[Fixed] NZXT H510 Power Button Not Working? – Major Reasons and Tips to Fix

Does your NZXT H510 Power Button Not Working? Though you will find two significant issues for not working the power button, it can happen for other reasons too. First, many users report that when they press the power button, it starts flickering but does not work. Second, the connection issue.

It’s very disappointing when you have urgent work on your PC, but your desktop PC NZXT h510 power button does not respond. If the power button of the Mid-tower case stops responding, it’s tough to reach your PC at all.

But you can fix this if there is not any major issue. So, let’s clarify the causes and make you know how to fix them properly.

Possible Solutions For NZXT H510 Power Button Not Working With Causes

If you face such a problem that your mid-tower NZXT H510 power button is not working, it can make you upset naturally. But do not be so tensed about this.

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You can solve this problem if you follow some simple ways to fix it. Suppose the reason for this problem is unknown to you; it is necessary to identify the causes first to go for the proper solution.

As most people deal with this issue, there can be a connection problem or any switch problem with the power button of NZXT H510.

Specify The Wrong PSU

If the connection goes wrong with the PSU, the power button may not work correctly, resulting in no power to the PC.

Even you can find that the NZXT H510 power button LED not working because of the PSU.

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However, you can fix the NZXT h510 power supply connection by labeling the wires in the right place.

Try to hear if the power supply fan is working or not. If it is not working no doubt you power supply needs replacement.

Fix For The Connection Problem With The PSU

If you find that replacing the front panel with the NZXT H510 power button connector properly, the NZXT H510 power button is still not working, then it must be a problem with the connection.

For connecting PSU cables:

  1. First, take the power supply cable and attach it to the Motherboard.
  2. Then connect the motherboard PCI cable to the video card. If your video card does not need any power supply to run, you need not follow this step.
  3. After that, connect the disk devices like HDD or SSD, respectively.
  4. Attach the SATA slot with the drivers.
  5. Then connect USB headers, LED indicator header cables one by one.
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Bad Power Button

Sometimes you may face that the power button goes wrong, which causes it not to work.

Nevertheless, you need to replace the power button with a new one in this case.

But if your NZXT H510 power button works slowly or hardly, you can take the following necessities.

Replacement of Front Panel Connector

If you find the front panel power button not working and it is the usb3 type A cable, you need to replace the header cables in the circuit board.

For Replacing the front panel connector:

  1. Try to place the header cable on the circuit board
  2. Use the breaker cables to connect them
  3. You can use the expansion card also which have the positive and negative sign with its header.
  4. If your power button does not possess any positive sign, attach the negative sign header to the power LED.
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Solve When Power Button Flickering Continuously

Sometimes you may see that NZXT H510 power button flashing continuously when you press the button. But ultimately, it does not work.

Whatever your NZXT H510 power button color is, if it does not work, you must be upset about that. However, when a hard drive is active, this problem can arise.

To fix flickering power button:

  1. Use the F panel motherboard cable.
  2. Unplug the Hard Disk Drive with the negative connectors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to turn on the NZXT H510 computer?

To turn on the NZXT H510 computer, first, attach the power supply cable. After that, you should press the power button. Then you will be able to see the lights or fans that will appear before the output section in the monitor. But it can also happen that the PC power button sometimes not working

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Is it possible to turn on the computer without a power button?

If the NZXT H510 power button goes worst, you can use a screwdriver to turn on your computer. Place the screwdriver at the position on the power button label and press firmly.

Does the NZXT H510 possess fans?

Yes, the NZXT has rifle fans in the size of 120 mm. if you want, you can also buy an extra fan for your NZXT H510. In that case, you should choose the fluid fans which have static pressure.

Final Verdict

Perhaps you got the solution for your NZXT H510 power button not working problem. Unfortunately, as many users face this problem with their NZXT H510, it’s a prevalent issue for most of all.

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Though it is not a significant issue, you can solve this problem by following some simple steps shown above. But if you are unable to fix them by yourself, then contact an expert.

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