Ultimate Power Supply Tier List 2022 to Pick Your Suitable PSU

If you are losing sleep to pick the perfect Power Supply Unit for your PC, then this article is for you. We have compiled a Power Supply Tier List judging the pros and cons of …

If you are losing sleep to pick the perfect Power Supply Unit for your PC, then this article is for you. We have compiled a Power Supply Tier List judging the pros and cons of each unit available in the stores now.

Compatibility is significantly important for choosing a Power Supply Unit to complete the assembling of our computers. The best in the list or the one recommended by everyone may not be the perfect fit for your system.

The Power Supply Unit is the part that nobody notices when the computer performs optimally. But the wrong one assembled can damage the other sophisticated and expensive components that we pick with care.

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So stay with us and get your pick of the lot.

What Is a Power Supply Tier List?

Power Supply Units or commonly referred to as PSUs get their ratings after a thorough evaluation of some performance determinants. The important deciding factors include building components, stability under fluctuations in power supply, efficient consumption, keeping the fragile components safe, etc. These justifications decide where a PSU unit will land.

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When the hardware engineers finish judging different tier units considering different factors, a PSU Ranking or Power Supply Ratings List is compiled.

The place of a PSU unit can be revealed in two ways –

  1. Tier List
  2. Metallic Standards

PSUs are placed in different tiers as per their performance evaluation. So, a Tier 1 PSU will perform better than a unit placed in PSU Tier 3.

Another way of PSU comparison is assigning a metal to each product. In this method, hardware engineers examine, audit, and sample each product with extreme care.

Then the result is awarded to each unit by attaching the name of valuable metal – like titanium, platinum, gold, silver, or bronze. And the most valuable one, like the titanium, stands on top in the pecking order.

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Check Out The PSU Tier List 2022

After our own deliberate research and performance evaluation, we have also created a PSU tier list for you. And to make the choosing process easy, we will list the products using tiers. As we have mentioned earlier, tier 1 will represent the best of the lot.

Now let’s get straight to PSU Tiers to find the right one for you.

Tier 1: Recommended for High-End Performance Support

Tier 1 products are recommended for high-end assembling. If your system is a hungry powerhouse and built with sophisticated components to complete critical reasoning, you should opt for Tier 1 products.

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While choosing, you shouldn’t be thinking about the budget. Because the large sum you are going to spend on them will be rewarded through reliable and outstanding performances for a long period of time.

Tier 1 products are premium, built with precision engineering, and have Platinum, Gold-certified 80 plus ratings. They are expensive and for serious users who won’t settle for something less suitable.

Tier 2: Recommended for Budget Picks

Tier 2 is the comfortable middle ground – in terms of quality and price. You will get dependable products, yet you don’t have to break the banks.

But a cheaper price tag doesn’t compromise the quality. They may not be the dazzling stars, but they keep functioning non-stop and take good care of your components. And they won’t be fried that easily either.

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Below is the list of Tier 2 PSUs

Tier 3: Recommended for General User Purpose

Tier 3 products are suitable options for generic, everyday use. These units run smoothly with reliable functionality. Maybe not suitable for hungry powerhouses or some serious gamers, but they offer quality nonetheless.

Have a look at the list for Tier 3 products:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is PSU tier list reliable?

If you surf long enough in the internet forums, you may start believing that Tier lists are useless. The truth is some tier lists are made purely with the intention for affiliate marketing. Little or virtually no research has been put forward for making a worthwhile list. At the same time, some people do research and suggest accurately about the selection process.
So, finally, it completely depends on from whom you are taking the advice.

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Do I need a Platinum PSU?

A Platinum PSU comes with a lot of goodies. The higher quality components produce little to no noise and are better at regulating voltage fluctuation. If you are a Blockchain miner or a serious, competition gamer, you will be better off having a Platinum grade PSU.
Other than that, it can be an overkilling.

Which is better: Titanium or Platinum PSU?

Titanium PSU should be better since it bears more weight and stands above Platinum in the ranking. But both types are high-quality products and are built with precision engineering. To get a Platinum rating, the product has to score maximally in every performance metric. In that sense, Titanium PSUs are better.

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Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope the power supply tier List we have provided will help you select your ideal option. Please remember, by no means it’s a conclusive or definitive list of products.

With the drastic change happening in the technological world, today’s latest upgrade will become tomorrow’s obsolete version. So the product that is the best available option today, may not remain the same tomorrow.

Still, we tried our best and did extensive research on compatibility, quality, pricing, and availability. We can only hope that our effort will be fruitful and with our suggestions, you will be able to pick your best one.

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