How To Blur License Plate On iPhone Photos Or Videos In 3 Easy Ways!

how to blur license plate on iphone

The license plate is a sensitive thing. So, blurring license plates is protection against leakages of that sensitive information. This license plate can be your beloved SUV while you are taking shots on your iPhone. So, here we will discuss how to blur license plate on iPhone while taking a photo or shooting your next vlogs. Here, we have shown some effective and practical methods to blur the license plate or any other sensitive object with some easy steps.

Let’s check them out!

How To Blur License Plate On iPhone: Blur From Photos Or Videos

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This is very easy to create blurry photo on iPhone. You can easily do blurring on your image using the iPhone’s portrait mode. Yes, it is not only effective for background blurring but blurring any object. Portrait mode is available in almost every version of the iPhone, such as iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, 11 max pro, and so on. But if you didn’t know its use, then no point in using the iPhone. Let’s see how you can take a photo with a blurred object.

Method-1: Blur License Plate From Photos Using  Portrait Mode

  • Firstly, open the camera application on your iPhone.
  • Tap portrait, which might be on the right side above the shot button line.
  • Now scroll through the different lighting options and tap on one before framing your shot.
  • Check your subject it should be between two to eight feet from the camera’s lens.
  • Keep the license plate out of the focusing frame.
  • Now, press the shutter and check the taken photo.
  • However, you can edit the blur intensity by editing the image.

All iPhone users can blur license plates or any part of any moving or running object, even in videos. You can also do this by changing some settings or cameras.

Method-2: Blur License Plate On Videos Using MovStash App

Well, with the MovStash app, you can blur any object in videos in three modes. One is blurring in the entire video, blurring with simple blur mode, and the last one is the timeline mode.

Let’s see how you can do this.

  • Open the MovStash app.
  • Select the mode that you would like to use.
  • Tap on the video icon in the middle to add a video from your gallery or take live videos.
  • After selecting your video, you will see the blur part that you can edit from the bottom line.
  • Edit where to set the blurry part and then edit the blur shape and intensity from the options available below.

In this way, using the MovStash app, you can easily blur any part of the video or even shoot live video with the blur mode on and protect your personal cases.

Method-3: Blur The License Plate On Videos Using iMovie

Blurring any part of the video using iMovie is quite popular and highly reviewed. It’s a damn good app to edit your videos professionally.

The steps are as follows-

  • Open the iMovie app.
  • Tap on the (+) sign saying create a project.
  • Then a pop-up comes—select movie from there.
  • Now, add the photo media or video from the media library.
  • Tap on the (+) sign available there to add it to the iMovie editing timeline.
  • After that, it may let you add any picture on the video as an alternative to the blurring part.
  • For that, add the media photo and select the ‘picture in picture’ option.
  • After adding the photo, edit the area of which part you want to hide.
  • Then, drag the picture and set it on the part that will be hidden.
  • And check the video now with the license plate hidden.

Another way you can try to blur the license plate is the iPhone’s media edit option. Here you can edit them after clicking photos or recording videos. Just go to the iPhone edit option, choose the video, then make something like brushing on the part using your finger. And you will see the part is blurred that you just brushed.

Also, there are different shapes and patterns are available for the blurry area -round, triangle, and rectangle you can use any of them. After selecting the blur shape, place it where you need it. Then the part will be blurred even when the object is running.

Is There Any Importance Of Blurring License Plate?

People blur license plates to ensure the privacy of personal data or to avoid incriminating themselves. When you blur your license plate, no one can mess with you. There is much theft that surprised us with hacking our personal information sometimes, and we wonder how they do this.

So, it is better to keep your personal information hidden while you share any photos or videos publicly on social media.

Vehicles Being Stolen

Missing vehicles is an everyday issue. But to find it out, you need to take help from the police and your license number. If you blur it, you will be the one who knows the exact license plate number, and then you can quickly get your car back, avoiding theft.

Identify Theft

Stole anyone’s personal information or identity is not a big challenge nowadays. If anyone knows your license number and wants to harm your privacy, they will readily do it through the license plate. Now say, is it possible or not?

Remaining Anonymous Online

License plates tell everything about you. No one will be wanted to share their license plate in public. So, blurring license plates is a good idea for those who tried to hide their personal information from others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I blur a face in iPhone?

Blurring face with iPhone is easy. Open the edit option on your iPhone, select your desired blur pattern then fix it where you want. Once you are done, save the photo or video.

Do license plate covers work myth busters?

Many people use different things to cover the license plate, like hairspray, plastic wrap even glue. Try myth busters. It works amazingly to cover license plates.


A blurred license plate with iPhone is a popular thing. Even you can blur license plates even in photos and videos. Whether you are taking a picture or making videos, if you know how to blur license plates on iPhone, then no more worries about leaking your personal data.

We described here the methods for blurring from live videos, taking pictures, and even editing after taking pictures/videos. So, use your iPhone with ultimate data security features.

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