Can You Charge iPhone 11 Pro Max with Old Charger? Know Now

You have opened this article, which means you may have a new iPhone 11 pro max or the charger is not working or you need to charge it using another charger. Is it right? If …

You have opened this article, which means you may have a new iPhone 11 pro max or the charger is not working or you need to charge it using another charger. Is it right?

If you intend to use your older charger, there is a chance of appearing a question: Can you charge iPhone 11 pro max with an old charger? In short, it is a yes, you can use your old Apple charger to charge the iPhone 11 pro max, but some conditions apply as not all old chargers can work well here.

Moreover, this article is going to help you by explaining what kind of iPhone charger you can use for your 11 pro max, how many watts range chargers are allowed to use, and there is any problem if you choose the wrong charger for your 11 pro max.

The Answer: Can You Charge iPhone 11 Pro Max with Old Charger

To commence with, your expected answer is, Yes. You can charge iPhone 11 Pro Max with another Apple charger. There is no prohibition of using an older charger to an 11 Pro Max.

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Moreover, you can get a suggestion for using an older charger based on the ranges, which are 5W, 10W, 12W, and 18 W.

As long as the minimum to maximum power wattage range matches, it is perfectly okay to charge an 11 Pro max. But do know that a lower Watt charger adapter can charge slowly than it can do with the original 18W fast charger.

However, if you have an iPhone 11 fast charger, it will be better to use that. Because some range cable chargers are responsible for making the iPhone hot.  So you may not be supposed to make your phone hot, right? 

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There are some categories of what kind of chargers you can use for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. So let’s know about it in detail.

What Kind Of Charger Does The iPhone 11 Pro Max Use?

Well, if you get an intake iPhone 11 pro Max, you will see that the Model comes with a USB-C type cable featuring an 18 W charger. But if you buy it second-hand, then you may not get it at all. So then you will have to collect an old Apple charger or reuse your older one if you have one.

You can test your iPhone 11 pro max charger Specs by charging for a while. And then if you become satisfied with charging time and if it does not become hot, you can use it.

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Does It Matter What Charger I Use for My iPhone?

It is doubtful, but obviously, it does matter.

You cannot use a random charger that is not an Apple charger. If you want to use a cord that matches the iPhone’s charging port, you are not welcome to do that.

Instead, you have to choose the apple fast charger iPhone 11 for better performance. If you do not use a good range quality apple charger, your iPhone may get harmful and ruin battery health.

Can You Charge iPhone 11 Pro With iPhone 7 Charger?

Oh, If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 plus and an intake charger, you may think that ‘can you use it? Before answering this matter, let me clarify that this article describes the watts that are capable of operating in 11 Pro Max.

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Interestingly, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with a 5W USB charger. And what we knew before is that we can use a 5W apple charger that is compatible to use for 11 Pro Max.

The new edition of the iPhone, iPhone 11 Pro Max, is designed to support the USB cord, so we can say indeed, you can use your iPhone 7 charger for the 11 Pro max. 

Can I Use a 5W Charger For iPhone 11 Pro?

Definitely, yes. Since the Apple team suggests using the 5W charger for our new iPhone 11 Pro Max, why should we be confused about using it?

You can use a 5W charger for 11 Pro Max. But you have to make sure that the charger is okay, not damaged.

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If it becomes a damaged cable, it is very risky to use because it can catch fire and harm your iPhone and entire assets too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use an old charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Yes, you can use your old charger if you have an iPhone 11 charger type charger. But in this case, you have to identify if the old charger has the compatibility range to charge the 11 Pro Max. You are allowed to use your 5 watts or 12 watts or 10 watts old charger for sure. If you have one of those range chargers, then you can reuse it for your 11Pro Max.

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Can I use a 30W charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Yes, you can use your 30 watts old apple charger for iPhone 11 pro max. There is compatibility to use 20 watts to 30 watts PD charger. But the Apple support line does not recommend using Apple 29 watts to charge 11 pro max. Because it can make your iPhone noticeably hot compared to a regular 18 watt PD charger, so, to sum up, in a sentence, you can use a 30W charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Can Apple chargers catch fire?

This question is pretty much tricky. Because there is no assurance of not catching fire on either an Apple charger or another charger. Basically, it is quite protected from catching fire, but if your apple charger becomes damaged, it can cause a fire. And as a consequence, it can shock you or can harm your iPhone. Another reason is that if you use your charger when it remains moisturized somehow, sometimes it can cause a fire.

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Final Verdict

To wrap up the whole discussion, our team hopes that you will be pleased after reading the article based on your query. We think you got your answer of can you charge iPhone 11 pro max with old charger.

However, before using your old charger in iPhone 11 Pro Max, we suggest you use your iPhone 11 fast charger because it is faster and reliable too.

Your older charger can be good and may not harm on the 11 pro max; still, there is a hassle of checking how many watts are holding the cable or cord.

However, if you know well about the capability of the watts, then it is perfectly fine to use the older charger. 

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