Do Modular Power Supplies Come with Cables Or Not?

Do modular power supplies come with cables? Typically all the power supplies, modular or not, come with different cables and wires. But the question can be how these cables come. Are you confused with all …

Do modular power supplies come with cables? Typically all the power supplies, modular or not, come with different cables and wires. But the question can be how these cables come.

Are you confused with all these cables and wires of your PSU? No worries, we will clarify all your modular and non-modular PSU cable confusions in this article.

Know the required cables for your modular and non-modular power supply system and find out if they can be altered, cut off, or added as you need. Don’t miss a part to get the most out of our article and take your PSU set up totally under control.

Do Modular Power Supplies Come with Cables: A to Z Guide

So, here is a straight answer: yes, a modular power supply comes with all the necessary cables that a computer setup needs.

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The only difference with a non-modular power supply is that the cable comes separately. And so, you get complete access to connect all the cables manually.

With a modular power supply, you can easily connect only the cable you need with accessible cable management inside the case.

Basically, it was introduced to the users is for hassle-free cable management that was a daydream for the semi-modular and non-modular systems.

However, check out the cables that you will find come along with the modular PSU, or you will require. Then we will narrow it down to our modular and non-modular thoughts.

Modular Power Supply Cables

  1. Motherboard (MB) cable: A twenty-four-pin cable to connect one end with the right side of your motherboard and another to the PC. This is the first one of your cables that you’ll need to attach.
  2. CPU to PSU cable: It looks like a PCI cable, but to differentiate the CPU end is labeled “CPU”. It is a four-pin connector.
  3. PCI cables: An eight-pin connector for graphics card installation.
  4. VGA cables: Also a graphics card installation cable. One end is plugged into the card and the other into the PCI/VGA slot on your PSU.
  5. SATA cables: Used for hard drives and solid drives connecting. It has a SATA port on the board to get connected.
  6. Molex cables: To connect fans, RGB controller, and other accessories. Has a four-pin plug.
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Does A Modular Power Supply Come With Cables

Any PSU will come with a few cables listed above, but you might find them attached or separate. Sometimes, there can be some more cables like a crypto coin mining rig that will require an excessive power connection than any typical pc, and you don’t need to connect them and keep your PSU free from the cable trap surrounding it.

So, as you have the list of cables now, have a look at the PSU and start avoiding unnecessary cables for a more prominent look.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are modular and non-modular power supply cable same?

All modular and non-modular power supplies come with different cables as per requirements. But these cables might not be the same for every power supply.

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What is the difference between modular and non-modular PSU?

The modular and non-modular PSU have differences in both the cable setups and overall performance. Like, a non-modular PSU has a poor airflow system, poor cable management, need to remove all wires while replacing but easily fitted to any computer casing. On the other hand, a fully modular PSU has good control over the wires, ensuring good airflow, and perfect cable management.

Can I use modular PSU cables for non-modular PSU?

Any PSU comes with a different number of cables, whether modular or not. Most of them might be mutual for both types. So, if you are willing to use the modular cables for your non-modular PSU, find out the number of slots it has and if all of them are required.

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Final Words

So, do modular power supplies come with cables? We hope you have already got the answer. But here, we have something more to add with.

A modular PSU has way more advantages than a non-modular one. The best of it is the perfection in cable management. This helps your system serve a higher performance level. The system is protected from getting overheated, easy removal and replacing facilities, and adequate airflow through the casing.

Why add such information in the ending? Well, it is not just some concluding words, but to show you the benefits you might overlook using a modular power supply system.

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