Why USB Modem Not Working In Windows 10? Reason and Solution

If your USB modem is not working in windows 10, then chances are there is any connections issue. But some other settings problems can be causing this too.

After updating my PC to Windows 10, I also faced such once that the USB modem was not working. I did a lot of research to solve it and was finally able to solve it.

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If your USB modem does not work in Windows 10, it will not show any green light. Many factors can lead to this problem.

Well, you will know about some of the reasons and solutions to the situation in this article.

Why USB Modem Not Working in Windows 10?

When my dongle was not connecting to the internet, I tried to solve it in different ways. Many people face this problem when using an internet USB modem. This problem is often caused by updating Windows. This problem is more common, especially in the windows 10 modem.

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Here is a list of two significant problems and their solutions:

  USB Dongle Not ConnectingUse double-ended data cable
  Not Recognizing USB ModemFix USB Root Hub

Fix When USB Dongle Not Connecting

USB modem will not work if your SIM is not installed. However, this problem is due to not installing the USB 3g dongle properly in most cases. If your USB dongle 3g is not installed successfully, then follow the instructions below.

Step-1: First, click the Windows Start button 

Step-2: Now type device manager to get access to the devices connected to your PC

Step-3: Click Device Manager.

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Step-4: Expand the Network devices or the modem and port. If the 3G modem and 3G PC UI interface show, your USB 3g dongle is connected successfully.

If the modem is not connecting to the PC, remove the dongle and re-insert. If it still doesn’t work, follow the instructions below.

  • Use another USB port instead of your current one.
  • Convert the dongle to a longer double-ended cable that provides more power using two USB ports.
  • Remove the USB cable, restart the computer, and plug in the USB cable again.
  • Uninstall BT Access Manager, reinstall the software and reconnect.

Fix When Not Recognizing USB Modem

Sometimes USB devices are not recognized even after plugging the modem into windows 10. This problem is annoying, but you can solve it.

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However, if your modem is not showing in the device manager, then follow the instructions below.

Restart PC

Restart your computer once more. Rebooting a lot of the time fixes the unfamiliar USB device. Plug out the USB device and plug in the USB device after a few minutes by rebooting the computer.

Try a Connecting a Different Computer

If your USB modem is not detected in windows 10 even after restarting, then try to use the device on another PC. If this does not work on other PCs, then your modem may be faulty. 

Plug out other USB Devices

Stop running other devices if you have multiple devices connected to your PC at the same time. Let’s see if your modem works.

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Fix the USB Root Hub

To Fix USB Root Hub, press the Windows logo key + R on the keyboard. Then type devmgmt.MSC and press Enter.

Now, you are inside the device manager section.

  • Extend the Universal Serial Bus Controller by right-clicking on the USB Route Hub option and then the properties.
  • Then get access to the Power Management option and uncheck the option saying ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device and click OK.
  • If your computer is still unable to recognize it, then re-check and allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
  • Change the USB selective suspends settings.
  • Click Change plan settings from the power options in the control panel.
  • Then click Change advanced power settings.
  • Disable battery and plug-in settings by first expanding the USB settings and then the USB selective suspend settings and click OK.
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How to Fix Modem USB Windows 10?

Many Windows 10 users have problems with Windows 10 setup. If you want to connect a modem USB to your Windows 10 properly, follow the steps below.

But if your modem is not detected in windows 10 even after connecting properly, follow the instructions shown above.

  • To set up the USB modem in Windows 10, press the Windows key and X together and click Network Connection.
  • Now go to the View Network Status.
  • Then click on New Connection or Network Setup, select Connected to the Internet, and click the Next button.
  • Click on Broadband (PPPoE) and enter the correct information from your ISP and click on the Connect button. All information must be correct.
  • Once you have successfully created a PPPoE dial-up connection, click the same icon in the right-hand corner of the screen. It looks like a computer where you can see a broadband connection to disconnect or connect.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why is my USB modem not working?

This problem is usually caused when you update Windows. This may be because your modem is out of date. There may be a problem with the DNS cache or IP address. Many times the USB modem does not work because the modem is not installed properly.

How do I use my modem with Windows 10?

To use the USB modem in Windows 10, plug it into a USB port and wait for it to detect and install. After installation is complete, you will find the setup of the desktop application. The modem needs to install the app to connect to the Windows 10 network.

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USB modem not working in windows 10 is currently a common problem that almost everyone faces. But we hope you will be able to solve it by following our article.

If your modem does not work in Windows 10 even after following the steps we have shown, your modem may have a problem. In this case, you can repair or replace it.

However, we advise you to replace the new modem without repairing it.

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