Can You Use A Intel CPU With An AMD Motherboard? Know before Building

Should you use Intel CPU or AMD CPU? Is it possible to use an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard? No, it’s definitely not possible. And do you know the major reasons why? Just read …

Should you use Intel CPU or AMD CPU? Is it possible to use an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard? No, it’s definitely not possible. And do you know the major reasons why? Just read to get into the real gist.

Intel and AMD keep launching unique processors for gaming, transcoding, and some productive activities. Both are good options for desktops. Both are tough competitors in the case of the performance spectrum, budgets, demands in the market. But both don’t work well with each other.

If you are confused about getting your build in between the two, go through the explanation first.

Can You Use a Intel CPU With An AMD Motherboard?

At present, no motherboard supports both Intel and AMD processors. One can use only use the processor and motherboard of the same company.

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So, you can not use Intel with an AMD motherboard.

Can I Use Intel Processor On AMD Motherboard?

As we said, you should not use an Intel processor on an AMD motherboard. Do you know why?

If you keep forcing the sockets to fit in, you will end up getting bent pins and twisted processors. It will be damaged internally and won’t function appropriately later.

To keep in mind is always to try to buy processors and motherboards from the same company. Otherwise, it won’t fit easily. So it’s impossible to merge an AMD motherboard with Intel CPU together.

Why Doesn’t Intel With AMD Motherboard Work Together?

AMD and Intel follow different technology and architecture. Their way of action is different from each other.

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AMD sockets are of a PGA (Pin Grid Array) design, while Intel sockets have an LGA (Land Grid Array) design. They have totally different mechanisms of insertions.

If Intel has 775 sockets on the processors, AMD has more sockets, like 987 or more.

So due to different socket types and pin numbers, it doesn’t fit easily unless force is given. But by forcing the pins to place, you will damage your own devices. Stay cautious about that. It will be of no use if someone buys a CPU from Intel and a motherboard from AMD.

That’s why we suggest you go with the AMD motherboard and processor if the work is tedious. It is suitable for gaming and streaming, too, compared to Intel. It’s better to do some research before buying such expensive stuff.

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Then, motherboards have a chipset to work with a particular group of CPUs. Unfortunately, they can’t work with anything other than their own company. Intel processor and AMD motherboard are of opposite spectrum. They have different socket types. They can’t work together.

Don’t try to force the pins into sockets. It will break the entire mechanism later. In that case, you can return either the CPU or the motherboard.

Get a matching CPU and motherboard from Intel or a matching CPU or motherboard from AMD. Ask an expert or check their website so that your money doesn’t go in vain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens If You Put An Intel CPU In An AMD motherboard?

It won’t fit into the motherboard. As they have different types of sockets, you will end up with bent and twisted pins. Both motherboard and CPU will be useless. So restrain yourself from doing that and advise others.

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Is Intel Cheaper Than AMD?

No, AMD is cheaper than Intel. AMD is less expensive in comparison with Intel at a higher range. But AMD is more efficient than Intel. Know that AMD is selling cheaper but better processors by providing multi-threaded performance.

What AMD Processor Is Equal To i5?

The closest equivalent processor for Intel core i5 is AMD Ryzen 5. Both have the exact cache sizes, CPU cores and numbers of simultaneous threads, DRAM support, and GPU speed. So Ryzen 5 is equal to i5.


Intel and AMD have been working on upgrading their versions and bringing something different and efficient to users from time to time. They can’t be compared so easily as they are the best in their own way. But in terms of working better, slower, or faster, you need to check their individual compatible chips while buying them.

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Can you use a intel CPU with an AMD motherboard? Which one is cheaper? We have discussed everything for your kind information.If you are looking for the right idea, give the whole a read.

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