Why are Microsoft Surface Laptops So Expensive?

Why are Microsoft Surface laptops so expensive? Well, that is quite the same price as an Apple MacBook. But still, some business profile people are really happy with this.

There are some major facts, including the brand name Microsoft that makes these laptops so so pricy. However, we will disclose them all in this context.

So, keep on reading to know the reasons that make these laptops expensive and is the price really worth it or not.

Here’s Why Microsoft Surface Laptops Are So Expensive

Many reasons make Microsoft Surface laptops demand such high prices compared to others. The price of Microsoft surface laptops is comparable with the MacBook Pro sometimes. But indeed, some points make these laptops get the tagline as Premium!

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Let’s give full details about the factors that make Microsoft Surface laptops so pricier.

Simple But Classy Design

First of all, its design. As we all know, its design is different from other brands. Lightweight featuring a thin and classy look makes these laptops a unique place on the market.

An elegant keyboard finishes with a Touch sensor and HD graphics sensor. However, the brand tag- Microsoft also hikes the price, you know!

Premium Quality Built

The second point that comes in the catch that makes Surface laptops so high price is their quality built. The laptops are built with the latest-gen processor, which provides better performance and speed.

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It is built with the latest-gen processor, making it two times faster at work, improving speed, and ensuring better performance. Instant-on and the keyboard are comfortable, easily run and increase productivity.

You may assume that you can go for Dell XPS or MacBook with the same price as a Microsoft laptop, including more specs. But you see, you obviously get something fast responsive device that anyone would like to have while looking for something premium.

Reliable Brand Tag

One of the biggest reasons Surface laptops being so pricy is their brand tag. Yes, Microsoft means something ultra-dimensional. The brand has always come up with uniqueness, and the name compels their devices to be pricier.

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However, you also get something reliable also.

With Windows, you will be up and running in no time. Keep your material secure in the cloud with integrated OneDrive, and get the most out of Office 365 with quicker browsing.

Robust For Business Class People

Microsoft comes with Windows 10 Home, giving you the powerful Windows features you need at a great price. Windows 10 Pro or the Surface Laptop 3 for Business can be effective for extra enterprise management and security capabilities for the office.

For connecting to screens, docking stations, and other devices and charging accessories, the Microsoft surface includes USB-C and USB-A connections, interactive touchscreen, improved Studio Mics, wake on voice, and much more connectivity settings. All the features make it easier than ever to get into your flow and make essential connections.

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Furthermore, they have up to 17.5 hours of battery life and increased standby time when you are not using the device, which is the positive part of the device, making the laptops more popular.

Still, Why Buy These Laptops?

We all know, Microsoft Surface laptops are expensive. Still, why buy these laptops?

The laptop includes unique features by ensuring better performance, speed, instant-on, better power, and battery life, And all these things make it worth buying.

Many people might think, is it worth buying a Microsoft Surface laptop? Definitely yes, especially when you need something more productive, or you are always on fieldwork and need something powerful to support you with proper backup, the Microsoft Surface series is really going to meet your needs.

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You can check out Microsoft Surface Pro laptops and Microsoft Surface laptops 4 that are 2 different legendaries of Microsoft. The Surface Pro is a tablet, whereas the Surface Laptop 4 is a laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth buying a Microsoft Surface laptop?

Yes, they are worth buying. Unique models are available with elegant designs and comfortable structures. Thin body, lightweight, touchscreen display, etc., makes it worthy. Moreover, its processor and storage space make it faster work, speed movements, and fast charge. They are expensive, but they are worth it.

Can you buy a Surface Pro instead of a laptop?

No, a surface pro is not in replace of a laptop. Surface Pro is a tablet. And it is designed based on different functionality and factors. Surface Pro works with removable type covers and surface pens.

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Is the Microsoft Surface Pro good for students?

Yes, Microsoft Surface Pro is good to use for students. They are not laptops, it is a tablet with functions that are ideal for students. They give a better battery charge which is beneficial for students. But if you have some budget limit, you can get a better one with this price along with some more specs.

What makes the Microsoft Surface Pro different from a laptop?

A surface pro and a laptop both are products of Microsoft but different in their form. A Microsoft Surface Pro is a tablet coming with a small screen, and a Microsoft surface laptop is a laptop with a bigger screen. However, both are designed with lightweight and elegance that make the brand popular comparing other budget-worthy Dell or HP.

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Why get a Surface Pro in lieu of a laptop?

Getting a surface pro instead of a laptop makes sense because it is convenient compared to surface laptops. Surface Pro is a portable tablet in size, has a smaller screen, and is lighter than a surface laptop which is beneficial to every user.


So, now we hope you know well why Microsoft Surface laptops are so expensive.

Indeed it’s pricey, but it includes productive features different from other mid-range budget laptop brands like HP or Dell. However, the excellent quality comes at a high price.

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