VEGA 56 Running Hot: Know Why And Solve The Issues

MSI Vega 56 is one of the most popular graphics cards on the market because of its high-end quality. However, users complain about getting notifications on their MSI VEGA 56 running hot from time to …

MSI Vega 56 is one of the most popular graphics cards on the market because of its high-end quality. However, users complain about getting notifications on their MSI VEGA 56 running hot from time to time. One of the reasons is overclocking, which is common, but most people are unaware of. The other reasons are also very apparent as this one.

It has a pretty good resolution range and the capacity to run most of the games very smoothly. But this appears to be a widely discussed issue, as most users are unaware of the reasons why the VEGA 56 is heating up. And as they don’t know the reasons, they are struggling to solve this.

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Now let’s discuss the reasons for the VEGA 56 card running hot to get a better idea of how to solve it.

A Brief Overview Of  Why VEGA 56 Running Hot

Vega 56 max temp is under 90 degrees Celsius. But in some cases, the heat crosses the limit. Here are the reasons behind this and potential solutions:

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Overclocking the core clocksAvoiding overclocking
Lack of fansIncreasing the number of customized fans
Mounting issuesDoing proper mounting

Now that we know the basic reasons and solutions of running hot, let’s see detailed descriptions of the solutions:

Problem 1: Overclocking The Core Clocks

Generally, people overclock their core clocks to get more frames per second in games. The higher you set your core clocks, the better CPU performance you are sure to get. The HBM can be overclocked to as high as its unchanging voltage allows.

But a 50 MHz bump in core cloaks resulted in significantly higher power usage and temperatures for a small performance improvement. When it’s clocked at 1592 MHz and more than 50 percent power restriction, the card seems to consume 250W+, and the hotspot T remains at 75-78 degrees Celcius. For p7 users, we recommend 1592 MHz.

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So, to avoid VEGA 56 overheating, avoid overclocking and keep it within limits. Alternatively, you can follow the limit people have tested and recommended. And remember, even if the CPU runs smoother with overclocking, it’s not worth it if it causes the VEGA 56 max temp.

Problem 2: Overvolting

Overvolting can cause the VEGA 56 to reach max temp. On the other hand, with undervolting, this problem is solved, but it can also be proved to be dangerous.

Undervolting is used to prevent GPU degradation. As we know, the aging rate of a GPU’s power supply mechanism determines how long it will last, so the higher the current handled by a power distribution system, the quicker it degrades. And you can reduce this current handling by undervolting.

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GPUs inevitably collapse outside of extreme instances such as marginally faulty solders, dies, or SMDs that pass manufacturing testing but fail for weak spots.

The longevity of a card will be extended if in reduced current. So undervolting eventually works in your favor and keeps the GPU healthy, which simultaneously reduces the overheating.

But remember, that the system will collapse and restore settings if the voltage is insufficient.

Problem 3: Lack Of Fan

VEGA 56 overheating can be caused by a lack of fans. Because lack of fans means the produced heat is not getting proper ventilation to get out.

Also, the main problem with undervolting, which you do to solve Vega 56overheating, is high temperatures. It ultimately causes GPU degradation. And along with overheating, you also have to deal with “VEGA56 loud“, which is not a pleasant experience at all. 

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A few extra fans or customized fans can solve this easily. Try setting up built-in fans in the cases that work effectively and appropriately whenever you notice the VEGA 56 overheating. Also, you can pair your fans with the VEGA 56 blower. This efficient blower will enhance the work of the fans and help with overheating.

Problem 4: Mounting Issues

Overclocking, overvolting, lack of ventilation, and mounting issues can cause the VEGA 56 to overheat. So, proper mounting is essential.

First, secure the bracket appropriately. You need to use a VEGA bracket instead of the Morpheus one. Also, proper M2x8mm nuts and the small springs need to be used. Now, after that, you need to repaste and secure the screws, which will also require precision.

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When putting thermal paste on, try following an X pattern. This will result in better temperatures. If you are unsure about mounting, you can follow the various tutorial guides on how to mount properly. If the mounting is not done properly, you might have to deal with the repercussions that come from the VEGA 56 overheating too much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Radeon Pro VEGA 56 good for gaming?

The Radeon Pro VEGA 56 performs well at 1080p and 1440p resolutions but shows issues when stretched to 4K resolution if it’s not paired with a FreeSync display. The FreeSync display evens out the frame rate irregularities.

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How hot should Vega 56 get?

The Vega 56 can withstand up to 85-90 degrees Celsius temperatures. Any temperature under this limit is considered normal.


VEGA 56 is very good for personal use, specifically when you are happy to stay in the resolution range of 1080p to 1440p. But it tends to get hot and loud if the other settings and equipment are not properly set. VEGA 56running hot is the most common complaint you will hear from a user.

However, its reasons are pretty simple, and the solutions are easier too. You just need to make sure you are perfectly overclocking and undervolting. And your system has to have the proper number of fans for ventilation. Also, always follow tutorials for mounting. If you master these 4 steps, you won’t need to fear VEGA 56 overheating.

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