Why Is My New Laptop Overheating| Stop Using before Knowing Reason!

If you have a new laptop but experiencing an awkward situation such as overheating it, you may be thinking now, why is my new laptop overheating?  Though it is not normal, there can be some …

If you have a new laptop but experiencing an awkward situation such as overheating it, you may be thinking now, why is my new laptop overheatingThough it is not normal, there can be some unnoticed mistakes like blocking the intake grill or playing high-end games overheating this.

Well, this article will demonstrate to you why it occurs and how to stop the laptop from overheating. Not only this, what could be the possible reason for making hot a new laptop; all the possible reasons as well as the solutions, you will get into the article.

So, read it full of concentration and meet your answer. We designed our context from the expert’s advice and realizations to get the proper solution.

Why Is My New Laptop Overheating- Find Out Reasons

Well, there are various reasons for becoming hot on your laptop. So,  there is a  possible list of getting your laptop to overheat and the solutions. You will know further how to cool down a laptop.

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So let’s not make you wait,

Insufficient cooling systemInstalling cooling fan or pad for the particular laptop
Blocking the intake grill or ventsLet the laptop breathe.
Gaming with high-performances graphic cardShut down the laptop after playing a game for a while.

However, when you know reason why is my laptop so hot, it will be easy for you to take a solution.

There are some solutions to take at the initial step.

  • Clean your cooling fan’s vents to get rid of overheating issues.
  • Place the laptop in a plane space so that any junk cannot hassle the air in and out.
  •  Try to avoid using a laptop on a blanket or pillow. It can make a barrier to the air going and outing.
  • Upgrade your laptop’s graphic card and make sure that the game you are playing is eligible to play with this laptop.
  • Last but not least, please try not to use the pushing software or program that demands the CPU to push itself out of the limit.
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How To Cool Down a Laptop

Now learn how to cool down laptop on a regular basis. However, if you follow some steps, your new laptop can relieve you from overheating.  So, to get it cool for a while, you can place the laptop at a cooling pad. It can control the heat of using the laptop for hours.

Moreover, you can shut down the laptop when you see it is becoming hotter than the previous time. Because laptop overheating and shutting down is like both sides of a coin. In regard to experts, it is the best and safest solution to make the laptop cool.

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Sometimes, you can plug off all the cables that are heaving your laptop. And remove the battery (if possible) for a while. After some minutes, you can reseat the battery on the place again.

Always try to keep the laptop on a hard and flat table. In this matter, a wooden or bamboo laptop desk is highly recommended.

Laptop Overheating While Gaming

However, now turned into a common problem and that is, facing the overheating problem when someone is in the game.

You may face this problem and wonder why is my laptop overheating while I’m playing any game. It is not a concerning fact as long as the temperature rises up to 80° or 90° Celsius.

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When you play any game on the laptop, it pushes the high-performance processors, which generate a lot of heat when it is loaded. Moreover, sometimes the use of dedicated graphics cards is also responsible for making the laptop hot.

So, when you experience it, try to give a short break so that the laptop can be relaxed from its loading period. 

Also, open task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar. And then find out which program is using your system so much that it’s getting overheated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my new laptop get so hot?

Well, in a word, it can happen for several reasons. For instance, if there is no sufficient cooling system or the ports get blocked, the laptop can become hot. Basically, if your laptop gets any barrier throwout the way of the air or pressure, it can be overheated, no matter either the laptop is old or new.

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Is it okay that my laptop gets hot?

From our personal experience, it is not okay for a laptop to get too hot, especially a new one. Because if a laptop gets extremely hot for a long time, and if it has a server problem, there is a chance of getting an explosion. It might harm your laptop’s internal parts as well.

Do new laptops overheat?

Definitely, if there are junk problems on the cooling fan or system issue, a new laptop can be overheated. But in this case, one can control the heating by cooling it by shutting down or using a cooling pad. These are the easiest ways to keep the laptop cool.

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Can a laptop explode from overheating?

Yes, It can happen! There are so many accidents that occurred by explosions from laptops overheating. However, there is no guarantee that only old laptops can explode, but also a new ones. So you have to find out the solution and take measures to control overheating.


So, consequently, we can say that you now know the answer to your headache reason, why my new laptop overheating? If you can realize that, surely you can solve the problem by following the reasons and solutions.

However, after all the discussion, we can say that overheating problems regarding a laptop, either a new one or an old one is very dangerous. Because if you allow your laptop to be overheated, it can damage the internal parts. Not only that, in some cases, it can be exploded. 

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Then, as a result, you will suffer for a long list. So, follow the laptop overheating solutions.

And make the tech journey smooth and risk-free.

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