Meshify C Fan Setup- Learn the Basic Guide

Hands-on Meshify C clearly gives you the advantage of superior cooling and a much cleaner CPU interior. But all its supremacy might turn to dust if the cooling system isn’t well installed and well thought …

Hands-on Meshify C clearly gives you the advantage of superior cooling and a much cleaner CPU interior. But all its supremacy might turn to dust if the cooling system isn’t well installed and well thought out.

Options like 120mm, 140mm fans, how many of them to use, and how to do the Meshify C fan setup perhaps create great confusion down the line. Then the question about dust piling into the case and which fan might support the water cooling system best can additionally take your sleep away.

Follow us to know every up and down from fan selection to installation for your best cooling performance.

Meshify C Fan Setup Step by Step

To get the best performance from Meshify C fan, you should install some basic components to match the required cooling capacity while maintaining their positioning.

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The setup has two fans pre-installed Dynamic fan X2 GP-12 120 mm. It can supply unrivaled airflow with the least noise. The fresh designs consist of an angular mesh front panel that amplifies the air intake.

From the front intake, the layer on the inside makes a resistance-free airflow path to the rear side.

The fractal design Meshify C Fan Setup has been oriented in a way where the full PSU coverage along with the entire area is flexible so that the filters can be easily cleaned. It’d also have fitting front access.


It has 7 expansion slots and 7 total fan mounts in the installation. The front part occupies 2x USB 3.0, audio I/O, power button with the reset button, and the front fan occupies 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm.

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The top fan encompasses a 2x 120/140 mm top fan, and the rear fan has 1x 120 mm along with the Meshify C bottom fan install, which contains 1x 120 mm.

It also has cable routing grommets and Fixed Velcro straps, along with having a left-side panel and right-side panel made of steel. On both sides of the panels, it has Captive thumbscrews with SSD brackets.


Firstly, the motherboard is compatible with ATX, MATX, ITX, where the power supply type comes from ATX. Then comes the front radiator, which has 120/240/360 mm, 140/280 mm, and the top radiator has 120/240 mm.

The maximum PSU, GPU, and CPU lengths are 175 mm, 315mm, with the front fan mounted and 170mm, respectively. With a maximum width of 125mm, the rear radiator has 120mm, and the cable routing space has 15-25mm.

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The case dimensions consist of length, weight, and height,395 x 212 x 440 mm. If you take them in feet, protrusions, screws, you’ll get 413 x 217 x 453 mm.

Package dimensions are542 x 298 x 493 mm, where the package weight is 7.52 kg.


The fractal design of this is solid, authentic, and has many types as well. Generally, there’re four types: Meshify C, Meshify C Dark Tempered Glass, Meshify C Tempered Glass, Meshify C Mini Dark Tempered Glass which are notable.


Following up to 35 mm of space behind the motherboard plate, you have the option to cover up to5 storage devices. You can also cover up an adaptable and removable drive cage behind the motherboard.

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Being the best setup, the operation would be with solid steel drive trays with vibration-dampening rubber grommets cushion hard drives. It also has the capacity for three dedicated SSD mounting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many fans do you need for Meshify C?

It generally comes with a 120mm fan which has 1 outtake and 1 intake for its work.In the Meshify C Mini fan setup, two fans are needed for maximum airflow.

Should I add fans to Meshify C?

You don’t need to add more fans than the stock, but you can do it if you want to. If you think it’ll be beneficial, it depends on the hardware you’re using, but it won’t break the bank either way.

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Does Meshify C have a fan hub?

It has a fan hub, but you don’t necessarily need to own one. Connecting it with a fan hub is an option you can have only if you want.

The compact footprint with the high-end component support is shown to be astounding, along with its efficiency. It removes the heat with its seven fan mounts and multi-radiator, which perfectly matches the adequate capacity.

Can you fit 140mm fans in Meshify C?

You can fit 2 x 140mm or 3 x 120mm in the front for the best setup. But for fitting 140mm, you need to cut the 120mm mounts out,or else they can block airflow. If you don’t want to cut them out, you can use 3x 120mm front intakes and 1x bottom intake.

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Note: Your hardware makes a lot of difference when you are setting the fans. So, depending on the hardware, you can fit the fans.


So, are you still wary of meshify c fan setup or learned all the basics you needed to know? We believe you’ve grabbed all the information you required.

One thing to remember is just that be accurate on the numbers of dimensions, or you might mess up pretty bad at the end. Good luck.

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