Non Modular Power Supply Cable Management with 3 Simple Ways

While using a non modular power supply, cable management can be an important issue. If you are struggling with older PCs’ non modular power supply cable management, then we offer you the best solutions in this article.

You can manage the non modular power supply cables using a cable management kit like the braided sleeve or can keep the cables in one place using cable zip ties.

The non-modular power supply box comes with a bunch of cables coming out. This can cause such a mess if you are unaware of the proper management of these cables. But if you are to find it here, then you have just found the right content.

Non Modular Power Supply Cable Management-3 Easy Ways

In this part, we will discuss 3 simple ways of PC power supply cable management. We suggest you not to miss a part, or you may leave with misconceptions.

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Let’s explore.

1. By Braided or Cable Sleeving

This process basically tells you how to hide power supply cables. To do so, you will need to collect a cable sleeve which is also known as the Braided sleeve. You can try the Alex Tech 10ft Cable Sleeve that people find handy.

Now, follow the simple steps stated below,

  • Cover your non-modular PSU cables into the sleeve.
  • Use cable ties to tie up the two ends nice and tight.
  • Keep the Molex connector apart as they do not contain too many wires (keeping it apart will allow you connection flexibilities).
  • Place the bundled cables away from your CPU cooling fan, as closer to the back part as possible.
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If you feel like the cable is in the wrong way up, then go for the next solution we have for you.

2. Using Cable Tie Bases

The cable tie mounts or bases are another effective pc cable management kit. It helps you fix the cable tie on any surface and prevent the tied cables from blocking or moving unnecessarily inside the CPU casing.  

Oh, you can use the HMROPE Cable Zip Ties to keep your PSU cable set in place.

To apply it,

  • Stick it or use a screw to attach it to the desired surface. The screwing option is provided as the stickiness doesn’t last very long.
  • Put the cable tie inside the slot, passing through any one end to another.
  • Take the cables that you have already bundles (or not) closer to the tie mount.
  • Then tie it up as usual.
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3. Splitting Up the Ribbon Cables

This one is the most cost-effective way if you are on a super budget and not interested in spending a penny over the pc cable management kit.

You might panic reading the headline, but it is not really a big deal. All you will need to do is,

  • Split the cables into required pieces per your ease (lengthwise).
  • Connect them to the closest ports resembling the length.
  • If the length is needed to increase, connect up the cables with each other and then reach the desired port.

However, you can also use the PSU cable kit for your PC build that comes already sleeved like the Antec Sleeved Power Supply Cable that looks rigid inside and keep your cables set aside.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cut non modular PSU cables?

It could be, but at own risk. If you are particularly professional with the job, power off, cut the cables, and re-solder it. These cables will be safe until they are not coming in touch with each other or any other parts of the PC.

Is a non modular PSU OK?

The non-modular power supply could be a good option for gamers and other pC users. It makes a comparatively lower space consumption within the casing, although the cables might bother. So if your casing allows, we suggest you go for a non-modular power supply system.

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Are all modular PSU cables the same?

The answer is a “Partial Yes”. That is because, although all the PSU modular cables can share the same connectors, the wiring configurations may still differ. So the connections on the PSU can vary with the modular you’re using.

How can I manage my cable with a non modular power supply?

You can simply manage them using the cable management kits like the cable sleeve, cable tie bases or by splitting up and adjusting the ribbon cables. You will also find several cable management options online. Use as per your ease.

Final Words

Have you gone through all the non modular power supply cable management options? Then this is where to decide the one you want to apply for your PSU cable management.

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Now, you can clearly see that none of the above solutions is complex to apply and widely available in the market. It won’t even cost you much to purchase.

If the splitting up seems confusing, you can contact a nearby service centre. There are available resources online where you can confirm the methods or visualize the process.

So, get started with your preferred solution and organize your PSU casing as per the tour test.

Keep it hassle-free because that will not only allow you to get a long-lasting benefit but also provide flexibility to rearrange the casing any time you want.

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