4 Reasons Why VGA to Video Converter Not Working!

Why VGA to video converter not working? The display settings may need some change to work with the converter, or it may not be supporting your display, so check again. There can be some other …

Why VGA to video converter not working? The display settings may need some change to work with the converter, or it may not be supporting your display, so check again. There can be some other issue in your case, however.

Most of the time, Cable converters are found not working. Well, there are various reasons, and things become more complicated if you cannot get a working cable. Folks who have big old televisions or screens. Those televisions only come with a VGA port. Thus, you cannot connect them with an HDMI cable. And VGA to video converter cable is the name that comes up here.

But, if you find your video converter not working, check these reasons stated inside to find out why your one does not work. And try the following fixes to make things work smoothly.

Why Vga to Video Converter Not Working

There can be various reasons why the VGA to HDMI converter is not working,and it’s something tough to understand. A video converter cable has many items within it, and if anything gets damaged, the entire cable will not work. You can find hundreds of cables, but very few work properly due to those reasons.

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Here is a chart mentioning all the possible problems and solutions of VGA converter not working:

Possible problemsPossible solutions
Display Settings not rightEnable VGA input from settings
Lack of PowerTry to buy an additional power supply.
Device not supporting/converter not supportingTry to buy the exact converter that matches the specifications of the device
The Refresh Rate is too high.There’s hardly a solution to this, but you can always try for a superior quality converter to see if it works.

Here are the reasons why VGA to video converter is not working:

Display Settings

Display settings are one of the major things you need to look at before using a video converter. You see, not all devices are organized for plug-and-play. Especially if you are using an old generation Television, it is less likely to support.

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Solution: So, you have to go to the settings on your Television. Change the video input to VGA ports, and you will get proper display output.

Lack of power

There is a certain difference between an HDMI port and a VGA port. A VGA port only accepts the video data, but on the other hand, HDMI accepts a wider range of data. It creates a distance lack of power between the two types. It is one of theprevalent reasons for not working.

Solution: Try to get a power supply that enhances the electricity input of the converter. Only that can solve this issue. However, if your converter does not support an extra power supply, you have to change the converter.

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Device not supporting/ converter not supporting

There are times when the device and the converter both may not support it. The converter only works if the device accepts it as a data transfer method. However, most of the VGA cables do not support newer versions of Television. Even though it sometimes accepts the data but fails to transfer it properly.

Solution: If the converter does not support it, please try to see the specification of your device. Without matching specifications, you can not run the device. So, check the specification and then buy the proper converter.

Refresh Rate

It is another common issue as not all cables can handle the same refresh rates. Moreover, the video codecs of this age will have a hard time playing on the older generation devices. However, some of the expensive converters are able to make it smooth, but not all. No one can guarantee it will work smoothly. The amount of Data an HDMI cable can transfer is superior to a VGA cable.

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Solution: There are a lot of lackings with VGA input systems because they are not as superior as the HDMI ones. In order to get the proper connection, try to connect the VGA alongside DVI audio outputs. It will make everything smooth, and the HDMI will support it. However, some converters do not support the refresh rate that the device can handle. In that case, you have to change the converter.

How to Fix When VGA to Video Converter is Not Working

It is not a very hard thing to solve. But if you are an amateur tech user or have fundamental knowledge about electric appliances, you may find it hard to get a better solution. It is something very delicate but not very risky to work on.

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You don’t have to sweat as we have thought of something that will make it much more manageable. No need to throw away the old monitor/television/screen. Here are a few ways that you can follow to solve the problem:

  • First of all, go to the display settings and try to figure out the setting named display input. There, find the VGA settings and enable it. It will allow the VGA port to receive data, and the display will show that data.
  • Now connect the converter end to the VGA port on your Television. If it works great, you have done it. But if it does not work, follow the steps below to get it done.
  • Sometimes, converters need more power to convert the HDMI, but the VGA input can not provide enough or doesn’t match with the converter. What it does is, make the input slower, and lack of power happens. The only way to solve this issue is to use a power supply separately, only for the Television.
  • If the display is still not showing any sort of information, go to the HDMI input port of the converter and see the specifications. There would be some information regarding the converter.
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If there’s nothing, see the packet or the cover of the converter. There you will find information showing the specification. You can read those and match them with the display or Television you are using. If those are ideal, then there must be a manufacturing problem with the converter, if those specifications do not match, you have to buy another one that matches the specifications of your Television.

If you find it still not working, we think you have got the wrong converter and should change it. Take suggestions from a local technician who has experience in this field in order to get a fast solution. Or you can match the specification and the model number and get the proper converter. It will help solve the dell monitor VGA to HDMI not working.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why does my VGA to HDMI converter not work?

Well, there are various reasons why the VGA to HDMI converter not work. The converter may have manufacturing problems or the device you are using may not support the converter. You can read the article as it has all the descriptions of the possible problems and the solutions.

Why is my VGA adapter not working?

Most of the time, the display settings are the main cause of VGA adapters not working. But there are cases where the VGA adapter does not support the device.

Does a VGA to HDMI converter need power?

Yes, it needs power in certain situations. For old generation televisions and monitors, power is significant. HDMI is robust, and the refresh rate is higher alongside pixels. So, if you have the chance, you can get a power supply for the converter and see it working.

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A good Converter is hard to find as there is a lot in the market. Especially, people fraud with others by selling the cheap one as expensive. In order to get a better product, please learn about the device you are about to use. Then make sure you get the specific product for the device.

We think we have provided you with the best possible solutions you can get from VGA to video converter not working. We highly suggest you learn about the process and then take steps, and after reading this, you can easily figure out the problem.

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