What Is Dell TouchCheck? – Let’s Find Out

If you are intrigued by the question – what is Dell TouchCheck? – then we have got some answers for you. We sincerely hope you will have the basics to pro covered about Dell TouchCheck …

If you are intrigued by the question – what is Dell TouchCheck? – then we have got some answers for you. We sincerely hope you will have the basics to pro covered about Dell TouchCheck after reading this post.

A touchpad or a trackpad, as we all know, is a device that helps the users point or direct the mouse pointer to a command or a task.

And the TouchCheck is the software option from Dell that helps us run the touchpad smoothly. It is also known as PalmCheck.

Let’s get to know more about it.

What Is Dell TouchCheck? Your Trackpad Assistant

TouchCheck or often known as PalmCheck is the feature that is responsible for enhancing touchpad functionalities.

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For a laptop, the touchpad is like a command center. We use it to configure settings, open documents, run programs. It’s the tool that makes using a laptop easy and smooth.

Benefits of a Dell TouchCheck

The TouchCheck makes the touchpad run smoothly. It optimizes the functionality by making the touchpad more or less sensitive as we might want it to be.

Sometimes, as soon as we move the mouse pointer over an icon to perform something, the task starts even before we actually click for it to run. When the touchpad’s sensitivity is set too high, this might happen.

The opposite is also true. Often we would find that even double clicking seems not to get the function running. In this case, the sensitivity is set too low.

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TouchCheck can prevent both cases.

Oftentimes we may leave our palm resting on the touchpad. It can cause the computer to perform unwanted operations – like deleting a file folder unknowingly. Moreover, when we type, we can bruise over the touchpad and add or delete letters or perform something harmful for the overall task at hand.

A TouchCheck enabled touchpad can be proved very handy in circumstances like these. In short, TouchCheck is essential to improve our experience with the touchpad. 

How The TouchCheck Works

As we have discussed, TouchCheck can differentiate between an unintentional brushing or an intentional command.

Dell, in association with Windows, has given us the opportunity to make our devices as user-friendly as possible. So, we adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad by modifying the TouchCheck option. We also can disable it if we don’t want it, even if it removes the chance to control the sensitivity of the touchpad.

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First, allow us to describe how you can adjust the TouchCheck in a Dell laptop with Windows 8 OS:

Working on Windows 8

If you have Windows 8 OS in your Dell laptop, follow these steps to adjust TouchCheck:

  • Go to Control Panel from the Windows start menu or simply press the Windows key + X – the shortcut way.
  • Go to All Control Panel Items and press Enter.
  • Select the Mouse option.
  • From there, go to Device Settings. There you will find another Settings option and click on it.
  • You will find the TouchCheck option in the left side of the pane.
  • You will get a slider after clicking.
  • To get the minimum sensitivity, bring the slider to the furthest in the left.
  • And if you want to get the maximum sensitivity of the touchpad, move the selector the furthest right.
  • Click Apply to confirm the new selection.
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So, you see, if you want the TouchCheck option doesn’t interfere with the functioning of the touchpad, you just need to bring the selector to the furthest in the left. But leaving the selector in the middle would give you the optimum performance of the TouchCheck.

Now, let’s find out how we can get the TouchCheck works best in case you have Windows 10 in your Dell laptop:

Dell Touch Check on Windows 10

To get the TouchCheck option working optimally for you,

  • Go to Windows 10 Setting or press Windows + I here.
  • Find the Devices category from the main interface.
  • Go to the Mouse section, you will find it in the left column.
  • Carefully move to its corresponding right pane.
  • Press the Additional Mouse Options
  • You will get an additional Mouse Properties popup window. From there, select the Device Settings button.
  • This will open the Properties for Synaptics TouchPad.
  • Expand the Pointing option and press the cog symbol just outside TouchCheck-Enhanced. In some models, it will be named as PalmCheck-Enhanced
  • Like Windows 8, it will give you the sliding option to get the sensitivity level you want from your touchpad.
  • Now, press the Ok button to make the changes effective.
  • Windows 10 also gives you the option to shut TouchCheck option off. You simply need to move the slider to the Off position.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dell touchpad and do I need it?

Dell touchpad is a common feature of Dell laptops. It has a tactile sensor, which translates the motion of a finger over a specialized surface to receive and perform commands from a user. We absolutely need a touchpad since it is portable, does everything a mouse does, and is very easy to perform tasks.

What is the Dell touchpad app?

Dell touchpad app essentially is a driver that enables the User Interface to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can get the latest version for your Dell laptop touchpad app from Dell official site.

Final Words

We hope now you know what is Dell TouchCheck.

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With the steps described above, hopefully, you can get your TouchCheck to perform optimally.

Some users opt for disabling the TouchCheck option. To them, TouchCheck is an unnecessary addition, and we actually don’t need to readjust the sensitivity of the touchpad.

But we believe otherwise. For average users, sometimes using a touchpad efficiently seems to be a challenge. So, if the touchpad runs too fast or takes too long to respond, it is always annoying and causes time waste.

So, we would always suggest you use the TouchCheck optimally by adjusting it to your preference.

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