Why My 144Hz Monitor Is Only Showing 60Hz?

Damn! I missed the enemy. What is the reason I am struggling with this 144hz monitor for no reason? Are you facing this same frustration every day while playing your favorite video game?

The reason why my 144hz monitor is only showing 60hz was for overclocking the GPU. But some other causes may cause this too!

This is a basic setting you have to fix from your computer. You may need to change some normal settings, sort out the hardware or disable the highest refresh rate of the monitor. The best thing about this change is it requires some simple fixing solutions.

If you are still stuck in this problem, then let us guide you through this how-to-fix guide. It is pretty easy and fast to do.

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For a gamer, a 144hz monitor is a blessing because it provides a crystal clear picture of every single detail in a game. Even you are not a gamer, it is enjoyable to watch any movie on a high-resolution monitor.

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So how do find out the problem and fix it instantly?

Checking the Monitor’s Refresh Rate from Settings

The first thing you have to do is to check the refreshing rate. Because the maximum time it comes in default settings is 60hZ.

To change the settings, you have to:

  • Click the settings, then go to the System tab
  • Then jump to the advanced display settings
  • Check the refresh rate. If it is 60hz then you need to change it to 144hz.
  • You have to go to the display adapter properties menu then to the monitor tab.
  • After that, you have to click the monitor tab
  • Now click the dropdown menu and change the Hz settings. You are done.
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Using the Proper HDMI Cable

If you are a general user, then obviously, you are using the wrong cable. If you use an old version of HDMI cable, your monitor will not run at 144hz as it doesn’t support such high resolution.

You need to use HDMI 2.0 cable to let your monitor run at 144hz.

Why My 144hz Monitor is Only Showing 60hz ? Reasons with Fixes

Sometimes it happens due to hardware incompatibility that you have the 144hz refresh rate monitor, but it only shows 60hz. Let’s see the reasons with fixes.

Old Version Graphic Cards

This option is a rare case but not avoidable. If your monitor comes with an outdated graphics card, then it will be hard to enjoy 144hz in the monitor.

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This happens only when you don’t bother to update your old computer drivers or haven’t used your computer for a long time.

Try to use updated software and drivers on your computer. Make sure to run the computer for at least one hour a day. This will keep the computer parts working.

Not Using the Right Monitor

Sometimes you may get deceived by getting the wrong monitor that doesn’t support running at 144hz, thanks to the dishonest seller. 

You can check the specification by searching the monitor model through the internet or checking it manually from the settings.

Cables in Wrong Port

Though it is a silly mistake, we tend to commit this mistake. If the settings mentioned above are not working, you have to check whether the cables are plugged in the right port. If you did it, then laugh it out, my friend.

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Not Having Quality Monitor Cable

If you opt up for a cheap cable, then you will face this problem for sure. Aside from this problem, you will end up with a blinking monitor.

Try to use a high-quality cable that is exactly used for your monitor to get a smooth running monitor.

Overclocking Issue

Sometimes, when you overclock the GPU, the monitor settings get changed. Similarly, the monitor refresh rate can also be the victim here.

So, after overclocking the GPU, go to the display settings and check the monitor refresh rate if it has been set to the by default 60hz rate or not.

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If yes, then change it from the display monitor advances settings option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my monitor not running at 144hz?

There are many reasons that your monitor may not run at 144hz. Maybe the monitor is not playing 144 FPS for the outdated graphic cards. Or you are using the wrong cable in your monitor. Or the lowest frequency with default settings.

Does my graphics card support 144hz?

Nowadays, maximum graphic cards AMD or Nvidia supports 144hz. Use the proper cable. Monitor resolution and refresh rate will help to run the monitor at 144hz.

How do I enable ASUS 144hz?

To enable the 144hz in your ASUS monitor, you have to work with some settings. First, you have to select the screen resolution by right click on your desktop. Then click on the advanced settings to get the monitor tab. Select it and then click on-screen refresh rate. You have enabled ASUS 144hz.

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We think you have found the solution to the question of why my 144hz monitor is only showing 60hz

This is a very common issue that a computer user faces often. Luckily by fixing some easy settings, you can run the monitor at 144hz. 

So what are you waiting for? Look for the problem and fix it to enjoy your game or movie time in high resolution.

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