, and installed software or hardware, known as registry keys or Windows registries. Your Yoga device may not be working properly if the registry keys of your device get corrupted.

Microsoft’s System File Checker can repair the corrupted registry keys. There are other third-party tools also available and can do the job as well.

SFC Scan

Running an SFC Scan can also solve Yoga models’ touch screen not working issue. Please follow the steps as stated:

  • In the taskbar of the start menu, type “cmd” and press “Run” as administrator to initiate “Command Prompt”
  • Type “SFC /scannow” and run the process.
  • Scanning may take a while and when it’s finished, restart your computer. 
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An SFC scan will replace all the corrupted files, and the touch screen should start working properly.

Latest Update Of the Windows

Your device should run on the latest OS. A bug, from Windows 10, may create touch screen issues. If that’s the case, updating will solve the problem.

Updating Windows is easy.  In the search panel, write “update,” and you will have access to the latest updates.  Windows will suggest it if you are in need of updating.

Use Windows’ Built-in Troubleshooter

Windows usually provide a troubleshooting function to eliminate most of the technical glitches. More often than not, troubleshooting can resolve Yoga models’ touch screens not working issues.

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To use the facility, first go to “Settings”. There, you’ll have to select “Update & Security”. Under the “Update & Security” tab, you will see the “Troubleshoot” option. Launch the program and wait for it to be finished.

Restart your Yoga, and hopefully, the problem won’t be there anymore.

Holding The power Button For 1 Minute

As strange as it may seem, many Yoga users worldwide have talked on various internet forums about this unusual method. And Lenovo even made it official by including it in their official support forums.

So, why not give it a try?

First, shut down your computer. After a few seconds, unplug the power cable. Then just hold the power button for a minute straight. Start off the device again, and your touch screen issue may be gone for good.

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Final Thoughts

We believe by now you understand the complication of the process mentioned above. And you’re ready to try one by one – until the problem of your Lenovo Yoga touch screen not working is solved permanently.

But if those don’t provide successful results, visit the official support system and let them have a look.

Thank you for reading.

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