Thermaltake RGB Controller Setup in Just 3 Simple Steps

The Thermaltake RGB controller setup for the new editions of Thermaltake ring plus radiation fans is quite simple than it looks. If you are panicked about your new purchase, it needs to make the proper connection with the motherboard and then control with the software!

The Thermaltake ring plus fans come in various dimensions such as 120 mm, 140 mm, 200 mm, etc. The package includes a digital controller, a power cable, a data cable, two micro USB cables, and a daisy chain cable.

To connect all these accessories, you will need an overview of how they are supposed to get connected to serve specific purposes. So let’s dive in.

Thermaltake RGB Controller Setup: 3 Steps

Her, you will have all the necessary steps to set up the Thermaltake RGB controller elaborately. To avoid misconceptions, we strongly prescribe to get through the entire process. Or you may leave with a partial idea of the setup and won’t get the desired results.

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So keep reading till the end.

Step-1: Connecting Cables

We have already mentioned the cables that come as accessories with the Thermaltake ring plus radiation fans. Now get started with connecting each with your system,

  1. Connect the TT controller with the motherboard connector header
  2. Connect the fans with the 9-pin connector. (Each at one port).
  3. Now, enable the power connection.

You will see the fans lighting up and started spinning in a default rainbow configuration. At this point, you will need control software to see the configurations and customize each.

Step-2: Download the Control Software

To get the Thermaltake fan software, follow the sequence,

  1. Go to the Thermaltake service provider website.
  2. Click on the cooler section.
  3. There are a variety of options; let’s consider the case fans.
  4. Then select a compatible fan that you have purchased.
  5. Scroll down to get the download option.
  6. Click on “Download the software”.
  7. Install the software.
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Once the software is installed, it will configure a variety of products. Right after activating, it might show you a “Caution” symbol.

DON’T PANIC! If you scroll the tabs, you will find that the caution symbol is basically showed because of the free ports.

Step-3: Setup Manual

For each of the fans, you will see specific setup windows on the software notifying the colors and other little details while they are running. You can select the setups independently or can go through the cycle order. The setup details that you will get in this software are,

  1. Copying colour and marge them
  2. Changing the speeds.
  3. Change the functions like enabling or disabling the PWN function, setting in silent or performance mode.
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Synchronizing All RGB

Here you will need another software to sync with all the RGBs and it is called the “Corsair iCUE”. To sync, download and install the following,

  1. Corsair iCUE.
  2. Any other required program like, the Aura, Chroma etc
  3. The Jack Net RGB Sync.

Then restart your computer. To sync with the Jack net RGB synchronizer,

  1. Start the program.
  2. Find the icon on your system tray.
  3. Right-click it and select open UI.
  4. Start creating LED groups.

There is more detailed setup changing options. Check the manual available online with 3D descriptions.

Thermaltake RGB Controller: Digital Controller Details

The digital controller is the typical power distributor among the fans. You will find several ports on it. Such as,

  1. 5 ports on the controller containing 9 pin connections.
  2. A power connection on the other side will be connected to the Molex. Molex is an interconnector for a two-piece pin and a socket.
  3. A data cable port that requires one 2.0 header connection of your motherboard
  4. A controller bridge port for the daisy chain cable will help to light and link up multiple controllers to one single system.
  5. A dip switch takes all the connected controllers into a sequence, like controller 1, controller two, etc.
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You will also need to download Thermaltake fan software for the TT PGB plus fans. We will tell you how to get it. But first, let’s go through the primary connections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect my Thermaltake controller to my motherboard?

Connect the USB cable to the controller, then one end of the cable goes to the motherboard header pin, and the fan cable goes to the Molex connector coming from the PSU.

Does Thermaltake have RGB software?

Yes! The Thermaltake plus fans have the compatible software to take your RGB fan controlling level a step up.

How do I sync all RGB?

You will need the Corsair iCUE and Jack Net Sync programs. Get all the little syncing details online with Thermaltake’s official authorized manuals.

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Now at this far, you are ready to apply the Thermaltake RGB Controller manual you have just got in this article. Simply work step by step.

Find all the accessories first and start with connecting each with the controller. Then go for the controller software.

The Thermaltake RGB controller setup is not a big deal to you if you are already used to play with your systems.

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