How to Change Lock Screen Sound

Be it android or iOS; every smartphone comes with a built-in Lock Screen. And It’s always exciting to see your favorite wallpaper right after you unlock it.  But, every time you turn on your screen …

Be it android or iOS; every smartphone comes with a built-in Lock Screen. And It’s always exciting to see your favorite wallpaper right after you unlock it. 

But, every time you turn on your screen to unlock it, you hear a ‘click’ sound. The same thing happens when you turn off your screen whilst locking it. It’s neither too exciting nor beneficial. 

Yet it’s super annoying and boring to hear the same sound again and again. But you’re not forced to stick with it forever as there’s a way to change it. 

So, to help you, here’s a guide on how to change lock screen sound to change it into any other sound you’ll love. Read on.

How to Change Lock Screen Sound

No matter how bad you try to keep up with something boring, you cannot keep up with it forever as it’s in our nature. It’s terrible when you’ve to hear the same sound repeatedly every time you unlock or lock your screen.

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So to make it enjoyable, all you’ve to do is change it and set it into another audio that you find fascinating. 

Changing Lock Screen Sound in Android 

The operating system of android differs from that of the IOS. But that doesn’t change the issue of ‘click’ sound in any of the devices. So if you’re an Android user and want to change your Lock Screen sound, there are two ways you could do it. 

  1. With Root 
  2. Without Root

How to Change Lock Screen Sound with Root

Rooting is a process through which you get access to certain operating systems that the manufacturer usually restricts. For this restriction, many users are unable to install unapproved apps, get the latest updates, and customize anything.

So when you root your device, you get access to unapproved apps or even change the settings according to your wish, giving you control over the way you use your device.

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But rooting your device comes with a few risks, like voiding your device’s warranty or getting booted with unwanted files.

If you’re still down to change your Lock Screen sound with root, here’s how you do it. 

Step: 1

To root your android device, first, you’ve to install a root that comes in both apps and APK files. Some devices are unable to download the rooting app as it’s not available in the play store. But don’t worry, there’s an alternative. 

If you don’t find any rooting source in the play store, you can go for the APK version of the rooting apps. Some of the best rooting apps and APK for Android include Kingo Root, SuperSU Rooting app, One-click Root, Dr-Fone, etc. 

And you can go for “Root Browser” if you’re looking for a free browser. Download any of these files to your likings. 

Step: 2

After you’re done installing a rooting app, your device is now rooted. Now head to the Media folder of your device. In this device, there’s all the built-in notification sound and ringtones that your device uses. 

To open the media folder, you’ve to open the root browser app you installed and go to – system/media/audio/ which will directly take you to all the audio files.

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Step: 3

After going to the file described above, you’ll see two folders named ‘notifications’ and ‘ringtones’. There you can find some default sounds on your phone. If you want to set a default sound, you can select the file from these folders. 

Step: 4

If you want to set customized audio which is not available on your device, transfer any audio of your liking to your phone’s SD card from your PC in the ‘.ogg’ file. 

Make sure, the audio you want to set is in the ‘.ogg’ format. Or else it won’t be supported by the rooting file. You can convert your desired audio to ‘ogg’ format easily by using the ‘Free Audio Converter Program’. 

Step: 5

Now launch the rooting file. To launch it completely you have to go to settings and grant permission to the rooting file by clicking ‘Enable Root Function’. 

Step: 6

After you’re done granting permission to the rooting app, copy your desired ‘.ogg’ file for your lock screen. 

Step: 7

Go back to the file, /system/media/audio/ui and rename the current file named ‘lock.ogg’ and ‘unlock.ogg’ to ‘lock.ogg.bak’ and ‘’ respectively. 

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But before you can edit or rename the existing files, you have to tap on the ‘Mount R/W’ button which will pop on the top of your screen. 

Step: 8

Paste the converted ‘.ogg’ files into the aforesaid location. 

Step: 9

After You’re done pasting the files to this location, rename the files to ‘lock.ogg’ and ‘unlock.ogg’. 

Step: 10

Lastly, close off the rooting app and reboot your device, and you will be done. 

There you go, that’s how you can change the Boring ‘click’ sound to your desired audio with a root system.

But if you want to restore the original files, directly delete the copied files – ‘lock.ogg’ or ‘unlock.ogg’. Then simply rename the ‘lock.ogg.bak’ and ‘unlock.ogg.bak’ files into ‘lock.ogg’ and ‘unlock.ogg’ respectively. 

How to Change Lock Screen Sound Without Root

For those of you who are afraid of taking the slightest risks and find the process of rooting your device risky, there’s nothing to worry about as there’s an alternate solution for this.

While rooting your device gives you access to non-accessible files, it’s not mandatory to root your device to change the lock screen sound. 

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That’s because now there’re many available apps online that offer lock screen sound customization. Not just that, it also offers customization of other sound systems like – Ringtone, keypad tone, camera shutter sound, phone startup sound, etc. 

Using these apps, you can change your Lock Screen sound without a root. And to do it right, here are the steps you need to follow: 

Step: 1

Forstarters, download a sound customization app that will suit your android device. You can go for apps like- Control, Ultimate Sound, Beanfarmer, and Odin. 

Through these applications, you can change your Lock Screen sound and enjoy the functions of enabling and disabling it without any rooting. You can also enjoy functions like customizing notification sounds, volume, ringtones, and so on. 

Step: 2

After you’re done installing the best app that suits your device, go to the settings and grant permission to the app so it can make changes to your device. 

What’s interesting is that, just by saving the app in your device’s file manager, the feature is automatically authorized. So you don’t have to take additional steps to enable it. 

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Step: 3

Next, open the desired app. You don’t have to restart your device to open it. 

Step: 4

Lastlyselect the options that allow you to change the lock screen sound from the app. This way you can edit or rename any sound file for your Lock Screen. 

Thus, you can easily change your Lock Screen sound without the need of rooting your android device. 

Changing Lock Screen Sound in IOS 

Depending on what’s going on on your IOS device, there’re a lot of available sound options that your iPhone plays. The options like the text tones and the ringtones instantly play when you get a text or a call.

As irritating as it is, it’s not more annoying than the sound your iPhone makes every time you lock or unlock your phone. 

Fortunately enough for you, there’s a system that is entirely introduced to customize various sound options in your iOS device, including the lock screen sound. This system is named ‘Custom Lock’ tweak. 

How to Change Lock Screen Sound with Custom Lock

The custom tweak offers you the flexibility to use it as a jailbreak. It gives you the facility to change the lock screen sound into any of your desired audio.

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What makes it more fascinating about this is that it doesn’t change any system settings. The only thing you have to do is select your desired sound and replace it with the default sound.

So, to know how you can change your Lock Screen sound using the custom lock in your iOS device, here’s a step-by-step guide. 

Step: 1

Firstof all, you have to install the custom lock tweak. You can install this easily from the app store on your iOS device. 

But if you want to download it for free, you can install the custom lock from Cydia’s Packix source. From this source, you can install it completely free. 

Step: 2

After you’re done with the installation, head to the settings and scroll down. There you’ll find the option of Custom lock tweak where you need to press the ‘enable tweak’ button. 

There you can see the options of enabling and disabling vibration mode, which you can turn on or off according to your wish. 

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Step: 3

Then you need to select a sound from the available options. You can choose any of the sounds from the 8 sound options that are available. 

Step: 4

After selecting your desired sound, you have to click on the ‘Respring’ button. You’ve to grant permission to apply changes on the lock screen sound by clicking on this button, and you’re done. 

Step: 5

This is an additional step to follow if you don’t want to select any sound from the custom lock tweak. Simply press the ‘None’ button to return to the default audio of the Lock screen. 

So to wrap it up, that’s how easily you can change the lock screen sound of your device without any complicated steps. But some users find this lock screen sound unnecessary and want to get rid of it entirely. And so, if you want your iOS device to stop this annoying Lock screen sound, you can just disable it. 

Disabling the Lock Screen Sound in IOS 

Disabling the lock screen sound in iOS is pretty easy as there are built-in options in the settings through which you can disable it in a minute. So you don’t have to worry about installing third-party apps to disable the lock screen sound.

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To help you know how to do it, here are some steps you can follow. 

  1. Unlock your phone and head over to the settings. 
  2. Scroll down, and you’ll find an option named ‘Sounds and Haptics on that page. In older iPhone devices, this option is named ‘Sound’. Click the ‘sound’ option if you have an older iPhone. 
  3. After your ‘Sounds and Haptics’ preference page loads, scroll down, and you’ll find the ‘Lock Sound’ option. Then just turn over the switch to the right, which will turn it off.
  4. When the button appears white instead of green after pushing the button to the left, that’s when you know the lock sound is turned off. 
  5. After you’re done switching the lock screen sound Button off, you can head over to your home screen by pressing the ‘Home’ button. 

That being said, now you don’t have to worry about toggling from one switch to another as you can easily change or disable the lock screen sound.

However, if you want to temporarily disable your Lock Screen sound, all you have to do is turn over the manual Ring/Silent, located at the top left corner of your screen. When your phone is in silent mode, the lock screen sound isn’t audible. 

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Every device has its pros and cons, but that doesn’t mean there’s no solution to it. When any technology is introduced to us, there’s always a kind of flaw in it. But technology also introduces various solutions to us to solve that issue. 

The lock screen sound that comes with every device is the same type of problem. And that is why as a solution, we have guided you on how to change the lock screen sound in multiple ways. Now you can have fun and experiment with this setting however you like. 

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