Modular Vs Non Modular PSU- What Is for You & Why?

Modular vs nonmodular PSU, which one is more efficient? In a word, modular PSUis more efficient because of its flexible cable management to the temperature control system. But there is some twist also. A PSU …

Modular vs nonmodular PSU, which one is more efficient? In a word, modular PSUis more efficient because of its flexible cable management to the temperature control system. But there is some twist also.

A PSU supplies the full juice that is needed for your system. So, there are some factors that you need to check before buying a PSU. Modular and nonmodular selection is one of them.

So, in this article, we will present a complete comparison of the 2 types of PSU. Stay with us and help yourself.

Modular Vs Non Modular PSU: Quick Table & Features Comparison

AttributesFully modularNonmodular
SizeSmall in sizeAverage in size
AirflowComparatively insufficient airflow[1] Good airflow
Cable managementDepends on the user[2] No need for cable management
PerformanceAverage performanceOptimum performance
CostLow in costHigh in cost

We hope that you got an idea of the basic factors. The distinctive differences you will see whole compared are the sizes, cable management systems, performance differences, and cost features. So, let go.

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Basic Differences Modular Vs Non Modular

Basic differences include the size and basic durability comparison. First, let’s get an idea of a modular and nonmodular power supply.

PSUs are of 3 types: fully modular, semi-modular, and nonmodular. They are generally based on their performance, price, size, and cable management. We will discuss the basic features in this section.

If we take into consideration of the non-modular PSU, it comes like its name- no module. The cables of a modular psu come attached, and you can’t change them. On the flip side, the cables come separately with a modular PSU.

Besides, modular PSU can be of 2 types- Semi-modular PSU and fully modular PSU. You can guess the look by the name, of course.

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The fully modular PSU lets you complete access inside the PSU. And in the case of the semi-modular PSU, it comes with half of the cables connected.

Better Cable Management in Modular or Non modular PSU

Cable management is a crucial attribute to care about before buying a PSU. Cable management can also affect the performance and temperature issues of a PSU. Fully modular PSUs have the best cable management, and nonmodular PSUs have no cable management system at all. Let’s discuss more.

Modular PSU has a great cable management system. There are PCI-Express pins and PCI pins on a PSU. Your need to maintain them. Modular PSUs have dedicated circuit boards to manage the cables inside them. This leaves the extra hassle if you want to replace or modify your system.

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Nonmodular PSUs have the fuss in cable managing. Cable management is hardly up to the mark of non-modular PSUs. Though the price of nonmodular PSUs is nothing compared to that of modular PSUs, cable management can be a pain on the back.

Performance Difference

There is a huge performance difference between modular and nonmodular PSUs. You can easily see them through benchmarks. Or you can also check for yourself.

We told you that if you get a 750w 80 plus silver PSU, you can run almost any average build. Here 80 means that the PSU will give 80% of the input as output. That’s a lot for a start. The key behind this optimum performance management is its cable management and power output.

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As said, the less the heat, the best the performance. Heat increases when a system overperforms. So, if your PSU over-performs, you won’t have to worry about performance drop because the airflow system of the modular PSU is enough for the highest amount of temperature spike.

The performance of nonmodular is good according to its price. But, if you are looking for a PSU for your heavy build, nonmodular is a huge no. Nonmodular is mainly dedicated to office and regular environments because they are mainly based on the fact of cost-cutting.

Also, the performance differences are not that as semi-modular or fully modular PSUs. The good factor of nonmodular PSUs is that they are small in size and good for casual uses. But if you are planning on a power build, a nonmodular PSU will be a bad choice.

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More Ease of Use Modular or Non Modular

Modular PSUs have great user accessibility. We told you that there are no hassles in the case of fully modular PSUs. You can install them as easily as any other hardware. Just connect the pins dedicated for dedicated software, and you are good to go. Here, no need to worry about the cable systems and fans.

Nonmodular PSUs require a lot of hassle. You will have to first place the PSU in a suitable place. Then you will have to connect all the pins manually. After that, you will have to manage the cables and put them together. That’s a lot of hassle for the hardware.

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The biggest drawback of a nonmodular PSU is that you can’t easily replace the PSU. As there are a lot of cables, you will have to unplug them manually, which is a great hassle for regular systems. Also, nonmodular PSUs spike their temperature very often. This happens due to excessive cables surrounding the PSUs.

Price Point of Non Modular & Modular PSU

The cost of being fully modular is a bit high. If you have extra money lying around, you can go for a fully modular one. It is always advised to get a fully modular PSU because they will give you optimum performance and great accessibility. The only drawbacks are the size and price. But they can be easily overcome.

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Nonmodular may win this section because they are very cost-friendly. But not cost-efficient. If you need a PSU for your custom build, then it’s good for the go. Other than that, it’s not that good enough for heavy builds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I get a modular or non modular PSU?

If you have a heavy build, go for a fully modular PSU. If you are looking for a budget and custom build, go for a nonmodular PSU.

Is it bad to have a non modular power supply?

It’s not completely bad. But there are some disadvantages of a nonmodular PSU, and that is you can’t manage the cable as you prefer.

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What does a non modular PSU look like?

The non modular PSU looks like a power box with a lot of cables manageably attached to the power supply.

What Should You Pick?

We hope that we gave a clear comparison of modular vs nonmodular PSU. A fully modular PSU is best if your system needs high juice, and on the contrary, nonmodular PSUs are great for a low-end custom build. But fully modular is always suggested. The choice is completely up to you.

We presented everything we had in our basket. But sometimes, we rarely miss some facts. You can help us by letting us know about them. Just drop your opinions on the form below, and we will surely consider. And also, thanks for your time.

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