Can You Charge Magic Mouse with iPhone Charger?

You may have bought a Magic Mouse 2 for your MAC. The multi-touch option of the mouse makes it easy to navigate your laptop. After weeks of use, you have to charge the mouse. Unfortunately, …

You may have bought a Magic Mouse 2 for your MAC. The multi-touch option of the mouse makes it easy to navigate your laptop. After weeks of use, you have to charge the mouse. Unfortunately, the mouse does not come with any charger. But you already have an iPhone charger. So, can you charge Magic Mouse with iPhone charger? 

Apple Magic Mouse 2 has a built-in and non-replaceable battery. So, charging the lithium-ion battery is a matter of concern for the users. You need a charger or adapter that is compatible with the Magic Mouse. 

Can You Charge Magic Mouse with iPhone Charger? 

Yes, you can charge Magic Mouse 2 with iPhone charger. And the same work for the magic mouse.

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So, you do not need to worry about charging your magic mouse anymore. However, the charger has to be compatible with the mouse.

If you are using the official iPhone charger from Apple for your iPhone, then there is no issue. You can use the same charger for recharging Magic Mouse 2. 

Most of the latest iPhone charger has an 18-20W USB-C power adapter and a USB-C lightning cable. If you read the product overview of the adapter, it mentions,

“The power adapter is compatible with any USB-C enabled device.”

Since Magic Mouse 2 has a USB-C port, it undoubtedly falls under the device category mentioned in the product overview of the iPhone charger. When you buy the mouse, you will also get USB-C to Lightning Cable with the mouse. 

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This cable is the same as the Lightning to USB cable for charging iPhones. Thus, you can easily interchange the cables if one gets damaged or lost.  

The Batteries of Magic Mouse & iPhone Charger

To make things clear, let us compare the batteries of the magic mouse and iPhone.  

The Magic Mouse 2 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is a built-in battery which means you do not have to remove the battery to replace it. Thus, the mouse does not have any cover to remove batteries. 

You do not need to buy new batteries because the lithium-ion battery of the mouse can work for almost a month once fully charged. They even charge faster than any other battery. In fact, you can use the mouse for 8 to 9 hours, charging for only a few minutes.  

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Now, can an iPhone charger recharge Magic Mouse? Well, it can charge iPhones and iPods, right? Similar to Magic Mouse 2, Apple also uses lithium-ion technology to build batteries for iPhones. Therefore, logically, it is compatible with Magic Mouse 2. 

Besides, the adapter of the iPhone charger has an automatic protection circuit. Thus, you do not have to worry about overheating, overcharging, and short circuits that may damage your Magic Mouse 2. 

How to Charge Magic Mouse With iPhone Charger

So, how can you charge magic mouse with iPhone charger? It is quite easy to charge Magic Mouse 2 with iPhone charger. All you need is your Lightning to USB-C Cable and the adapter or iPhone Charger. Also, Make sure to turn on your mouse when you are charging it. 

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Here are the steps of Charging your Magic Mouse 2 with iPhone Charger:

Step 1: Find the USB-C Lightning Port

The location of the lightning port of the new Magic Mouse is one of the chief concerns for users. It is situated on the bottom of the mouse, but you have to flip the mouse to find it. You will see a rectangular charging port under the Apple icon and some texts. 

Step 2: Insert the USB-C Cable

Now, take your lightning cable. You can use either the one that came with the mouse or the one from your original iPhone charger. Then insert the head of the cable into the USB port of the mouse. Then plug the other end into the adapter. 

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Step 3: Plug the Adapter on the Socket 

Next, find a power outlet or socket to plug in the charger. It can be a wall socket or multi-plug. Make sure you have plugged the charger pins firmly into the socket. 

So, this is how you recharge your Magic Mouse 2. You can charge it for a few minutes to use for 8 to 9 hours. Or, you can leave it on charge for 4 to 6 hours to get a full charge. After that, you can use the mouse for three to 4 weeks without charging. 

How to Tell If the Magic Mouse Is Charging? 

Well, if you want to be sure of the Magic Mouse charging indicator, you will notice a light glowing around the mouse edges when you connect the lightning cable with power.

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But unfortunately, there is no charging indicator on the magic mouse 2. So, to check the charging level here, you can try some alternatives.

For instance, there are 2 ways to check the charging status of the mouse. 

Way: 1

After a few minutes of charging,

  • Connect your mouse with your Macbook/iMac.
  • Go to the macOS Menu Bar.
  • On the right corner, you will see the Bluetooth icon. Click the icon, and you will see connected devices.
  • Then choose Magic Mouse 2 and see the charge level. 

Way: 2

You can also check the charging status by going to the System presence.

  • After opening the system presence
  • Click on the mouse option.
  • There you will see the charging level on the bottom. 
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If you see the charging level increased, then Bingo! You can now easily charge your Magic Mouse 2 with an iPhone charger.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use My Phone Charger To Charge My Mouse?

You can use your iphone charger as long as it is compatible with the Magic Mouse 2. Chargers that do not match with the mouse can damage the mouse. So, it is better to use official chargers or adapters from Apple to charge your Magic Mouse.

How Do I Know If Magic Mouse Is Charging?

Although the first Magic mouse has charging indicators on it, the new Magic Mouse 2 does not have any charging indicator. So, you have to check the charge status on your Mac. You have to connect the mouse via Bluetooth. Then check the charge level from the Bluetooth option or the system preference.

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How Long Does It Take Magic Mouse To Charge?

It does not take too long to charge Magic Mouse 2. You can charge it for 3 to 5 minutes and use it for straight 9 hours. If you want to fully charge the mouse, you can leave it on charge for 4 to 6 hours. This will charge the mouse for a month-long use.


So, can you charge Magic Mouse with iPhone charger? The answer is yes. Apple built the chargers to work with almost all of their USB-C-supported devices. Since The Magic Mouse 2 is lightning to USB-C supported, it can also be charged with iPhone chargers.

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 Besides, iPhone and Magic Mouse have similar batteries, which are made of lithium-ion. So, the charger is definitely compatible with the mouse. 

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