[Fixed] What Fix to Try When Toyota Bluetooth Microphone Not Working

Suppose your Toyota Bluetooth microphone not working yet. When you’re on the phone via Bluetooth, you hardly hear the sounds on the car’s speaker. Again, when you’re making a call, the opposite person can’t listen …

Suppose your Toyota Bluetooth microphone not working yet. When you’re on the phone via Bluetooth, you hardly hear the sounds on the car’s speaker. Again, when you’re making a call, the opposite person can’t listen to you. While your car doesn’t recognize or show any “voice commands.”

Then what to do? Well. The main culprit is that the head unit loses connection with the DCM (Data Connection Module). Your microphone will pass through these DCM. But this DCM will love to freeze up.

No matter you do a reset or disconnect the car battery and leave it for half an hour. You need to fix it from the root to get rid of this issue permanently.

But how? Read throughout to know everything about it.

The Reason Behind Toyota Bluetooth Microphone Not Working

If there are no other significant issues, only your Bluetooth microphone not working, the maximum chance for Toyota is in the radio systems or Entune systems.

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Can’t you find the radio systems of Pete vehicles? The radio system for the car is inside the head unit of the vehicle on the pilot side. If you can’t find it there, it must be on the passenger side (depends on different models).

It will provide a unified hardware interface for the systems, including screens, buttons, system controls, etc. Check the radio system’s fuse boxes and figure out the problems.

Check this listing of the possible sakes for the Toyota microphone not working:

Reasons for Bluetooth microphone not workingPossible Fixes to Try
Bluetooth connection problemReset the Entune systems
Bluetooth stopped workingRe-install it or upgrade it
Bluetooth system hangs up while pairing (2013 Camry SE)update your phone to recent OS
Lost Bluetooth connectivityDisconnect the battery & reconnect it
Sounds when talking phone via BluetoothUpdate your software/contact with the dealer

Some Other Fixes to Make Toyota Bluetooth Microphone Work

These 5 causes are the basic reasons that can lead the Toyota microphone not to work. Did you try to find out if your one is having any such issue or not? Check now. Here we discuss some major fixes, except the above estate.

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Reset Entune Systems

Sometimes the reason lies behind many setups. Most of the Toyota vehicles fail to connect to your phone for entune systems.

Then what’s about an entune system? Traditionally, entune systems are a complete package consisting of various features, tools, and applications for easy access and give you good advantages while driving inside the car.

Well, sometimes your Bluetooth fails to connect for the error of Entune systems. If this occurs, reset the entune systems by following the steps.

  • At first, power off your phone entirely for about 20-30 seconds. Turn it back on.
  • Second, press and hold the audio knob to Power off the systems > next, the entune will power off & restart its own.
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DCM Freezing Problem

If your vehicle’s DCM stucks, your Toyota Bluetooth microphone is not connected with it. Generally,

A DCM(Data Communications Modules) is a tool or module in the selective Toyota models which works for the Toyota connection system.

It is usually used on the SOS button. The microphone makes its way under the Bluetooth unit through the radio.

And it doesn’t matter if you restart the car or reset its power button; it’s just continuously frozen.

The first symptom is that you may discover a green light inside the SOS case. The light will ensure that your DCM was working and communicating too well.

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However, if the problem occurs, the blue-green light on the upper panel will be off. How do you fix it? It’s just simple and costs you only zero dollars. Just follow these steps-

  • Disconnect your battery for over 30 minutes; It would be good if you remain it overnight.
  • Unplug all the negative connections
  • Reconnect your battery & check out whether the green light comes into the upper panel or not.

If it works, then Congratulations! if not, then go to any service holder or repair centers.

Toyota Bluetooth Troubleshooting of Radio

Before rebooting and restarting your car settings, check out if the problem occurs for the radio or not.

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If your microphone’s Bluetooth radio isn’t working, then do these steps to fix it.

  • Unpair your phone from the car
  • Delete all the information about your phone from the car
  • Delete all personal data from the car radio
  • Finally, reconnect everything back.

It seems to be more effective in solving all the communication problems between the phone and the radio.

You may now ask, where is the microphone in a Toyota corolla. Well, you’ll find the Bluetooth mic in the upper console in the headliner.

Moreover, here you will also see the lights and sunglasses cases/sunroof controls. You may discover a little spot there that looks like it has a bit of grate going over it. There you’ll find a little mic also.

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Troubleshooting Toyota Bluetooth Volume Problems

Some people also complained that their volume is too low and doesn’t work. You can resolve the issues very often. Follow these steps and check it is workable or not.

  • First, go to the menu> then click on the phone>Next, touch the setup.
  • Afterward, tap on the sound> You find an option named “in call volume”> Click on the choice and increase the volume there.

If your volume didn’t get regular with this setup, then it may be your device’s manual settings problem.

Troubleshooting Connection Problem

Some users of different models of Toyota sometimes claim that the car didn’t connect to their Bluetooth correctly. As an example, we got a user complaining about his 2018 Toyota sienna microphone not working. If this usually bothers you, try these basic steps to fix it.

  • The vehicle’s Bluetooth settings may be unable. To check the features, go to menu>then tap on Setup> Click on the Bluetooth> following detailed settings > finally, verify the Bluetooth power is turned on or not.
  • Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turning on. Otherwise, turn on Bluetooth in your phone settings.
  • If you’ve already registered 5 devices on Toyota, a new Bluetooth connection won’t be built up. To check about which link your device is working on, follow the actions one by one.
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Sometimes the two pairs of connections didn’t allow your microphone to work properly. As a result, you’re a victim of why my Toyota microphone not working. You can’t suspect how simple it is to fix.

  • Just go to the menu bar and select the registered device. There, you can choose which device you’d like to have allowed your android phone or i-phone or music settings by pressing the appropriate options.
  • Check your phone connection & permissions. Go to your phone settings again> Allow your device by pushing on the notification button and enable your preferred apps for connecting your vehicles.

If your device continuously has trouble connecting the microphone to your vehicles. Try to reset it,

  • Turn off your phone and then turn it back on.
  • Make sure that you power off your phone and don’t just restart it.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Toyota Bluetooth?

It’s pretty simple. To reset your Toyota Bluetooth, switch off your phone for 20-30 seconds. Turn it back on. Next, make sure that you’re switching off the phone without restarting it. See the magic; your Toyota Bluetooth is now working.

How do I update my Toyota Bluetooth?

To update your Toyota Bluetooth, follow these steps-
Start from your entune app; next, connect your vehicles with a USB cable or Bluetooth.
You will find a menu bar that asks you to choose between two options, including “Now”/“Later.”
Keep in mind; you need to select now for updating your Bluetooth automatically and immediately. Again, if you choose later, it will be prompted to update once more while you’re restarting the vehicles.

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How to connect my Bluetooth to my Toyota?

You can connect your Bluetooth to your Toyota by ensuring that your phone’s setting is on. Turn on the Toyota Entune system and go to the apps. Click on the setup options from the Toyota touch screen. Next, click on Bluetooth, then add a new device. It will allow your Toyota and your android to find each other and connect. Finally, select the accept connection option to complete the procedures.


To sum up, we should say why your Toyota Bluetooth microphone not working was now solved.

If you still are struggling to fix your mic problems, then unplugged the overhead console from the wire connector. Then check if the microphone is still working or not. Remembering itself is a dependent task.

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If you’re an expert at pulling the overhead console Assembly out, then do it. Otherwise, it would be good to skip it. Keep looking, and you’ll find that the microphone was a part of the rearview mirror. And it was located on the very top center of the mirror. Next, lose up the wire connection and reconnect it back again.

We hope, this will help you in the long run.

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