[Fixed] Logitech c270 not working

When you have to pay out of pocket for a home office or learning equipment for your children, you may want to consider the Logitech C270 HD webcam. What will you do if your Logitech c270 not working in the middle of an urgent meeting? The reason can be malicious software or driver failure. But you can fix it yourself unless the webcam is physically fine.

It’s an excellent and affordable webcam that is also highly classy. But when it malfunctions, it may snatch away your night sleeps.

Don’t worry. We have shown here all the reasons for its malfunctioning and what the solutions are.

Take a deep dive.

Reasons Why Logitech C270 Not Working

At first, take a look at the most common reasons that can stop the Logitech C270 from working well.

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Possible causesEffective solutions
Windows Security BlocksActivate the camera from Windows privacy
Malfunctioning or Obsolete DriversUpdate the Drivers
Conflicts with Other ProgramsRestart the camera ending other programs

Some of the most frequently encountered reasons for your Logitech C270 not working include the following. Continue reading for a step-by-step approach to resolving the issue.

Solve When Windows Security Blocks

Windows Privacy/Security sometimes disables Logitech Webcams. As a result, you may be thinking about how to turn on a Logitech webcam. Press the Windows logo key + I and select the Privacy option from the drop-down menu to activate the webcam.

When you click the camera in the left pane of the mousepad, be sure to set Enable apps to connect your camera to on. If your Logitech camera not working, following this step might resolve the issue.

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Fix for Malfunctioning or Obsolete Drivers

If you find Logitech webcam with mic is not working correctly, you can update your drivers manually or use an automated driver updating tool.

Option 1: Update Driver Manually

To update your drivers, you’ll need some patience, as you’ll have to search for the exact right driver on the internet.

 You can obtain necessary drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website. When you find your Logitech c270 microphone not working, you may search for the model you have. Then download the appropriate driver for your operating system, and then install it step by step.

Or if you are sure that the right driver is installed on your PC, then update it. For this,

  • Go to the Device Manager option from the Windows Start menu by typing device manager on the search box. Or, you can go from the Control panel also.
  • Find & expand the Webcam option
  • Then, right-click on it and select update
  • If that does not work, uninstall the driver and restart or reconnect your Logitech webcam again. It will auto install the exact driver.
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Option 2: Update Automatically

It is the most convenient way, quickest, and most straightforward option. It takes only a few mouse clicks, so even a computer novice can do it. Automatic driver updating is available if you do not have the time or patience to do so manually.

Some software updating programs like Driver Easy can handle this for you.

Fix for Conflicts with Other Programs

To resolve the issue, utilize Task Manager to disable the task. Sometimes you may find Logitech c270 not working with skype, discord, etc., some similar apps. You can open the Task Manager,

press Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time. Find the app that is causing the conflict and click End task. To test, restart your camera.

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How to Install Logitech Webcam

If your Logitech webcam not detected, you can install it manually. With any version of Windows 10, Windows 8, or macOS, it is simple, and it does not take extra software to set up your Logitech webcam. Put your camera to the desired location, connect the camera to a USB port. And test it on Windows Camera or Facetime.

Sometimes, the issues can be operating system specific, especially if your Logitech HD webcam c270 not working windows 10. Let’s know the steps in this particular part:

Step 1: Set up Your Logitech Webcam

With some models, you can screw the webcam base onto a tripod, hook it over your monitor, or fold it into a triangle and set it on a flat surface.

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Step 2: Use a USB Port to Connect the Camera Cable

It’s better to use the front ports, or you can try connecting into the rear ports. It might happen that your USB port is the main culprit.

When Windows detects the webcam, it automatically installs the drivers.

Step 3: Go to the Camera App and Open It

If you cannot find the camera, click the Start Menu or Search Menu that looks like a magnifying glass on the lower left of the screen and type Camera for the search results. The windows search bar will open. Then type “Camera,” and from the search results, click the “Camera” app. Have a look at yourself on the monitor.

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Step 4: Configure the Microphone on Your Camera

Most Logitech webcams feature an integrated microphone so that you do not have to use a separate microphone.

This is how you can fix your issues when Logitech c270 not working windows 10.

Logitech Webcam c270 not Working Windows 7

If you’re running an older version operating system, such as Windows 7 or before that, your PC will not automatically install drivers.

Suppose you discover that your Logitech webcam not working correctly. In that case, you can visit the “Logitech Webcams support site,” select your model from the drop-down menu, click the Download link in the left panel, and then click the “Download Now.” After downloading, double-click the installer to begin the installation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Logitech C270 work on Windows 10?

Yes, it works. You can easily connect the webcam and use it right there.

How do I test my Logitech Webcam C270?

You can click the Start button, navigate to the Settings menu. Then, search for “Control Panel” by typing it into the search bar. Once more, type “Administrative Tools” into the search bar. Then select “Computer Management.” “Device Manager” is located there, so click the “+” icon next to “Imaging Devices.” To view the Logitech c270 webcam information, right-click on your webcam in the list of imaging devices and select “Properties.” This indicates that your webcam is turned on and ready to use.

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Can you use Logitech C270 for zoom?

Definitely, yes. Logitech webcams seamlessly allowing you to customize your workspace and focus on your work. Logitech’s C270 HD Webcam is an entry-level camera. However, it is a high-definition camera with a highly affordable price tag that performs admirably. Furthermore, the video quality is acceptable, and the microphone is exceptionally clear, even when you are far away from the device. As a result, it can be an excellent choice for you to learn from home and participate in video calls using apps such as Zoom.


We’re sure now you know what to do if your Logitech c270 not working at this point. To comply with the above instructions, follow the guidelines. To reduce the likelihood of malicious programs infiltrating your computer, try to download your Logitech webcam drivers from only the Logitech Support website.

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Due to version differences, you may notice minor differences between Logitech c270 not working windows 7 and 10. Would you like to let us know whether the problems mentioned above are of use to you? If you still can’t solve your problem, you can take your webcam to any technician or replace it if the webcam has been aged much.

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