QL120 Vs LL120: Win Over The Corsair Rivalry

What is the difference between Corsair QL120 and LL120 fans? Though the QL series costs higher, people like to go for an LL120mm fan because of the vibrant color and airflow. However, you should check …

What is the difference between Corsair QL120 and LL120 fans? Though the QL series costs higher, people like to go for an LL120mm fan because of the vibrant color and airflow.

However, you should check out some other considerations before making up your mind for one. And today’s battle will be to win over these controversies of QL120 vs LL120.

So, let’s dive into the Corsair fan battlefield.

Comparison Table for QL120 Vs LL120

Fan Blade DesignSemi-transparent for an aesthetic lookSuper vibrant color with the Nod Pro technology
Maximum Air Flow41.8 CFM43.25 CFM
Dimension (Hx Wx D)4.72”, 4.72”, 0.98”4.72”, 4.72”, 0.98”
Noise Level26 dB24.8 dB
LED Count3416
PriceCheck Prize on AmazonCheck Prize on Amazon

You must’ve seen both have the same dimension and RPM and comparable airflow and sound levels from the comparison table. To know more on QL120 or LL120, let’s take a more in-depth look and see their differences —

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Our Recommended Pick: Corsair LL120- Vibrant Color with Maximum Performance Speed

Why Choose LL120: The Reasons that Will Force You to Get It

The predecessor of Corsair’s LL series, LL120, is a similarly decent cooling fan that has all the basics covered. It has the same average RPM of QL120 at 1500 RPM but a slightly higher max airflow at 43.25 CFM.

As the LL series is a predecessor of QL, you might think they’re the older, outdated version. But LL120 is preferred by a lot of people. Here are the main reasons why you might choose it.

Vibrant & Pro LED Technology

Its LEDs are slightly dimmer compared to QL120 but are similarly bright when paired with a white computer casing in a dark environment. Light customization options are also slightly lower, but they’re good enough for the average user.

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However, the best part is that the Corsair Nord Pro LED makes installing the fan into the hub and running without fuss.

Low Noise to Keep Your Eardrums Safe

LL120 is one of the quietest cooling fans out there, making just 24.8 dB of sound at max RPM. It never fails to provide great airflow and cooling, even at this low sound level.

Raw Performance With Minimal Aesthetics

A lot of PC users aren’t a fan of RGB. They just want their hardware products to be good at their job. If you fall into this demographic, LL120 is perfect for you.

On paper, the fan has higher airflow and better RPM control compared to QL120. It’s equally powerful as QL120 and consumes less power due to lower LEDs. So performance-wise, it doesn’t slack.

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The Cheaper Option to Save Your Bucks

As LL120 is an older version, its price has dropped since the launch of QL120. You should be able to find it for a lesser price on most websites. The second-hand price difference on websites like eBay will be even higher.

Bottom Line

If aesthetics aren’t a focus for you, LL120 is the perfect option. It’s a performance powerhouse and has all the boxes checked off a good cooling fan. LL120 focuses on doing the job rather than looking good from the outside with low noise and higher maximum airflow.

What Customers Are Reviewing?

“Great looking fans, just 1 thing to consider that the exhaust side doesn’t look nearly as good as the intake side, so if you want to use them as central fans blowing air across your mobo/graphics card from the front to the back you have to turn them around the wrong way and mess up your case flow if you want to look at the pretty side.”

Our Second Choice: Corsair QL120- Ideal Fan with Ideal Performance Setup

Why Choose QL120: Is It Worth Your Bucks?

Corsair QL120 checks all the boxes of a competitively priced RGB cooling fan in 2022. Released on 14 November 2019, Corsair’s QL120 RGB cooling fan brings new and improved features to the table. It has LEDs as opposed to its dual-lighted predecessors. The fan is universally mountable – meaning you can mount it in any orientation.

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But to convince you further, let’s take a look at why you should choose it over other options:

Durable One with Better Lighting LED

 Due to some metal incorporation in the build, it’ll last you longer. The anti-vibration mount is larger on QL120 compared to previous generations, and it just makes 26 dB at max RPM.

QL120 has integrated lighting tech, giving you maximum lighting control. You can control each of the 34 LEDs of the fan individually using Corsair’s IQ software.

Aesthetics & Control For Better Operations

You should choose Corsair QL120 if you’re super into the aesthetics and control of your PC fan. Corsair has upgraded from its singular lighting hub tech to a better, integrated lighting system that QL120 uses.

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This gives you individual control over each of the 34 LEDs in QL120. The front and back rings are individually controllable, too, with Corsair’s software.

Aesthetically, it’s much better looking compared to other options. It has a smooth finish, and the aluminum front gives a shiny and eye-catching look to it.

High Technical Specs Compared to Previous Models

QL120 of the newer QL series has upgraded technical specs compared to previous years. As said earlier, it’s universally mountable. The anti-vibration mount is larger too and performs better in real-life situations.

Lighting Surrounds the Whole Fan

It has bright and vibrant LEDs surrounding the entire fan. Thanks to the integrated lighting tech, there’s less cable work and consequently better organization options. As discussed earlier, you get better control over the lighting too.

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Bottom Line

Overall, Corsair’s QL120 has everything a modern PC cooling fan should have in 2022. While lighting, aesthetics, and control are the main selling points, it’s a great cooler that gives maximum airflow at just moderate RPMs.

What Users Say?

“The fans are quiet, I ramped them to 100% for testing, and they’re definitely not as loud as the MLs from Corsair. iCue works. A little finicky, and you can’t mix and match fans. After setting up three as exhaust and three LLs as intake, my temps are perfectly fine. As mentioned in other reviews, the center logo isn’t perfectly aligned, so it does wiggle when spinning. Apart from that, the RGB is beautiful, which is all you really care about if you’re purchasing these.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do QL120 and LL120 have rings?

Yes, both QL120 and LL120 have rings. But LL120 has a ring only on the front, while QL120 has rings on both front and back. QL’s rings are much brighter, too.

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Is LL120 cheaper than QL120?

Yes. As it’s a previous version, the price is slightly lower compared to QL120. You can find it at least 20 bucks cheaper at most places.

How many LEDs does QL120 have?

QL120 has a total of 34 super-bright LEDs. Each is individually customizable by Corsair software, and you get more control.

Is Corsair QL120 better than LL120?

Not necessarily. Both are equally powerful, and you can’t really compare the two power-wise. The only difference is in aesthetics, and QL120 takes the crown in that regard.

Can I control LL120 fan speed with software?

Yes. Although LL120 is of a previous series, it has an officially working Corsair software that you can use to control fan speed, colors, and other properties of your fan.

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Final Verdict

By now, you probably got a good idea on QL120 Vs LL120. As you’ve probably learned, both are great cooling fans, and there’s nothing deal-breaking to say about either. But if you want to pick one, the only deciding factor is the aesthetics and colors.

For people who love RGB and colors on their PC, QL120 is perfect. It has 34 LEDs, each individually controllable as compared to the 16 LEDs on LL120. The software is much more diverse as well and gives you absolute control over the fan.

But if you don’t care too much about colors and your main focus is cooling, go for LL120. It has lower and slightly dimmer LEDs. But this is a plus point as you can get it for a lower price.

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Performance-wise, QL120 and LL120 go neck-and-neck, and you can’t really say which performs better of the two. The only difference is aesthetics. Based on your preference, you should make your choice.

We hope your confusion is clear now, and you’ll pick the right cooling fan for setup. Good luck.

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