[Fixed] Limit Ad Tracking Not Turning Off| Easy Fixing!

Why limit ad tracking not turning off on iPhone? The Apple advertising option in your iPhone maybe not allowed so you can’t turn off the limit ad tracking option. But there is a quick and …

Why limit ad tracking not turning off on iPhone? The Apple advertising option in your iPhone maybe not allowed so you can’t turn off the limit ad tracking option. But there is a quick and easy way to fix this.

Wherever you go outside, you will see billboards, various types of ads on the street walls. These ads are no longer limited to billboards and walls. Now you can see different kinds of ads on your favorite mobile phone, computer.

In this article, we have discussed some easy solutions when the limit ad tracking option greys out and does not turn off. Let’s know.

What to Do When Limit Ad Tracking Not Turning Off?

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When you search for something on your Apple device, Apple collects information from this search history. It is used to display your personal information in the App Store, Apple News, etc. But you can quickly turn off ad tracking.

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Let’s see how you can do this.

Step-1: Turn on the settings option on your Apple device’s home screen and tap on the privacy option.

Step-2: Go to the Advertising option at the top of the page and find the “Limit Ad Tracking” option.

Step-3: Turn the “Limit Ad Tracking” switch to the on position. This would turn off advertisements tailored to your preferences based on your use and web browsing habits.

It should be noted that this option does not altogether disable advertisements. You will continue to see advertisements, but they will no longer use your information to target your related interests.

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Turn off Location-Based Ads

For further ad stopping, follow the following steps-

Step-1: Open your iPhone settings. You will find this application on your iPhones home screen. This will also be found in one of your home screen’s “Utilities” folder.

Step-2: Scroll on your phone’s screen and tap on the privacy option.

Step-3: Click on the location option.

Step-4: This alternative essentially disables location-based ad tracking. However, your location-based services (such as maps, geo-tags, etc.) would decrease efficiency.

Step-5: Scroll and tap on the system service.

Step-6: Now, you can turn off location-based ads. Tracking the locations of your advertisements in your apps or other websites will no longer be used.

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Remember, this does not entirely delete advertising but stops them from using their location information.

What is Limit Ad Tracking?

The ads seen on the iPhone are pretty awkward. These ads shown to you are based on the info that Apple servers retrieve, such as your age, location, past query, and much more. Then Google will show you the ads, according to your sensitive information.

All this data is obtained to display relevant advertisements on your iPhone, so it is unnecessary to worry about it. However, these ads seen on the iPhone are pretty awkward are sometimes annoying.

So, we search for some solutions to stop these tracking ads.

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Why limit Ad Tracking Is Important?

When privacy issues are mounted, people who activate the feature will avoid collecting data because they know the data being monitored. Users may also choose deliberately to avoid targeted advertising, making no difference to many when buying decisions.

How to Turn Off limit Ad Tracking on an Android Device?

If you use Google Play on your smartphone, that doesn’t mean you can’t block annoying ads. Here’s how to control android ad tracking.

Step-1: Go to your android phone settings, then scroll down and click on the google account option.

Step-2: Click on the google option to find detailed information.

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Step-3: Now, you will find the ads option on your phone’s screen and disable the opt-out personalization toggle.

Step-4: Click on “Reset ad ID” to enter and remove the “Disable personalized ads” button.

Google and Facebook Ad Tracking

To completely free your device from ads, you need to turn off ads for Google and Facebook. Both tech behemoths have built their empires around data collection and monetization through advertising.

Turn off Google Ad Tracking

If you have a Google Account, you can easily control your information and learn how Google collects your information and advertises.

Below is how to turn off Google ad tracking:

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Step-1: Go to your google account and sign in, then go to manage your Google account.

Step-2: Click on the “data and personalization” option. Then tap on “Go ad settings” and below the “ad personalization” option.

Step-3: Now “ad personalization” option will be activated. Before you turn it off, choose the “Advanced” option.

Step-4: Click on the option next to the “Advanced” setting. If you see the following prompt, click on “Exclude”.

Step-5: Click on the “ad personalization” button. If you see the next window, click on Turn off.

Turn off Facebook Ad Tracking

Sign in to your Facebook account, go to settings, and tap on the ads setting option here. You will find how Facebook shows ads.

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Why can’t I turn off limit ad tracking on my iPhone?

It is happening because your advertising option is not allowed. So, at first, go to the advertising option from settings> screen time > privacy & restrictions>advertising. And allow it from here. And try turning off limit ad tracking now. after turning it off, again uncheck the option for advertising allowance.

How do I stop Facebook ad tracking on my iPhone?

No matter, it’s an iPhone or Android, the process is the same. From Facebook settings, there is an option for off-Facebook activity inside the Facebook privacy option. From there, change the settings, and turn off Facebook ad tracking.

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The Limit ad tracking is a mobile operating system set by Apple that prohibits advertisers from seeing and tracking clients and users with their advertisement device-specific identification,

We hope you have understood all about when limit ad tracking not turning off in your device. If you like this article, share it with your friends, so they get to benefit from it.

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