[Fixed] How to Know Why Computer Doesn’t Turn On When Pressing Power Button?

Are you facing a problem that your computer doesn’t turn on when pressing power button? Don’t panic, and try to know about the possible issues and find a solution. It is hard to identify every …

Are you facing a problem that your computer doesn’t turn on when pressing power button? Don’t panic, and try to know about the possible issues and find a solution.

It is hard to identify every possible issue that can happen with your computer. It can occur if your computer is not receiving any power.

There are several reasons that can cause your pc won’t turn on.

Here, we discuss some issues that commonly cause when pc doesn’t turn on and their possible solutions. So don’t waste your time go through the content for a possible solution to turn on your computer.

Possible Reasons- Why My Computer Doesn’t Turn On When Pressing Power Button

To fix any problem at first, you need to know the reasons behind it. One of the main reasons that your computer won’t turn on is power loss. It also can happen due to other reasons too.

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To make sure, check if the internal system of your computer is receiving power or not. If your computer is not receiving any power, it may be the loose cables, power supply, AC adaptor, or battery.

Otherwise, if the power supply green light but the computer won’t turn on or the motherboard light is lighting up, it may be the hardware, pc fan, BIOS, or power button.

We will discuss the identification and fixing of the reasons that cause computer won’t turn on after holding the power button.

Diagnosis Issues And Possible Solutions

Depending on the computer power receiving or not, we can divide the problems into two types they are describing below

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Computer Shows No Power

If your PC doesn’t turn on, there are no lights, no fans running, and nothing on-screen, the computer probably has a power issue.

Power Source and Cables

The first thing to check when your computer won’t turn on after pressing power button is cables.

  • Check the wall outlet if it is active or not with another device. If it is not working go for another outlet which you know is working.
  • If the outlet is okay, make sure the power strip is not loose and plugged in correctly and on the power switch. Then, remove the power distribution device and directly plug your pc on the wall outlet. If it gets started, you need to replace the power distribution device
  • Then check if all the cables are plugged, not loose, and connected properly.
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After checking all the power cables and outlets, now it’s time to check the wires inside your case.

  • To check the inside wiring of the case, first unplug all the power cables, USB cables from the CPU.
  • Open the case with the help of a screwdriver, check all connections between the component and the power supply.
  • If any connection is loose or faulty, reset or replace the connection.

AC Adapter

Now time to check the PC power cable or AC adaptor. The cable connects the PC case and the  PSU and supplies power to the computer or the laptop.

The AC adaptor has a little light on it. If the light is not on then, it isn’t charging your battery. You can replace the C13 cable with a similar gauge.

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Power Supply Unit Issue

If all the cables and connections seem okay but still no power light motherboard, check the PSU of your PC. A nonworking power supply unit is the most common reason for a computer not receiving power.

Your power supply may not be working at all. To be sure, test the power supply unit with working hardware. The power supply unit should be replaced with a new one.

Battery Problem

When your computer PSU and all the cables are working, then it could be the battery. To check it, remove the battery from your PC and connect directly to the outlet.

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If the computer turns on with AC power, it indicates the battery has a problem.  Replacing your computer battery will solve the problem.

Luckily, it is not mandatory to install a new battery.  You can also use a computer directly with AC power without installing a battery.

Motherboard Or Other Hardware

If all the cables and power supply connections are good, but your computer still does not turn, it could be the hardware. It also can happen when the motherboard has any blown capacitor, broken circuit, or CMOS battery.

Check the battery if it is working. Otherwise, replacing the motherboard is the best solution at this point.

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Did you install a new component on your computer recently? Other components like the RAM, graphics card, or hard drive can cause this too. Try to start your computer removing those components. If it works, replace that piece of hardware.

Computer Has Power But Won’t Turn On

If the power green light is blinking, but the computer won’t turn on, it may be the can be caused by different reasons like a bad power button, motherboard BIOS,

Power button

If the computer is getting power, the fan is working, and the motherboard light is on, it may be the power button. Sometimes the culprit behind the computer doesn’t turn is power button.

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Check the motherboard for an onboard power button. If it works, the case power button is bad. Replace the power button.

When the motherboard doesn’t have an onboard power button, you can try the following process

  • There are power switch headers on the motherboard labeled as PWR-SW; one of them has “+,” and another has a “-” symbol.
  • Remove the power button wire from the headers.
  • Connect motherboard power cables
  • Now touch the screwdriver to the two power switch header pins. If all the connections are correctly connected, the PC will start immediately.

Motherboard BIOS

Do you know if your motherboard BIOS is not current, your computer won’t boot? Yes, Your computer may stop working if the Motherboard BIOS is not updated.

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Check for the most recent version of your motherboard BIOS and update it. After doing that, your computer will start to work again. For different motherboards, BIOS are also different. For updated BIOS, check your manufacturer’s website.


Alas! My computer doesn’t turn on when pressing power button. This can be a matter of worry for anyone. Be patient; this can be solved if you have some technical knowledge and know some tricks.

Be careful when handling the power cables and power source. Make sure the power cables, USB cables are removed before you open the computer case. Check every cable connection to their place.

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We listed here some troubleshooting processes. However, if you read through every process carefully, you will be able to identify the problem and solve it.

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