Where To Buy Used Graphics Cards? 4 Sites Can Win Your Trust!

Where to buy used graphics card? Luckily, there are some reliable options to choose from. For instance, eBay offers online purchases with refund facilities for a relatively cheaper graphics card. You say your priorities, and …

Where to buy used graphics card? Luckily, there are some reliable options to choose from. For instance, eBay offers online purchases with refund facilities for a relatively cheaper graphics card. You say your priorities, and there is the marketplace that fits exactly that!

We use GPUs to upgrade our gaming experience. But even with the eye-catching visuals of open-world games, the prices seem way too high. That’s why used graphics cards are a go-to option for any new gamer.

Read this article to learn about the best places to buy a used graphics card, whether it is worth it or not, and how to avoid falling into scams in the process.

Where to Buy Used Graphics Cards

Let’s cut to the chase! Right now, we want to share our opinion to let you know from where you can purchase some used yet better condition graphics cards at a cheap rate:

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So, where to buy cheap graphics card? And our first go-to is eBay. Though it is better to buy your electronic hardware physically from a trusted store, eBay is equally safe too. First of all, the GPU sellers will post the overall condition of the piece. You have the chance to question the seller as many times as you want regarding its flaws or whatever. That’s because eBay believes in transparency during transactions.

As soon as you see that the vendors are avoiding your questions, run away. Now how do you contact the seller?

  • You will notice a “contact seller” link appearing at the bottom of the post. Select that link.
  • Next, go to the “find answers tab”. Here, you can select any queries you have regarding the GPU.
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If the question is not already present, you have to write it in the box. Then click on the “send the copy to the seller through email” option.

Facebook Market

Unlike our previous option, Facebook doesn’t guarantee you a refund or protection against scams. Facebook is the largest social media where people connect. Maybe your neighbor has a used GPU in good condition that he wants to sell at a very low price.

You know that news because he posted about it on Facebook. Though you need to be super careful here with this marketplace, this is where you can get the best of the deals.

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So how does it work?

First, the sellers snap some pictures of the piece. They post the pictures along with a description of the current condition. You talk with the seller and decide a price. After getting it on hand, you examine the unit first for flaws and then wire money to the seller.

But remember to wire the money only when you have seen the product first hand. Some scammers steal the pictures of other sellers’ posts and use them. Once you wire the money, they disappear without sending you anything.


Nowadays, Newegg has gained much popularity for its trustworthy services. And this e-commerce site is another option for you to choose a wide range of refurbished graphics cards.

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You can find some good refurbished graphics according to your preferences. Different refurbished graphics cards from some reliable brands like Asus to Gigabyte, MSI, XFI, etc.,are found.

And the amazing fact is though refurbished, you can find a replacement and limited warranty services also.

As the fourth option for buying used graphics card, we recommend a local trusted seller. It is better to pay more for a piece that you are sure about than trusting an online seller. After all, GPUs don’t come that dirt-cheap!

Be sure to check if the card was previously used for cryptocurrency mining or not. It can significantly reduce the GPUs’ capability to perform longer. While GPU miners tend to underclock it and reduce the power, a gamer would want to do the complete opposite.

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That’s why it becomes inefficient in the long run. Once you are sure about its previous usage, you can go to the next step and bargain.

Is Buying Used GPU A Good Idea?

You want the best visuals for your gaming pc. Then why would you opt for a used GPU instead of buying a new one? Well, buying a new one is always safer and easier. But GPUs can be expensive, with some models priced at $6000 or so. And if you are a little low on budget and can’t find the perfect unit with such a range, you have to think about the second-hand market!

  • Most of the current-gen graphics cards are in a high price range that most of us can’t afford. But the good news is that, for even a shortly used latest GPU model, the price is lower. So, we can dream of using the premium quality GTA 1070 Ti at an affordable price.
  • Besides, the efficiency of a GPU is not less just because it was used before. Yes, like most computer components, it will work fine until it has reached its end. So, you can shake that worry off!
  • And, let’s talk about e-waste. Billions of e-waste get dumped every year and pollute our world. Buying used GPUs can reduce the amount of pollution, even if it’s a tiny bit.
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How to Identify Fake and Cheap Used Graphics Cards?

For a cheaper price, many people buy used graphics card from china online or a local seller. Now we are not saying that all Chinese GPUs are low-quality. Because even the high-end brands use components made in China to assemble the final graphics card or video card.

Despite this, there are Chinese GPUs on platforms like eBay, Ali express that are fake and cheap.

Now, what do we mean by fake and cheap? It means the price is questionably low. The performance is not satisfactory at all and doesn’t match their description.

So let’s find out how to identify such products and stay away from them:

  • If you get the chance for chacking it beforehand, run an authenticity test. Download a tool that checks major specifications of the particular GPU piece. Look for the memory size, CUDA core, and stream processor. If the specification you find differs from the given information, don’t buy it.
  • Check out the reviews before buying online. If it doesn’t have reviews or ratings and it is hard to contact the seller, it is probably a fake item.
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Instead of buying from a random brand, we recommend you select a reputed used AMD graphics card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got more questions? Check our FAQ section right here given below:

How Do I Know If My GPU Is Mining?

To check whether the GPU has previous experience or not is the crucial step before buying. First, run a test like Furmark on the GPU. Now, compare the score from the test with a brand-new GPU. You will find these scores easily on the search engine. If the scores don’t match, blame the GPU’s mining experience.

How Long Does A GPU Last?

To be honest, it solely depends on how you use it. If you use it for intense open-world gaming daily, it might last for 2 years. But, for an infrequent user or less intense activities, the GPU can easily last for several years.

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Is It Safe To Buy A Used GPU?

We believe it is safer to buy a used original high-end GPU than a new one from an average brand. You might get a GTA 1080 Ti for a cheaper price if you go to the second-hand market. But you have to ensure, whether the previous user engaged in cryptocurrency mining or not.

Wrapping Things Up!

Used graphics cards price is the main reason why we find the deals so lucrative. A worldwide shortage of GPUs has contributed to their insanely high prices that we can’t afford. Without the market for used graphics cards, we might have to wait for months to get our hands on the pristine GeForce RTX 3080 of our dreams.

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Hope you got the answer to where to buy used graphics card.

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