PC3 Vs PC3L- A Complete Ram Guide Plus Video Comparison!

Are you looking for the best Memory RAM to keep your computer trouble-free? Then, maybe you are in a dilemma about which one you should choose on PC3 vs PC3L. Well, as you may know, …

Are you looking for the best Memory RAM to keep your computer trouble-free? Then, maybe you are in a dilemma about which one you should choose on PC3 vs PC3L.

Well, as you may know, RAM is one of the crucial components of your device. So, without having the best RAM type, you can’t upgrade the performance of your device.

So, considering this fact, which type do you think is better for the device system, PC3 or PC3L?

In terms of upgrading the performance of your personal computer and laptop with high voltage, the PC3 RAM is a great choice for you. But, if you want to upgrade the performance of your laptop, mobile, and other embedded devices with low voltage, you should go for PC3L RAM.

However, for your easy understanding, in this article, we will show you the basic but critical differences between these PC3 and PC3L RAMs.

A Quick Comparison on PC3 Vs PC3L Memory RAMs

RAM TypesDouble Data Rate RAM Type-3Double Data Rate RAM Type-3 with low voltage
Voltage Specifications1.5 V1.35V
Heat generating capacityGenerates high heatGenerates low heat
Power consumptionConsumes high powerConsumes low power
Speed of the RAMSolid and faster performanceFaster and steadier performance

Voltage Specification Differences Between PC3 and PC3L RAM

PC3 is a type of DRAM memory module that is usually referred to as DDR3 which meansDouble Data Rate RAM Type 3. This type 3 RAM can replace DDR type 1 and DDR2 type 2 RAM.

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On the other hand, PC3L RAM is also a type 3 DRAM memory module but this type is a little bit different from the PC3 RAM. It is basically a special type of RAM of DDR3 that comes with low voltage specifications.

PC3 RAM comes with a high level of energy consumption where the voltage specification of this memory module is 1.5 V. So while running 1.5V operations, you will require PC3 RAM.

Yet, in the case of PC3L RAM, the standard voltage RAM is 1.35 V. Here, the L from PC3L refers to low voltage. So, in terms of low voltage operation, you will require 1.35V PC3L low memory support.

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Compatibility Comparison of PC3L Vs PC3 Memory Module

In general, it is always recommended to not mix Memory RAM of different voltage levels. This is becausemixing of different voltage specified RAM might work, but it can create several compatibility issues.

As you know PC3 memory module operates at 1.5 V whereas PC3L at 1.35V, therefore, typically, these two RAMs aren’t compatible with each other in most cases.

Although you can fit the 1.35 V PC3L module in the PC3 slot, if you do so, it will damage your device as it can’t load the high voltage. Due to this overvoltage, there will be overheating which leads to the CPU IMC damage.

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For example, some people think that as 1Rx8 and 2Rx8 memory rank modules are compatible with each other, they want to mix 1Rx8 PC3L 12800S RAM with 2Rx8 PC3 12800S RAM as well.

But here the thing is, you can mix the single rank and dual rank modules with each other, however, the problem will happen while you are going to fit the PC3L RAM in the PC3 RAM module.

As we said before, they aren’t compatible, so if you put the PC3L RAM in your laptop instead of putting PC3, it may harm your device or maybe it works fine, but your device system won’t boot.

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However, the case will be different, if your computer devices come with the upgraded PC3L dual voltage RAM module like Timetec 8GB PC3-12800 / PC3L-12800 2Rx8 Dual Rank Module RAM. It can operate the system at both 1.35 V and 1.5V power levels. Therefore, operating the system at different voltage levels will be possible.

And also, in reverse, if you want to use a PC3 memory module in the PC3L RAM module slot, it will not provide the required sufficient voltage to operate. This is because the PC3 is a single-voltage chip module that supplies only 1.5 V power. As a result, it will fail to operate and finally will cause your device system to fail.

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Both Memory RAMs Have Usage Dissimilarity

Usually, PC3 or DDR3 RAM module is used on most of the computer, laptop, and desktop devices, servers, etc. To boost their system and upgrade the operating performance, PC3 RAM is the best option.

The older Intel processors or up to the Intel 3rd Generation require this regular PC3 memory module. Moreover, these SO-DIMM PC modules are available at different frequencies including 800 MHz, 1066 MHz, 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1866 MHz, and 2133 MHz and they have a chip’s capacity of up to 8 GB.

Besides, the PC3 modules have 240 pins in the personal computer yet, it is 204 pins in SO-DIMM PC modules and its length is smaller than 67.6 mm.

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On the other hand, PC3L RAM is used in most laptops, mobile devices, as well as other embedded devices instead of being usedon PC. However, as it’s a special type of PC3 therefore, its frequencies, memory module density, and protocols are quite similar to PC3 RAM. 

Yet, its length is 67.5 mm and has 204 pins. Besides, newer Intel processors- Intel 4th (Haswell) and 5th(Broadwell) generation, Skylake Processors, higher processors, and AMD FX series use this PC3L RAM module.

Power Consumption Differences of Both RAM

As PC3 RAM possesses higher voltage than PC3L RAM, thus, it consumes more power compared to PC3L RAM. However, if you compare the power consumption of PC3 or DDR3 with DDR as well as DDR2, you will find that the energy consumption of PC3 is less than the other two types.

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However, in the case of PC3L, as it has a lower voltage of about 1.35 V, it consumes less energy than the PC3 RAM module.

And, it has been reported that the PC3L is a more power-efficient RAM that saves 25% more power due to its lower power requirement. Thus, it helps to prolong the battery life of your device by saving this energy.

Heat Generation Consideration of PC3L RAM Vs PC3

The higher voltage power of PC3 RAM generates high heat than PC3L RAM. Although by doing so, it offers solid as well as faster operating performances. However, there is a chance of overheating your device system.

In contrast, the PC3L RAM module generates less heat as it uses less voltage power. With this excellent heat dissipation capacity, it ensures that the chip memory module will operate consistently at a much cooler temperature without causing any problems. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of overheating.

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Price Point Comparison

When it comes to considering the improvement in operating system performance, remember that it will cost you more. Therefore, based on the fact, it reveals that the price of PC3L RAM will be much higher than PC3 RAM.

The reason is the PC3L RAM features an upgraded dual voltage memory module that can support two different voltage power supplies of 1.35 V and 1.5 V respectively at the same time. Besides, it has pincompatibility with the PC3 RAM module.

Whereas, with the single-voltage chip memory, PC3 RAM doesn’t have the pin-compatibility with the PC3L memory slot.

So, considering the PC3L upgraded improvement features, it appears that the PC3L RAM is an expensive RAM module than PC3. However, you will find that the cost of PC3 RAM is very much affordable.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is PC3L better than PC3 RAM?

The PC3L is a developed RAM module that is intended for Intel 4th generation processors. The power efficiency of this RAM is higher than PC3 and has an incredible heat dissipating capacity as well.

Besides, it is also compatible with PC3 due to having a dual-voltage power supply capacity whereas the PC3 is not compatible with PC3L.

So, to sum up, the PC3L is far better than PC3 RAM.

What is the basic difference between PC3 and PC3L?

The basic difference between PC3 and PC3L RAM is their voltage level. The PC3 RAM Module operates at 1.5 V power and the PC3L RAM Memory Module operates at 1.35 V power level.

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Can you use PC3 RAM in a PC3L RAM Module?

No, you can’t use PC3 RAM in a PC3L RAM module. The reason is as it’s a single-voltage RAM that operates only 1.5 V voltage power thus its pin is not compatible with PC3L.

Final Thoughts

To elucidate the comparison on PC3 vs PC3L, it is important to know their voltage specification. The reason is by now, you must have realized that their main difference depends on this power level.

The PC3 has a voltage level of 1.5 V while the PC3L has a lower voltage level of 1.35V. And, based on their power supply, the compatibility of the two RAMs also depends.

However, in this article, we have tried to explain to you the differences between them by highlighting their basic differential issues. Hopefully, now you have got a better idea about them that will help you to choose the best quality RAM for your devices.

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