The Ultimate Debate on Razer Armadillo Vs Bungee Mouse Essential

What is the difference between Razer Armadillo and Bungee? Armadillo comes in a compact size with easy setup comparing to Razer Bungee. Still, Bungee holds some place value.

However, to continue the constant gaming, you can use the Razer Armadillo or the Razer Bungee for mouse cable comfort. Indeed, these gadgets will improve your overall experience and performance of the game.

These gadgets will help you to play games constantly by reducing unnecessary movements. But Razer Armadillo vs Bungee – Which will be a better option?

Let’s figure out that through our discussion below.

Razer Armadillo Vs Bungee Table Comparision

Razer ArmadilloRazer Bungee
The razer Armadillo is short by size.The Razer Bungee is longer than the Razer Armadillo.
Design & Build
Due to its low-profile design, the mouse is easy to set up in the Razer Armadillo.The complicated design makes the Bungee tough to set up the mouse.
The Razer Armadillo has no arms.The Razer Bungee has two adjustable spring arms.
Space Needed
The Razer Armadillo fits almost everywhere with its smaller size.The Razer Bungee occupies more space than the Razer Armadillo.

Differences Between Razer Armadillo Vs Razer Bungee

The Razer Armadillo and Bungee – Both are used for preventing the unwanted movement of the mouse. Most importantly, when the mouse includes an extended wire, one of these gadgets is crucial.

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If we consider close observation, there are no major differences between the Razer Armadillo and Bungee.

It is only the exterior design and user comfortability that differentiates the mouse management system from each other.

Comparing the Design

First comes the design of the Razer armadillo. The design of the Razer Armadillo is so simple that you can easily set up the mouse in it. Just insert the mouse cord into the gap of the Armadillo, and your mouse is ready to use.

Conversely, with the longer arms, the design of the Razer Bungee is complicated. So, it is difficult to set up the wired mouse in the Razer Bungee compared to the Razer Armadillo.

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Slight Contrast in Height

The height of the Razer Bungee is longer than the Razer Armadillo.

So, if you have a long-wired mouse, you should use the Razer Bungee. Conversely, when the wire of the mouse isn’t so long, The Razer Armadillo is the right choice to use.

Noticeable Difference in Arms

The Razer bungee has two rust-resistant spring arms. The arms are used to hold the wires of the mouse.

But the Razer armadillo has no arms. Instead, the Armadillo has a hole in the middle that takes the mouse wire into it. Consequently, your mouse cannot move unnecessarily.

Similarities Between Razer Armadillo and Bungee

Nearly all the features of the Razer armadillo are similar to the Armadillo Bungee. Regardless of the look, you’ll get almost the same features and advantages from both of these gadgets.

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So, what are the common features of the Razer armadillo and Bungee? Let’s see and compare them!

 Smooth Surface Design

Both the Razer Armadillo and Bungee have a rubberized surface. The surface provides good traction and anti-slip performance after attaching the mouse cable.

Consequently, the Bungee and Armadillo remain stable even though your mouse moves aggressively.

Weight Features the Same

Although the Razer armadillo is simple by look, it is fairly large and heavyweight. The razer Bungee is also a weighted product which makes it a great gadget for maximum stability.

Both Are Ideal as Gaming Mouse Setup

The gaming setup and the cable management system of the Razer Armadillo are really nice. The design and set of the cable management system of Razer Bungee are upright.

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So, during intense gaming, the Bungee provides drag-free cable control to its users. Similar to the Bungee, the Armadillo also offers great control over the mouse after setting it up.

What about User Preferences

When you’re a hardcore and professional gamer, you don’t afford to miss a single moment of your game. Using a mouse becomes compulsory to play the game smoothly and flawlessly.

But, Due to the long wire, the mouse unnecessarily moves here and there. Consequently, it hampers your concentration. That’s why you need to use a mouse cable management system to maintain flawless playing.

After comparing Bungee and Armadillo series, you’ll understand both of these gadgets have plenty of similarities. The duties of these gadgets are also the same – Holding the mouse cable while using the mouse for gaming.

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The price of the Armadillo and Bungee is also indifferent to each other. A gamer who can afford the Armadillo can also buy the Bungee.

But, there are external dissimilarities between the Razer Armadillo and Razer Bungee. The Razer Bungee has long arms, which are unavailable at the Razer Armadillo. The longer arms make it complicated to set the mouse and open it after finishing the work.

So, Mostly, you need to keep the mouse wire attached to the Bungee. Conversely, using the Armadillo is easy due to its simple construction. So, the heavy gamer mostly gives priority to the Armadillo over the Bungee.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Razer Bungee Good?

The Razer Bungee is made of a large steel base. But, it has rubber feet underneath, so it becomes pretty bulky. Consequently, the Bungee prevents your mouse from snagging and dragging across the whole desk.
Indeed, the effectiveness makes the Razer Bungee a good choice for its users.

Should I Use Mouse Bungee?

If you’re a professional gamer and use the wired mouse to play, you must use the Mouse Bungee tool. The Mouse Bungee cable holder helps to improve your performance in the game, reducing the mouse’s unnecessary movement.

What Does the Razer Mouse Bungee Do?

The mouse Bungee attaches the mouse cable to an elevated spring arm. Consequently, the mouse reduces its unnecessary movement while you’re playing an important match. Thus, the mouse improves the gaming experience of the hardcore gamer.

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What Will You Choose for Your Gaming Assistant?

If you’re a regular PC user, you don’t feel the importance of these gadgets so much. But, for the real-time gamer, having one of the Razer armadillo and Bungee is extremely important.

Lastly, it depends on the user which one you choose between the Razer Armadillo vs Bungee. As the price of these gadgets is also the same, you can buy any of these gaming gadgets.

But, remember, if you buy the Bungee, you must spend some time setting up the mouse at the beginning.

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