Crucial Vs HyperX Ram- Check The Guide Before You Buy!

What is the key difference between Crucial and HyperX Ram? The renowned company Micron manufactures Crucial. That means Crucial rams come straight from the Micron factory. So, there remains no doubt on the originality and …

What is the key difference between Crucial and HyperX Ram? The renowned company Micron manufactures Crucial. That means Crucial rams come straight from the Micron factory. So, there remains no doubt on the originality and reliability. On the other hand, Kingston Technology Corporation manufactures HyperX rams. Now HP owns the HyperX.

However, the major differences come actually in the purpose of usage. As these two manufacturers have gained popularity over time, they create a clash like- Crucial vs HyperX Ram.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the details to know more about these two rams.

Crucial vs HyperX Ram- Quick Comparison Table

Best Purpose ProductionProduces the best high-performance RAMsProduces the best ram for PC gaming
Processor SupportabilitySupports both an Intel and AMD processorSupports both in XMP and Ryzen
Operation SpeedHave headroom for superfast multitaskingCan handle both gaming and using other applications at the same time
Power SavingOffers less power consumptionRequires minimum power energy and saves a lot
Looks and Performance CapabilityPerformance intensive ram with a traditional lookMore aggressive looking ram with smoother performance

From the quick comparison table above, you can see a quick view of these two rams. Now, let’s figure out the details about them.

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Options And Overall Performance

Whether you are a gamer or someone who prefers a high-performance pc for your regular work, Crucial has got your back in all situations. They have varieties of options on their rams. You are definitely going to love their rams if you multitask on your PC.

Their 8GB DDR4 ram is the most popular and the best DDR4 ram for professional use. For example, let’s think you’re a content creator. So, you must need a ram that can support your high-definition video editing or handle your graphics. Among users, this ram from Crucial has been appreciated so much for the work.

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And if you want a ram for your gaming PC, You can upgrade to Crucial Ballistix series rams. It shocked the users quite well when they got fantastic performance using this ram, which didn’t cost a lot of money.

HyperX Or Crucial Ram for Gaming

There are different range rams in the Crucial Ballistix series. Each of the newer versions performs better than the other. But still, you can get overall the best performance out of all. Besides, Crucial rams support for both XMP 2.0 and JEDEC profiles.

HyperX is known for its popularity in gaming PCs. They are the best ram for gaming. However, they have more rams than Crucial like HyperX Fury and HyperX Impact rams, which serve general purpose usage and professional usage. But nothing can beat HyperX rams specifically for gaming.

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The HyperX memory supports both Intel XMP and AMD Ryzen processors. Besides, it comes with a plug-and-play feature. So, no panicking for theinstallation. Moreover, the automatic overclocking functionality enables this module to reach its maximum clock speed whenever possible. And that is precise without needing any tweaking on the BIOS settings.

Built Design & Outer Look

Crucial makes their ram with the highest build quality. They make the rams in traditional designs. But now they are upgrading to more premium color and quality material. You can get the Crucial rams in three different colors.

People who use their Desktop and Laptop heavily often worry about the heat up produced. To give a solution to this problem, Crucial integrates an Aluminum heat spreader on the ram chips. It does a decent heat dissipation job.

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Let’s move on to HyperX rams. Talking about HyperX, the first thing that pops up in mind is its body’s matte black super attractive finish. It has a more aggressive look with top-notch finishing. And you will come to experience the premium feelings just right when you hold the ram in your hands.

HyperX comes in four different classy colors. Also, this ram takes control of overheating and does not create any issue with other motherboard components. So, no need to worry about what’s going on inside.

Memory Speed and Capacity

Both Crucial and HyperX offer DDR2 to DDR5 rams. They have different frequency rams like 2400 MHz, 3200 MHz. Using these rams, you will get no FPS drop and no hassle dealing with ultra-graphics. You can enjoy a more realistic and vivid gaming experience with smoother performance.

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With tests, reviews, and benchmarks, Crucial has confirmed the remarkable clock speed and overclocking potential. So, you enjoy smooth gameplay even with multiple apps running in the background.

HyperX also offers DDR2 to DDR5 rams. You will get the finest and highest frequency rams here of 3733MHz, which is quite a considerable fact that intensifies your gaming quality. So, no doubt you are boosting up the gaming quality using HyperX rams.

Energy Consumption

Crucial has a reputation for reduced power consumption up to 40%. Most of the rams from them draw 1.2Volts of power. And some of them draw 1.35Volts with the highest clock speed of 3200 MHz.

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So, you can see the ram is consuming less power and working as you want. This is how it becomes a cost-effective decision to move into Crucial rams. These rams are non-ECC. So, it is faster than the ECC ones. HyperX rams also draw 1.2Volts of energy and optimize the highest frequency.

Price Point Comparison

Different sizes and category ram prices may vary vividly. But if you compare HyperX vs Crucial ram in the same category, Crucial rams are comparably lower in price than HyperX rams. You will find a standard series Crucial ram cheaper than a typical series HyperX ram.

Then again, in gaming PC rams, HyperX rams provide their best with causing you a little bit of extra money.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is crucial a good brand for RAM?

Crucial is a famous brand for RAM. Users all over the world have always liked Crucial rams since they started their journey. From normal usage to professional and gaming usage, Crucial has made its remark.

Is HyperX RAM good for Ryzen?

HyperX rams are good for Ryzen. They also support XMP. Besides, the plug-and-play in HyperX will save you from the setup hassle.

Is Crucial trustworthy?

There is absolutely nothing to question about the trustworthiness in Crucial rams. Because they have been in the business for years and still stand out as a successful brand for the rams, it has only become possible for the customer’s reliability and trust in Crucial from the beginning till now.

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Which Ram Brand Is for You?

TO sum up the debate for Crucial vs HyperX Ram, which one from the above is going to be the best ram for your PC?

As far as we have come to know in this article about these two bad boys, we got it straight that both of them are bosses. So, choosing one between them seems a little tricky.

The only factor that matters to consider now is the looks and the price point. If you want a ram that looks more premium, you can go for the HyperX. But only if you agree to spend a little more.

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If it is the performance that only matters to you, then Crucial is built for you. Besides, why spend more for nearly the same quality?

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