Should I Upgrade to Catalina or Wait for the Latest Monterey?

The latest macOS Big Sur is already on the store with its stormy vibe, but the majority are still stuck –should I upgrade to Catalina or go for the Big Sur? There comes no major need to upgrade to Catalina, primarily when a big part of your needs are related to the older 32-bit apps.

But after some significant fixes and a few updates, the Catalina is no longer remaining with those claims anymore that it got after release.

Still, confused? Let’s break down the tweak with Catalina and help you reach out a choice with your Mac system for a better user experience.

Should I Upgrade to Catalina?

It depends on what you run on your Mac and what features you are suitable for. When the Catalina just came in 2019, it was a burning question for the Mojave and Sierra users as some were getting into a mess after upgrading to Catalina.

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But now, after some updates made to Catalina, it can be kept in a choice list along with the latest MAC OS- Big Sur.

Let’s have some recall…

20 years ago, when Mac OS started its journey with some fantastic featuring system, there has come a lot of upgrades.

And Catalina is the 16th Mac OS version 10.15, which people also know as Jazz. It came on October 7, 2019, with a blast of beneficial upgrades that people got as a rumor.

So, now after the step of Mac OS 11- the Big Sur when Apple is already with the announcement of its upcoming Mac OS version 12- the Monterey, people with Mojave or the earlier version are falling into a big dilemma.

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We are seeing people confused about whether they should upgrade to Catalina or the Big Sur or wait for the upcoming recent update.

Well, here, many facts rise, among which one is the Mac OS Catalina requirements. Are they meet your system?

Then, the primary fact comes up is the benefits you can get after upgrading to the Catalina version. Do you really need them?

At first, let’s see what the Catalina updates came with by now so far.

Benefits of Upgrading to Catalina- A Brief to Catalina

Before jumping on any final decision, the must-do task is to check the benefits and drawbacks you can have after upgrading.

So as with upgrading to Catalina. At first, check what major upgrades Catalina has brought with it and they are really beneficial for your system or not.

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To clear out this, we must know the benefits as well as the features of the Catalina Mac OS.

So, what MacOS Catalina (v10.15.4) update offers after its 4th update in late January 2020-

  • The biggest highlight that Catalina came with is the 32-bit app compatibility which means you can no longer use the older versions of apps that are still with the 32-bit function.

Well, that also calls for the app developer to be in some major concerning fact.

  • The removal of iTunes and the appearance of Apple TV, music, and the podcast is visible.
  • Then, the Sidecar option is highly appreciating that also makes some users fall for Catalina in some cases.
  • Another notable upgrade is in the reminder apps that shows now all of today’s listicles as ‘smart list.’
  • Plus, you can enjoy the iPad display output on Mac using the sidecar feature that is quite interesting.
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These are the highlighting upgrades you should look for before thinking about upgrading to Catalina.

Besides, there were some security updates and updates in Wifi and network connection that do not seem to be a highly bothering fact at all.

But there were some drawbacks with video rendering that new Catalina users got pissed off after upgrading after its first launch.

However, that seems to be fixed now with Catalina v 10.15.7, and now you can render or edit high-resolution videos without interruptions and can enjoy multi-streaming features along with some other Pro display improvements.

Again, based on some user claiming, some of the studio apps and DJ apps did not work with the Catalina though the issue was not with the 32-bit app.

But that also has been updated after a few weeks.

In addition, the iCloud signing issue with the Catalina upgrades does not seem to be making any thought over the next update as the latest Big Sur is already on the stage to explore.

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Check MAC OS Catalina Requirements

Let’s have a check back on the Catalina requirements that you should check before you go for a decision. It can make you sure whether your device is compatible with the Catalina OS or not.

Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later versions can upgrade to Catalina easily, downloading it free from the Mac App Store.

However, if you’re an older Mac user like the Lion (10.7) or earlier, you need to upgrade your system to the El Capitan (10.11) at first then you can upgrade to the Catalina.

It will take around 15 to 20 minutes to finish downloading and installing into your system. However, the alternatives can occur in the case of Mojave users.

You can check MAC OS Catalina requirements from Apple if that is compatible with your device or not.

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Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Catalina OS

As we know, any newly launched update cannot be completely bugs-free or ready to use with full satisfaction. With some few upgrades, it can behave the way it should be to make its phase with the system compatibility.

The same thing happened with the Catalina when Mac OS just launched it with so much hype of higher upgrades to the Mojave and earlier versions of Mac OS.

And what was the output? A messy and buggy update people face after going with the hype. Well, that did not act the same with all, though.

But you see, after some updates, Catalina came with its bug fixed at the beginning of 2020.  For example, the problem with the music play has been fixed after the update. The keyboard came with new emoji features; photo file restoration is done smoothly, and so on.

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But the biggest fact arises when you are still using the Mojave or High Sierra and now in confusion that- should I update Catalina 10.15 7, whereas the Big Sur Mac OS is already on the Mac store with a renovation to the entire Mac OS upgrades.

Here, you can consider 2 significant points.

  1. If your system does not have much space that the new MAC OS Big Sur needs, you can continue with upgrading to the Catalina as it already has been upgraded with the bug fixes and the glitches that you might be afraid of.
  2. If you do not need Catalina’s new features so badly and can continue with the Sierra or Mojave well off, it’s better to jump to taste the Big Sur or wait for the next update as announced in June 2020.

However, another major reason not to upgrade to Catalina can lie here is your Mac device is older than 2012 Macs that cannot go smooth after the Catalina upgrades rather make it slow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth upgrading to the macOS Catalina?

It is worth it only when you want to enjoy the Catalina improvements that it has made so far now. But if you need the 32-bit apps that have not gone through any updates to be compatible with the Catalina system, no need to upgrade to Catalina until your system is servicing you with the best.

Will upgrading to Catalina slow down my Mac?

Yes, only if you install the Catalina update to an older Mac like the Lion or earlier than El Capitan macOS, it may slow down your system.

Should I upgrade my old Mac to Catalina?

No, unless you are running the El Capitan, you can’t upgrade to the Catalina. However, the Mojave and the Sierra users can easily upgrade to the Catalina. But be sure about the significant changes that the Catalina can bring to your system and back up before installing the system updates.

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Should I Upgrade to Catalina from High Sierra

Are you already running the High Sierra on your Mac? Then, no significant points make you upgrade to the Catalina from High Sierra unless you want to go with the 64-bit apps. Instead, the latest Big Sur OS can be a chance for you to take.

Final Call

No upgrade is complete right after its launch, so as with the Catalina. But when you are running Mojave or the Sierra, upgrading to Catalina can be a bit tactical.

Catalina is reliable, stable, and okay at the same. But when the question comes at your mind –should I upgrade to Catalina or not, it needs you to decide whether you highly need those features that the Catalina Mac OS came with it. If yes, then go for the update.

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But if it’s not something major that you really crave, and more importantly, when you really rely on the 32-bit apps more than the Catalina features, there is no need to upgrade to Catalina until you can run other apps and security updates smoothly.

However, take a chance with the latest OS MAC Big Sur or wait for the upcoming Monterey for something bigger tweaks.

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