Thermaltake Fan Controller Not Working!! Here’s All You Need to Do

Thermaltake fan controller not working! Well, don’t worry, as we are here to figure out the solution for you.

Thermaltake are popular for their price to performance ratio.

But the Thermaltake fan controller might not work due to minor malfunctioning.

Keep reading to learn more about the exact reasons and resolving ways.

Reasons Why Thermaltake Fan Controller Not Working

Various reasons might not let the Thermaltake fan controller work. It can happen because of software or hardware reasons.

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You may not figure out the reason why it is not working, but we are here to provide you the idea, so sit tight and follow the instructions.

Software Issue

Thermaltake company has reached a certain level that they come up with an entire CPU control system unit. It can take care of the cooling job rather than being only a fan.

However, to control this vast process, the cooling system needs software to control it. That is where the issue is, as all computers do not support the software.

Again, software glitches are a common problem also.

Hardware Issue

Sometimes, hardware makes glitches, and the controller does not respond to it. You see, different factors work to continue the smooth run of the controller. Sometimes the internal coding may not work, or bugs may appear.

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System Error

You can find a lot of errors in the world of computers.

However, the one related to thermaltake fan control can show it on your display, which is h_0x0001 and is very common. There is a certain way to fix this problem, and we will discuss it in the solving portion.

Broken Fan

There is a chance that your controller is all ok, but your fan is broken. You may not understand the situation and may have to find a technician to figure out the problem. OR you can try manually providing power to the fan only and see if it works.

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Incompatibility Issue

There are issues with older generation computers as most modern techs do not compile with those old ones. So, if you set up everything in the initial stage, it may not work in the long run.

How to Fix Thermaltake Fan Controller Not Working

The problems you have seen so far are not very complicated, and you can easily fix them with just a little guidance.

However, there are cases like Thermaltake RGB controllers not working. That is particularly a software problem, and we will mention it below inside the part of the software solution.

You can follow these simple instructions to make your life easier with these new technologies. Those are:

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Solution to Software Issue

 Software issue is the most common problem that can occur, and it can halt the controller. Sometimes the computer may not recognize the software, or the bugs may come up and it will glitch or stop working.

The only way to solve that issue is just to reinstall the software or keep the software updated. It will let the controller work efficiently, and there will be less lag or glitches while the fan moves.

Solution to Hardware Issue

Well, this one is also very common, and it happens regularly with people. Sometimes the fans may become dirty, or the controller unit may not work. Thus, the fan will ultimately not work and make everything hotter.

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To solve this issue, you have to check the entire unit regularly, and it will also allow you to learn about these items.

Also, you need to take care of the dust and fan jamming issue. Sometimes it may seem there is no problem in the controller rather being the fan.

To keep a Thermaltake fan controller safely working, always do check and recheck.

Solution to System Error

You may find an error pop up which is h_0x0001. It shows when the software can not find the controller or when the controller does not respond.

So, it is a simple process. All you need to do is just uninstall the software and reinstall it. Moreover, try to unplug the fan unit and plug it in again.

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Again, this happens when your motherboard does not support the RGB controller software. In that case, you can only use the ARGB software or change the motherboard.

Solution to Broken Fan

A fan being broken is the simplest way to understand the item’s situation. So, to short down the entire process, first check if the fan is working manually. If it does not just unplug the fan and remove it and plug a new one.

Solution to System Incompatibility

In this case, if you follow all the necessary steps, the controller should work. If it does not work, you may have to ask the professional technicians and know which fan will work on your motherboard.

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However, you can still try by unplugging it, plugging it again, and reinstalling the software alongside the entire system.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the error code h_0x0001?

This error means “can not find controller”. There are various reasons for why this problem occurs. However, one of the most common reasons is software bugs and actual problems can be the incompatibility motherboard that does not support the software.

Do Thermaltake fans work with iCUE?

Yes, iCUE works with Thermaltake fans and will not show any trouble while being used. You can run your entire system without worrying about it.

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How do I wire a Thermaltake fan controller?

The process is very simple, just connect the controller to the motherboard and the fan with the controller. You will find two separate heads of controllers. One goes to the motherboard and one goes to the fan. Connect them respectively in order and it will run smoothly.


The Thermaltake fan controller not working is not a big issue at all problem. A software glitch or incompatible motherboard can cause this.

So, keep in mind to recheck the Thermaltake RGB controller manual to keep things on track.

We have provided all the problems that can come to you, and you can also see we figured the solution for you.

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In case you are thinking, is it safe to work with it? Then there is no doubt you can easily work with it.

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