How To Change Apple ID Phone Number Without Password: 2 Minute Solution

how to change apple id phone number without password

Do you want to know how to change Apple ID phone number without password? Then you can read this article for your help. Sometimes you will need to access your apple id immediately, and you can use the trusted number as your login info instead of a password

Here in this article, you will know to set and change your Apple ID phone number in various ways. Also, some tips that can come in handy in using your apple id.

How To Change Apple ID Phone Number Without Any Password

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Many users use the same Apple ID to access all of their Apple resources. One Apple ID can be used for a range of utilities, including iMessage and the iTunes store. You can use the phone number to recover the password if it happens you forgot that. Here you can find answers to one of your questions. If there aren’t any geo-restrictions, you should easily change the phone number of your apple id. And you can do it with any device you have, like an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or whatever. This process can be done within 2 minutes.

Below are the steps for changing the Apple ID phone number from the iPhone or iPad device Settings option.

Step-1: Sign out of all the connected apps

Except for the one you’re using to update your Apple ID phone number, sign out of any Apple application and system that uses your Apple ID. Such as the iMessage, FaceTime, iTunes, etc. Go to these applications one by one and option out or disable them individually.

Step-2: Go to the Apple ID

Now, inside the settings option, go to your Apple ID.

Step-3: Select your ID

After you are inside your Apple ID, select the option at the top saying – Name, Phone, and Email. Select the option ‘Edit’ next to the ‘Reachable At’ option.

Step-4:  Change your phone number

After selecting the ‘Edit’ option, a pop-up appears where you can find the options for adding phone numbers, email, and cancel. From there, select ‘add a phone number’.

Step-5: Type your number & change it

Type your number that you want to use for your Apple ID. When you type the cell phone number you choose to use as the Apple ID, you get a verification code. In the fields given, enter the verification number that you got—and done. Your apple id phone number is changed without any password.

How To Change Your Apple ID Phone Number Using Apple Server

However, if you want to change the Apple ID using your password, then the steps are as follows:

  • Open your favorite browser
  • Go to
  • Sign in to your account
  • From the ‘change apple id phone number’ option, add a new phone number
  • You will get a verification code on your number
  • Fill in the verify requesting box
  • And your apple id phone number is changed

Apple Account Recovery Ways Without Phone Number

Below are some of the tactics with essentials that you may need to unlock your Apple ID.

1. The reason for locking your Apple ID

At first, you must figure out why your Apple ID was first locked. It can show you what you can’t do in the future to stop Apple locking your ID. Below are the potential explanations for locking your Apple ID.

  • If you or someone else have accessed the Apple password for so many attempts, Apple will lock your profile incorrectly. Maybe that’s why to lock your Apple ID.
  • If your account’s security questions are answered incorrectly several times, you can get an Apple ID locked.

In brief, you risk having your Apple account locked if you insert incorrect information on your Apple devices or Apple website too many times.

 2. Unlock your Apple ID using two-factor authentication program

Follow the following steps to decrypt your Apple ID if you have the two-factor authentication program turned on for your Apple ID:

  • Login to your Apple ID. From there, go to the security tab. Click on the trusted phone number option. Add the new number, and it’s done there.
  • Now from the security menu, click on two-factor authentication. Allow the wizard prompts everything. Add your phone number and verify the security code. Your apple id phone number is changed.

3. Contact Apple customer care service for any change to Apple ID

To make any changes to your apple id phone number, you can contact the Apple customer care office. The customer service team will provide you with guidance for this problem and those not listed here. The technical engineers will first attempt to explain and fix your problem over the handset, but they will gain remote access to the user’s computer if it fails. Besides contacting live engineers for assistance, people may also use live chat and email systems to get urgent help.

4. Use a 3rd party app

If no methods mentioned above work for you, you can unlock it using a third-party app called AnyUnlock. It is an effective method for removing the Apple ID associated with your computer. It lets you open your Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad. For this, connect your iPhone to your PC and then do following the instructions appears on the screen. After that your Apple ID will be immediately activated.

What If You Forget The Answers To Your Security Questions?

Remember that not only the responses but also how you wrote them: look for flaws or abbreviations. The way you responded during setup must be precisely the same. The questions and answers can be changed through, but you must connect to your Apple ID and password.

Wrapping Up

How to change Apple ID phone number without password? Did you get the answer to this question? It is important to remember first when you set your Apple ID password. Yet adding an apple id phone number for login purposes can make your life easy without memorizing password.

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